My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Unfair

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Chapter 17, Unfair!

Regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, the old servant picked up the painful and howling Master Qin and hurried away.

Seeing Han Yan, he tried to catch up and eventually lost the two, so as to prevent future troubles, but found that his injury was too heavy to start his body.

"Girl, don't disturb if you are injured."

Lin Chen, who is light and breezy, stuffed a pill for Hanyan, and even turned a ray of real water into the body to help her stabilize her injury.

"Young Master Linchen, why do you want to abandon Master Qin! You will bring yourself the scourge of killing yourself! No, no, I have to contact my sister and sister quickly, and call me in the door... Huh? what are you doing?"

Han Yan saw that Lin Chen set up a campfire easily and freely, not paying any attention to it.

Taking out the previously hunted flame leopard leg meat and firing it, Lin Chen smiled and waved.

"It's a scourge to keep that kind of person. Don't worry about Hanyan girl. As many as they come, the coach will destroy as much as you can. If you're afraid, you can go first."

Han Yan was about to say it again, and a slender beauty appeared in the valley.

"Han Yan, are you okay!"

"Sister Han Yan, woo woo, I thought you were gone!"

Hanyan's sisters and sisters of Yanxiamen arrived, and Hanyan was overjoyed!


Blood Yang City; Blood Sect Headquarters.

Today is the day when the blood sect expands its power and unites many cult forces to form an alliance.

Dark Demon Gate, Dark Soul Sect. The two major forces gathered at the headquarters of the Blood Sect to discuss the alliance.

Headquarters lobby; a group of arrogant figures sit in the lobby.

"Sect Master, Sect Master! Young Master has an accident! A big event!"

While the powerful of the three forces were still discussing the alliance, the magnificent outside the hall ran into an old servant, panting.

"Huh? It's Yong Lao Yao, didn't I see that I was talking to the two major schools, what did I break in to do, what happened to the boy."

The Blood Sect Sovereign is a middle-aged man in his forties. Sitting at the head of the hall, he asked indifferently.

"Master is abolished! More than a dozen killers and elder Tongxuan who took me to the blood sect were also killed!"


The violent hurricane exploded in monstrous blood, and the blood sect shattered the floor of the beam in the hall.

"My son is abolished? What the **** is going on! There are people in this blood-yang city who dare to move my son Qin Cha?"

"Sect Master, is a young man with five levels of Qi Refining Realm. He has an unknown future and his strength is not trivial. Elder Xuan Xu also died in his hands in several rounds!"

The old servant briefly explained the situation at that time, and the cult figures of the three major denominations on the scene all changed dramatically!

"Damn, one dare to threaten to single out our entire blood sect! Isn't this kid about to turn the sky!"

The muscles on his face shook fiercely, and the Blood Sect Master said coldly, "Everyone, there are emergencies today, and the matter of the alliance, we will discuss it later. We will meet this arrogant and unknown youngster first! "

"Hey, hey, there is a good show, let's go and see."

The Sovereign of the Dark Soul Sect, a silver robe old man, laughs.

"Perhaps where the great disciples ran out to experience, I don't know if the sky is thick and thick, hehe, there is no good fruit to provoke blood sect.

The master of the Black Demon Gate, a strange man in his thirties, licked his lips.

"Call me all the blood sect, those above the Qi Realm Realm, follow me into the Qingyang Mountains.

Throughout the blood-yang city, the wind surged in an instant!

"What? He abandoned the young patriarch of the Blood Sect, and put the other party back?"

Half Moon Valley; more than 20 female disciples at Yanxiamen looked at Lin Chen who was gorging on a barbecue!

With the background of the blood sect, even the general battlefield does not dare to provoke, this young man is afraid of being crazy?

The Sect Master of Blood Sect and the Great Elders are the strongest in the War Spirit Realm, and there are several other elders in the Spiritual Realm that are extremely powerful. There is hardly any force in the world to conquer them alone!

"Young Master Lin Chen, you saved them, I am very grateful to you, but it is not the time to eat!"

The owner of Yanxia Gate; Xia Ningyue, a Tsing Yi woman in her 30s, said sincerely in a hurry.

"I never do things that I'm not sure about. Rest assured, I won't have anything."

Lin Chen rubbed his mouth a few times, Lin Chen grinned, indifferent smile, and even sang the song.

"This...master, what should we do?"

Han Yan recovered half of his injury, and looked anxiously beside him.

"There is nothing to do. Although Yanxiamen is an unnamed faction, the grace of dripping water must be reported to Yongquan, not to mention the grace of life-saving. We will also stay here to help Young Master Lin Chen!"

Xia Ningyue's eyes were firm, and all the female disciples glanced at each other, which also conveyed a rock-solid belief.

"Your lord has abandoned my beloved son, and you can still eat barbecue and sing songs here. But it's really my face to the blood sect!"

A turbulent wind swept the entire Half Moon Valley! Hundreds of figures appeared all around, and a pair of murderous eyes stared at Lin Chen in the valley!

"Overwhelming and overwhelming, my former teacher always said to me that I am an unexpectedly handsome boss, this is just normal operation, calm, calm."

Lin Chen calmly wiped his hands, stood up, picked his toes, and started the Qixing Soul Gun.

The powerful breath sweeping across the Eight Wastelands enveloped the entire Half Moon Valley, which was frightening! Many female disciples at Yanxiamen held together in a moment and waited for them.

"Oops, this time not only the Blood Sect, but also the two evil Sects of the Blood Yang City, the Dark Soul Sect and the Black Demon Gate!"

Xia Ningyue's pretty face changed slightly, and the three evil sects gathered together. Even today, as a war spirit, she is very likely to fall here!

"Gaga, there are so many young girls skins, we will divide them together later!"

"I want the youngest one, it looks tender, hahaha! I like it, I like it!"

"Then I'm going to be the gatekeeper. In my thirties, Tengyun is driving the fog! I don't know what it's like to **** up blood!"

Many obscene wicked words such as devil's laughter hovered throughout the Half Moon Valley, and it instantly became hell!

Xia Ningyue's silver teeth were clenched. She knew very well that if Yanxiamen fell into the hands of the three great evil sects today, it would be better to die than to die!

"Let's see who died today."

Lin Chen flicked his nails, and there was a faint dragon roaring in his pupils, and the blue light of his left arm flashed!

"Benzong thought you were clamoring to challenge the whole blood sect, and thought you had any ambush here. I didn't expect it to be a single-handed horse, and a group of little ladies. The courage is really big enough!"

Under the moonlight, the figure of Blood Sect and his party jumped into the Half Moon Valley.

The head of the Blood Sect, Qin Cha, looked at Lin Chen's relaxed and calm appearance, and did not get angry, and the palm of his hand rolled **** monstrosity, and suddenly explored Lin Chen!

"Dead Magic Hand!"

The wailing and hissing of countless undeads rang through the Half Moon Valley, rushing into Lin Chen, a giant inky black hand!

The magic-like wailing alone is enough to cause general insanity to appear insane, and Qin Sha's move is a killing opportunity!


Withered demon hands tearing Lin Chen's remnants, crushing ten feet of space but no trace!

"Six levels of a gas-refining realm escaped this attack?"

Qin Cha was startled, and suddenly looked more than two hundred meters away, Lin Chenzheng looked at himself with a playful look.

Lin Qin suddenly raised his hand when he was about to make another shot!


Seeing him raise his hand, the evil Sect strongman at the scene couldn't help but stunned, is this kid about to surrender? It seems to be a tough guy!

"I'm fighting, I always pay attention to fairness, fairness, or **** fairness! But what you do now is that **** is not for me! Gong! Ping!"

Lin Chen pointed to each person of the Blood Sect in a word.