My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 170

Chapter 170: What Kind Of Monsters Are He Fucking

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Chapter 170

In terms of size and strength, Devil Blue Dragon has a slight upper hand. It is the bloodline of the blood warcraft family, and it inherits the bloodline of Blue Dragon.

This dragon family has only pure killing intention and killing heart, and lives in accordance with the killing instinct. Although it is brave and uncompetitive in combat, it is very powerful.

True dragons are disdainful to be a dragon of the same family with this dragon family; generally they are judged as magic dragons in the proud dragon family, but its strength is absolutely beyond doubt!

"Destroy this big guy, my Qinglong bloodline attribute value has temporarily fallen!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, and the secret fighting spirit was always ready to be transformed into a special energy bloodline!

"Since you dare not move, let me preemptively!"

Lin Chen's foot suddenly kicked, the ancient Qinglong suddenly screamed, disturbed the situation, opened the mouth of the dragon, and spit out a storm blowing towards the dragon breath!

Roar roar roar ~ ~!

For the first time, Molu Qinglong sent out a roar of life-and-death battle to this kind of appearance, the dragon's body jumped into the air, and the void turned and twisted, like the dragon's tail!

boom! The Dragon Tail crushed the Dragon Breath Storm of the Ancient Green Dragon!

"Charged Rune: Lightfury!"

The purple flame streamer pierced the void, Lin Chen struck out his anger with a palm, and the energy ball exploded from the dragon head of the magic dragon!

Lin Chen is very clear that this attack can only play a role in tickling. As soon as the thoughts moved, the figure of Wei An from the ancient Qinglong suddenly rushed out of the smoke and smashed on the demon Qinglong!

The Demon Blue Dragon was irritated by Lin Chen, and he bit the back of the ancient Green Dragon with his mouth open. The crackling sound of the crackling showed the terrifying power of the Devil Blue Dragon!

The dragon claws pushed horizontally, and the ancient green dragon was locked around to lock the devil blue dragon. The dragon teeth were enraged into its flesh and blood, and the dragon scales were bitten off!

The dragon's claws are torn randomly, Changxiao tears the sky, and dragon blood and dragon scales continue to spatter and break.

The two ancient fierce beasts of ancient times are fighting here, and the breath of the dragon is like a vast blade, cutting the valley basin!

The Black Abyssal Gun flashed into the hand, Lin Chen was absorbed in all his attention, and all the dark lines of the whole body were running, all concentrated on the gunpoint at this moment!

[The host activates a level 2 recharge rune, consuming 100,000 rune energy and increasing its attack power by 300%.

"Nine tactics of God's wasteland-dark bite!"

boom! A purple flame burst from Lin Chens wings, and Lin Chens figure was a thousand kilometers away!

The ancient Qinglong was like a spirit rhinoceros. At the moment when Lin Chen sprinted, he suddenly turned and turned, regardless of the back ridge being bitten off, and reversely biting the upper body of the magic dragon, and crushed it on the ground!

Bang ~! Lin Chen's Black Abyssal Gun happened to penetrate the wound of the Devil's Dragon, and it suddenly felt pain and burst into a furious roar!

The violent and violent Demon Blue Dragon waved its dragon claws, bursting out the blade of the dragon's breath like a half-moon knife.

One of the aftermath of the dragon's breath swept to where Lin Chen was before, and in the middle of the ice wall, a crack was cut open alive!

"Quick, there are also exits here!"

"We can leave here too!"

Those who were trapped inside the ice wall, Tianjiao, immediately ecstatically said, the ice exit at the top of the ice wall was surrounded by ice blades, and people with their bad health were not so easy to go up.

More than a dozen Tianjiao immediately fled along the cracks; this was just after the violent earthquake that shook the mountain just after breaking away from the ice wall.


The blazing waves of fire engulfed the entire forest and ignited a huge fire!

Eight Tianjiao students fled too fast and were almost involved in it, losing their lives.

They frantically withdrew a distance, only to find that there is a battlefield where people are intertwined not far away!

"Hahaha, pleased, pleased! Qin Xiaofeng, let's come again and attack it three ways!"

"Grandma, it's enough to fight a fifth-order beast. Seeing that there is no injury to her left leg, Liu Lin'er is learning sister, give me something good!"

"We have wrapped its right leg, no one wants to move!"

All the 14 people in Class 66 besieged the Red Flame Red Rhinoceros. The scene was extremely shocking. The fifth-order beasts, with their nearly seamless cooperation, failed to hit in one attack!

"It's such an enjoyable fight against the fifth-order beasts, shit, what kind of monsters are these people in the Wasteland Branch!"

"The fire is about to burn and run north!"

The Tianjiao who had just evacuated immediately ran along the only gap in the fire, and the figures were crisscrossed in the jungle.

Just when everyone started their way; when they were away from the flames of war, they were breathing a sigh of relief.

Roar! The roar that ripped the sky rang through thousands of miles!

Some Tianjiao students were roared with eardrum bleeding and dizziness.

When they looked at the horrified gaze; everyone's eyes were glaring like eggs, and they all showed ghostly eyes!

I saw that in the valley not far away, the ancient dragons of the two ancient sides were fighting, and in the middle of the two dragons, there was a fuzzy figure standing back and forth, constantly attacking!

"Yes...It's Lin Chen!"

"My mother, isn't this the Devil Blue Dragon that the Dean told us not to provoke!"

"It's really a monster. How dare he fight the Devil Blue Dragon?"

"Isn't he in the war circle just now?"

"God, do they have a barren branch? This is the whole class who singled out two fifth-order beasts?"

"What the **** are these monsters!"

"Don't run fast, are you waiting for death! This magic dragon can let us die with just a breath of dragon!"

The first time all Tianjiao came back to God, Sayya ran away, and all the panacea weapons were taken out to save their lives, and they rushed to the previous battlefield like crazy!

Compared with the devil blue dragon, the red flame red rhinoceros is so **** cute!

Many people meditated in their hearts; as long as they fled this time, and later provoked Lin Chen, the **** of shame, it would be better to find a knife to kill him!


A quarter of an hour ago

The coast of Giant Whale Island; the old man in linen who was still casual and relaxed suddenly sat up!

"The battle between this group of little guys alarmed the two fifth-order beasts to siege? Hmm? No! This group of little guys can counterattack the red flame red rhinoceros? Look again, look again!"

Half an hour has not yet been observed, a huge area northwest of this giant whale island has caused an unprecedented earthquake!

Not only the old man in linen, but also the old red examiner who has been unsurprised also showed a strange color!

"His mother, it's hidden too deep, too deep! Such a demon will appear in a wasteland branch! Even a blue dragon is captive in his body?"

The old man in linen jumped up and rubbed his hands, both excited and scolding!

"No! It looks like he has more than this blue dragon, grandma, how many secrets this kid has hidden, look again, look again."

The old man in linen looks at the distance, as if seeing the distance through the space.