My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Detonate The Magic Dragon

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Chapter 171: Explode the Magic Dragon!

Giant Whale Island, 3,700 miles north.

The flames of Chi Yan and Red Rhino have been in a fierce tug of war. As long as Class 66 persists, victory is only a matter of time!

But the problem now is that Lin Chen is fighting with the Magic Dragon!

In terms of actual combat strength, this magic dragon is infinitely close to the second peak of Tiangang Realm.

If you play alone, Lin Chen's ancient Qinglong is even a supernatural power of the upper dragon race, at most it will fight both sides with it!

With the current class 66, even the seriously injured Devil Blue Dragon cannot be its opponent!

The only chance is that Lin Chen will defeat the Devil Blue Dragon!

The valley collapsed, the ground shattered, and the entire valley was completely destroyed by the scuffle between the two terrifying blue dragons.

The dragon's tail was swaying like the Tianhe, rolling the sky in anger, and slammed against the dragon's claws.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The sky was swelled with waves, and two green dragons flew to the sky to fight, and a ray of the dragon's breath shone through the sky!

The dragon bodies between the two green dragons collided with each other, and the mountains and rivers collapsed, and the world reversed!

The fight between the ancient green dragon and the demon blue dragon entered the stage of fiery heat. Because Lin Chen's previous sneak attack enlarged the other party's wounds, Lin Chen also suffered a counterattack.

"Although this big guy is seriously injured, it must be that my ancient Qinglong can't support it first, and then it's time to decide the victory!"

Lin Chen was transformed into a transparent azure blue, standing on a cliff, eyes squinted, covered by purple gold pupil, looking up at the fighting above the sky.

His injury at this time is recovering at an alarming rate. Lin Chen cast the True Water Guiyuan formula on the premise of transforming his whole body into a special energy vein of the water system. Its healing effect is more than ten times faster than before!

"This kind of magical effect was also born with the water energy bloodline and the true water return to the Yuan Dynasty. Otherwise, with the physique of my master, the claw of the magic dragon was not able to move so quickly."

Lin Chen felt a recovery of nearly 90% of his body, and a strange sense of pleasure emerged in his heart.

It is worth the cost to heal your severely injured body in a short period of time by consuming 50% of the water system.

It was at this moment; Lin Chens Zi Jin Tong suddenly discovered that the dragon's breath inside the devil's blue dragon suddenly skyrocketed several grades!

"No, this big guy is desperate!"

Lin Chen screamed badly in his heart; a blood-green dragon breath light blade revolved around the magic dragon green dragon!

Each of these dragon breath blades lingered around the appalling blades, and thousands of them gathered around the body of the devil blue dragon to form a bundle of swallowing tornadoes, and swooped down towards the ancient green dragon!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

When the ancient green dragon's claws were lifted, and the void was suddenly torn apart, the moment the space was broken, the dragon's green blade cut out from the violent dance was mixed with the momentum of the mountains and the sea, and it collided with the front of the magic dragon!

Boom~~! Bang! !

Hundreds of giant dragon breath explosions exploded in a circle, raising a mushroom cloud of energy destruction.

The height of the entire Giant Whale Island is clearly visible from above, and the double-level life-and-death showdown in this kind of Tiangang Realm is rarely seen outside.

As the violent energy storm swept through; a burst of dragon-breath light was suddenly shot!

The blood-green light blade cuts most of the dragon scales on the forelimbs of the ancient green dragon. The demon blue dragon is killed from the energy storm, and the open dragon mouth bites angrily!


Demon Blue Dragon bit down one of the forelimbs of the ancient Green Dragon, and Dragon Blood raged on the spot!

"It's now!"

Lin Chen's figure suddenly dispatched, the true flame purple phoenix wings spread out to a full ten feet wide, and the speed increased to more than ten times the speed of sound in half a breath!

Brush ~! The sound of the wind breaking, the purple flame streamer suddenly flew above the dragon back of the demon blue dragon, and Lin Chen's palm turned a gray-white rune!

[The host activates the second-level slow rune, consuming 640,000 rune energy.

All the rune energies were pressed on at once, and Lin Chen slammed into the body of Demon Blue Dragon!

After the violent battle just now, the dragon body of the Demon Blue Dragon is the end of the strong crossbow. Lin Chen exhausted all the rune energy and played a slow rune.

"Roar Roar ~~!"

The blue dragon, who had never suffered such an attack, groaned in panic, and fell directly from the sky!

"Now I want to call it? I made Qinglong so embarrassed, I don't want to beat you into a dragon meat sauce!"

Lin Chen's whole body is fierce, his whole body is transformed into a special energy bloodline! Colorful energy of energy circulated throughout his body!

Pure strength is ready to go, Lin Chen's left hand is a gold-based fighting spirit, with a sharp edge. The right hand is the fire of the fire department, hot and violent. The left leg is earthly fighting spirit and weighs a lot. The right leg is wood-based fighting spirit, thick as a forest!

In his heart, the azure blue water shining brightly kept his best healing state!

5 special energy blood vessels are fully opened! This is one of the capitals where Lin Chengan and the Devil Blue Dragon are fighting!

"Die to me!"

Lin Chen waved his double fist suddenly along the biggest wound on the dragon's back, like the double hammer striking the war drum, and furiously beating the magic dragon!

His legs, knees, fists, elbows, as if to turn into a weapon of attack, constantly beating out!

The explosive energy of colorful combat energy is continually ringing behind the magic dragon like a serial gun!

The sky is full of dragon blood, and there are a large number of blood attributes and qi and blood attributes. The light **** continue to fall from the sky!

Lin Chen is like a mad demon, beating from the wound of the devil Qinglong all the way!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

His pure power combined with the energy of his four special blood lines transformed into combat energy, so that each blow of his attack broke out comparable to the level of Tiangang realm!

Lin Chen's melee combat is strong, and there are few opponents of his age. He hits the Devil Blue Dragon with a single breath, and he can hit dozens of attacks comparable to the sky of the Gang!

[The host gains 3 million points of qi and blood energy, 3.1 million points of qi and blood energy, 2.95 million points of breath energy,]

[The host gains 181 points of blue dragon vein energy, 199 points of blue dragon vein energy, 195 points of blue dragon vein energy,]

Lin Chen's attribute value suddenly increased! Some of the flying light spheres are scattered outside, and some are directly integrated into Lin Chen's body!

If it was the Devil Blue Dragon in its heyday, the attack power of Lin Chen could only be regarded as painless for Devil Blue Dragon.

But if it was delayed by the slow runes, it was still hit by Lin Chen with a wound!

This kind of fierce attack can't be eaten! There is no capital or opportunity for defense!

The dragon body of the Devil Blue Dragon is constantly twisting in pain. Because of the slow runes, even the screams were not made, but it fell from the sky, shaking the mountain and knocking a jungle!


Lin Chen's mad attack continues! The system light screen that pops up like crazy stimulates Lin Chen's nerves, calling him to keep punching!


A large number of qi and blood energy attribute light **** are integrated into Lin Chen's body, such as the power of Honghuang's creation flowing in his body, and a new miracle is being forged!