My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Exterminate The Magical Creatures.

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Chapter 168

The young Tianjiao, who was lurking in a towering ancient tree, was also a vicious way.

"This time we teamed up with Tianyu Branch, they can't escape!"

"Just wonder if that cunning Lin Chen will win the prize."

At this moment, the students surveying high altitude suddenly came to drink.

"Everyone is ready, they come here!"

The words just fell; two figures quietly appeared on the other side of the swamp, and all the two students lurking in the demon swamp immediately waited in line!

"Come! It's from the Wasteland Branch!"

"Why are there only two?"

"It is estimated that it was the unlucky ghost sent by Lin Chen to take the lead in finding the way. Kill these two first, and then pull out the rest of them!"

It was Ying Liang and Qin Xiaofeng from Class 66 that appeared first.

They just stepped into the swamp area, and found that the swamp here is hiding the mystery of the inability to run the war!

"No, there is something weird in this place!"

The timid Qin Xiaofeng shouted immediately!


The violent attack of the mountains and seas was madly destroyed, and the afterimages flew across the sky, the sword and the shadow of the sword, the fist and the arrow, immediately surrounded the two!

"Rush up, their people are over there!"

The illusion of the Netherworld Branch roared with hoarseness; he wanted to revenge his previous palm.

I don't know; Ying Liang and Qin Xiaofeng besieged with strange smiles!

A stream of purple flames suddenly glanced from the sky; the palm of the hand turned the black roulette, and Lin Chen slammed it with a stern anger!

"Dark bite~!"

The pitch-black roulette shuddered from the void, spun at a rapid speed, expanded into a huge dark vortex, and swallowed all the attacks!

"Give me a hay bale!"

When Lin Chen drank coldly, two graceful shadows emerged from the sky, and the students of the two branches were shocked!

They couldn't even detect when Yan Haitang and Liu Lin'er were close to them; even the spiritual perception didn't detect any breath!

Hidden in a hidden way, Han Yizhi jumped up and down in cute little steps, leaping over many towering ancient trees, away from the fighting area.

"Thousand Arrows!"

Yan Haitang pulled the colorful longbows, and the arrows of hidden mystery shot like lightning, tearing the airflow, like a small sky falling, and slammed into the positions of the two branch students!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The characteristics of these arrows do not have much lethality, only one characteristic is that it is fast! As soon as the vast majority of the branches of Tianjiao are unable to respond!

As each arrow explodes from the void, a pale cyan poisonous mist is like a hurricane crossing, sweeping the entire demon swamp!

"The arrows are poisonous; escape separately and withdraw to a high place!"

Zhao Yunfeng single-handedly, after splitting a dozen arrows, suddenly sneered!

"Damn Lin Chen, dare to play Yin!"

The sultry and beautiful face is full of madness and unwillingness!

The arrogant minds of the two branches understood the skills and skills, and showed their magical powers. They were immediately divided into twelve directions to evacuate!

Lin Chen grabbed Ying Liang and Qin Xiaofeng and quickly withdrew. His whole body was transformed into a special bloodline of the water system, and the whole person became transparent and gorgeous!

I saw Lin Chen was retreating, and his shoulders were suddenly shocked. The pure water combat spirits came out through the void, and the ripples of the void were lit up!


The people in the two branches have just evacuated for a distance, and the huge waves are rolled up in all directions. The momentum is horrified, as if everyone is in the center of the sea!

The Demon Swamp has rolled up huge waves in all directions. The most frightening thing is that these huge waves are formed by the condensed water of the battle system!

All Tianjiao panicked! Such a terrible momentum can be condensed solely on the basis of fighting strength. I am afraid that only the strongest in the Tiangang realm can do it!

"Frost and Ice Wall Blade!"

Even more terrifying is yet to come. Just as everyone is watching for this huge wave of swallowing the sky and preparing to shoot it, the coldness of the cold bone marrow suddenly rises!

Kaka Kaka~~~!

The demon swamp rolled up in all directions with the shock of the cold, freezing all the huge waves of more than a hundred feet instantaneously, freezing into an ice wall covering all sides!

On the surface of the ice wall, there are a dozen feet of ice blades, which are extremely sharp.

Because of the poisonous gas all over the place and 100,000 in a hurry, more than a dozen Tianjiao teamed up to aim at a location to launch a crazy attack!

Various tactical attacks with different attributes are mixed together, setting off a chaotic energy storm, but in the end, only the cracks in the ice wall are left, and even an ice blade cannot be broken!

This ice wall is more than a hundred feet high, and the thickness is even closer to a hundred feet. With the strength of everyone, even if it is opened, it will have to exhaust a half life!

The key is that the poison gas that was shot into the people before has begun to attack, everyone has started to dizzy, and his face has turned blue!

"This toxin is so weird, I can't break my fighting spirit!"

"This is a kind of toxin prepared by several kinds of fierce poison. It is not an ordinary toxin that can be removed by the third-order detoxification pill and combat resistance!"

The arrogance of the two branches was wailing all over the field, and this ice wall that spread out in a circle completely trapped them all!

Lin Chen's water-based combat tactics and the sisters Su Lan's ice-based combat tactics are seamless!

When he urged Genesis Nine Tribulation to transform into a special bloodline constitution, his fighting strength attack was as heavy as the Tiangang Realm.

Coupled with the super-strong ice combat strength, this ice wall even if it is one of the strongest in the Tiangang realm, it will take a lot of effort to open it!

"Top, there are exits above!"

The crowd called for help in a hurry, and saw the top of the ice wall in the shape of an inverted bowl in a hurry, and a gap of a few feet wide did not freeze!

Some Tianjiao, who couldn't keep up, hurriedly started his body, rushed up two or three times, trying to break out of the gap!

"No, you can't rush there!"

Zhao Yunfeng shook it flatly. He is one of the few people in the audience who still maintains reason.


The four Tianjiao that rushed up were smashed back instantly, spitting blood and falling.

"Friends, have you ever played gopher knocking as a kid, let's try it now if we haven't."

Lin Chen's sneer came from the top of the ice wall. All Tianjiao clearly saw that Lin Chen and his party were standing at the top of the gap and overlooking them!

In this gas-filled environment, the celestial arrogance and craziness endlessly!

"You group of bastards, want to yin us? Your brother Chen is my ancestor who plays with yin. You still want to yin me? Thinking of fart eating?"

Lin Chen laughed, and the collusion between the two branches was definitely a good connection between the elders of the two branches.

The two branches together add up to nearly 50 people. Such a powerful team, no one can compete with them except the old students of the head office.

If everyone in the Wasteland Branch was successfully ambushed by these guys, I am afraid that with their character, everyone will be tortured to death! Treating such people, Lin Chen did not intend to be soft!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, even if you are trapped by us, do you dare to move our lives? There are regulations for this assessment. If you dare to move our lives, you will be deducted two thousand points once. !"

The psychedelic still smiled unyieldingly; Lin Chen's eyes narrowed and he smiled.

"Don't say two thousand, even if it is twenty thousand, two hundred thousand, none of the people I want to kill Lin Chen can survive!"


The condensed light system in the sky converged into a ball of energy and revolved in the palm of Lin Chen. With one hand flick, the light and anger locked the magical creature and flew away!

The psychedelic voice came to an abrupt halt, his face pale and pale, and an owl-like croaking sound in his throat.

"He really dares to do it..."