My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Two Tier Five Beasts Besieged

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Chapter 169

Before the words were finished, the angry energy of the light system exploded, and the psychic creatures poisoned by the fighting gas had no chance of running away. The bones were blown away on the spot inside the ice wall!

The arrogance of the two branches saw the end of the magical life, and the expressions of each one were full of panic!

They thought that by virtue of the assessment rules, Lin Chen should not kill them, but did not expect to be so decisive and resolute!

The blood-colored jade hidden in Lin Chen's arms suddenly flashed slightly, and Lin Chen's points became the message of'-2000'.

Bang ~~!

When the Tianjiao of the two branches were just stunned by Lin Chen's thundering killing method, the whole ground set off a violent shock!

"Not good! A fierce beast is coming in our direction, very fast!"

The fully alert Shangguan Bihan stood at the very top of the ice wall and tweeted!

Because Lin Chen and the two branches have a great influence on the momentum, they have alarmed the fifth-order beasts in this annex area!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the map was immediately spread out. In the nearest area near them, there were only'Red Flame Red Rhinoceros' and'Magic Blue Dragon'!

Suddenly; Shangguan Bihan's pretty face became a little pale, Hao teeth clenched, and quickly changed his mouth.

"No, there is one! The other has a very different breath, suspected as a fifth-order overlord!"

Hearing this, Tianjiao of the two branches almost scared their urine pants!

Two tier five beasts? The other end is the overlord level!

"Quickly let us go out!"

"We don't want to die, Brother Lin Chen, you have a lot of adults. Don't bother with us. Wow, I beg you, I am only 22 years old, I don't want to die here!"

"Master, father and mother! I'm really wrong! I shouldn't take this test!"

The young Tianjiao of the two branches were so scared that they were crying and crying.

If they encounter two fifth-order beasts in the face, they are unlikely to survive! Not to mention that it is still in a state of poisoning.

"Brother, shall we withdraw first?"

When the whole class was waiting for it, Bai Junhao tried to propose.

But he found that Lin Chen's eyes burst out with fierce and even hyper-warfare!

"Withdrawing a fart, it's just right, my brother, I haven't found them yet. They have come to the door by themselves. They are all ready to beat me these two kings and eight calves!"

The fierce light exposed, the overbearing Lin Chen shocked everyone in Class 66!

After this squad leader Lin Chen went to the legendary evil king's secret realm, he was simply overbearing!

The Tianjiao members of Tianyu Branch and Ningyu Branch heard Lin Chen's answer, and their hearts fell to the bottom of the valley instantly!

crazy! It must be **** crazy!

More than a dozen terrible territories dare to challenge two fifth-order beasts!

"There is still less than seventy miles away from us!"

Shangguan Bihan said anxiously, Lin Chen immediately assigned combat missions.

"The big guys who have launched these two assaults are the devil blue dragon and the red flame red rhinoceros. The red flame red rhinoceros has the advantage of being offensive and defensive extremely powerful, but it has poor flexibility, so you need to start a guerrilla warfare in this attack. Its a good group of four or five people. Everyone has to focus on the same area and location for every attack."

After hearing this, everyone was puzzled. Yue Linlin was the first to wonder; "What about the overlord-level dragon?"

"Just give it to me alone."

Lin Chen's words once again let everyone take a deep breath in my heart!

A terrible seven-headed single-headed fifth-order beast? The storytellers dare not say so!

"Less than fifty miles, one on the south and one on the north!"

Shangguan Bihan once again reported the position of the two beasts, everyone immediately dispersed!

As for the students of those two branch schools, Lin Chen threw them in the ice wall and died on their own. Whether they ran out before the war began depends on their own.

South; a tens of feet tall, like a huge red giant rhinoceros rammed up and down!

Its fiery red rhinoceros horn shines through the cracked gold, as if it could penetrate the stars!


The gusty wind swept and the mountain collapsed. This red giant rhinoceros is like a large moving disaster, and everything that blocks it along the way is destroyed by it!

Everyone in Class 66 is on the top of a hill a dozen miles away, waiting for Shangguan Bihan's instructions.

Zijin pupil's light gradually disappeared, Shangguan Bihan said seriously;

"Senior Qin Xiaofeng and Sister Yuelin Lin cooperate with Su Lan and Sue Lan to disturb its actions. The rest of the students are mainly responsible for attacking the side of the abdomen! Next, I will be responsible for observing its actions. The first time I heard from you."

With an order, everyone immediately took action, Yan Haitang took the lead in pulling the longbow and shooting at the eyes of the red giant rhinoceros!

The arrows exploded into a toxic smoke, instantly covering up the flames of the red flame rhinoceros, and stimulated it to stop the sudden pace, screaming in the sky!

The two teams outflank the sides of Chiyan Red Rhinoceros from left to right, and a series of combat attacks such as a hurricane attack the side belly of Chiyan Red Rhinoceros!

"Be careful, its first attack is coming!"

Shangguan Bihan passed the air, and everyone immediately evacuated, and withdrew a hundred feet away.

The abdomen hurts, the red rhinoceros horns of the red flame rhinoceros burst out with dazzling light, and a wave of heat swept through the whole forest of demon swamps ignited a huge fire!


The violent and fierce red fire waves exploded in a circle, the flame beam rose into the sky, and even the clouds and clouds at high altitude were burned into nothingness!

Everyone in class 66 is a little shocked, and can launch such a terrible attack in an instant, only the creatures of the fifth order and even the level of the sky can do it!

This is the first time they have battled a fifth-order beast, or a fight without the help of Lin Chen!

At the time of the fierce battle between the 66th class and the Red Flame Red Rhinoceros, it was within 50 miles of the north.

In the jungle basin; the fierce and violent breath rushed to the sky!

It seems as if there is a peerless murderous thing about to be born, which will disturb the world!

Unlike the hot red flame red rhinoceros battle, the quiet and strange in this basin and valley!

The ground is cracking, the mountains and rivers are collapsing, the wind is changing, and the strange silence is the suffocating feeling of Longwei's oppression!

Everything is just calm before the storm!

I saw that in the valley basin, the two vast and magnificent great shore blue dragons were lying on their backs lying side by side!

On one end, the dragon scale is like a sapphire, with four limbs and five claws, and the body is two hundred feet long.

On one end, the dragon scales are pale green, with four limbs and four claws.

The dark red dragon horn on top of his head releases the dragon's breath of evil killing, as if a vortex of space swallowed all the breath of life!

It is Lin Chen's ancient green dragon and demon blue dragon!