My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Tiangang Refining Body.

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Chapter 172

Lin Chens limbs and corpses flowed with brand-new power, the bones became brighter and brighter, and the meridians were smoother and tougher!

Muscles and bones became introverted and glowing, and flesh and blood constantly agitated new energy to baptize his body, and all the impurities and waste accumulated in the depths of the internal organs were purified into empty!

His pure power hit the bottleneck again and again!

[Host gains 5 million points of Qi and Blood Energy,]

[The ultimate strength of the host has exceeded 1 million tiger power,]

Along with the injecting of Qi and blood energy from the initiation of God, a clear sound came from Lin Chen's body, such as breaking through the shackles and being reborn!

Lin Chen's physical training level has officially entered the realm of heaven and earth!

When the power became 1 Dragon Power, Lin Chens power rally had not stopped, and his pure power lethality rose ten times steeply!

The power of each punch becomes a mountain and a river, even if Lin Chen's fighting spirit is exhausted by transforming the special energy bloodline, he will also blow the entire head of the magic dragon with pure power alone!

With the last punch, there was only one keel left in the demon blue dragon, and there were attribute light **** scattered around.

In Lin Chen's blood, the points in the jade card suddenly became 98,000 points.

The injured ancient green dragon was returned to his body, recovering from the injury while receiving this new blue dragon bloodline energy!

the other side;

The old man in sackcloth who was spying on the whole journey jumped! Mouth opened like an egg size, completely without the style of seniors!

"This kid actually blasted the magic dragon?"

Even the cardinal examiners who have always kept the clouds light and windy are also amazed!

"What a good place for Lin Chen in the Wasteland Branch! His physical refining actually broke into the Tiangang realm at the same time he exploded the magic dragon."

"The old man is more curious about what secret technique he is using, so that the magic dragon can't move at the most crucial moment!"

"You know what a fart! The most important thing is the ancient green dragon in his captivity! It is easily retracted and has the same origin as him. This card is really unpredictable!"

"It's very interesting, it's really interesting! This is just the beginning of the assessment, and there are such outstanding geniuses!"


Lin Chen madly collected the rest of the scattered attribute light balls. When he opened the system, he couldn't help looking ecstatic!

[Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Seven peaks of Disha Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 2 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 193.25 million points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 98.54 million points.

Spiritual strength: 170,000 points.

Essence of exercises: 1.09 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (15%)

Practice exercises: Eight Wildfires, Taishi Bible (20%), and Nine Secrets (60%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (50%)

Possess blood energy: 13500 points for the blood of the dragon and 10000 points for the blood of the purple pupil.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2, Corrupt Rune Level 2, Recharge Rune Level 2,

Rune energy: 0 points.

The energy of each element: 4.2 million points in the fire system, 4.01 million points in the soil system, 4.1 million points in the wood system, 5.08 million points in the gold system, and 5.05 million points in the water system. The lightning system is 1.75 million points, the wind system is 1.29 million points, the light system is 2.79 million points, and the dark system is 980,000 points.

The blood of the Green Dragon at 13,500 points!

At this time; the blue dragon ring in Lin Chendan's field has been constantly rotating, and has been absorbing this new blue dragon bloodline!

The direct improvement of Qinglong bloodline may not be big, but it determines the growth limit of ancient Qinglong!

In the mysterious realm of the evil king, Lin Chen has maximized the existing potential of the ancient Qinglong.

Now there are six times more blood energy points than before, at least there will not be any upper limit problem before the ancient green dragon grows to the fifth level!

"Unexpectedly, after absorbing my magical dragon, my pure power actually grew to 2 dragon powers. Now, with pure power alone, I can also face a hard battle in the sky!"

Turning off the system, Lin Chen got up from the grass and shook his fist in excitement.

It was at this time; there was a war in the distance, which attracted Lin Chen's attention!

"Huh? Isn't that where everyone is fighting? Gu and fighting Molu Qinglong, I have become very far away from everyone's position."

Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings suddenly showed. At this time, the real flame purple phoenix wings were gorgeous and dazzling, and the lingering purple flames were like the flowing Tianhe.

Just a little flapping, the space rippled, Lin Chen's entire person appeared out of thousands of feet!

More than nine hundred miles to the south;

Red flame red rhinoceros fell like a hill and fell to one side.

There are three figures standing on its body, judging from the medals on the chest of the clothes, it is the arrogance from the main hospital!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was really terrifying for later generations. 13 people defeated a fifth-order beast. If you are allowed to enter the General Hospital, I am afraid that even our limelight will be overshadowed!"

"If you are still in the heyday, if Senior Song doesn't take action, we really don't dare to fight you directly, but now, let's go."

Two handsome young men with slender sneers sneered. Their blood made the jade card rest on the body of Chiyan Red Rhinoceros.

As soon as the light flashed, their blood made the jade cards more than 30,000, 30,000, and 40,000 points respectively.

"These three old Yin dogs, grandma's direct attack on us picked up the ready-made!"

Ying Liang bleeds at the corners of his mouth, and he is content.

"Don't act rashly, the details of these disciples of the General College are not weaker than us, and the cultivation of the morale has suppressed us a lot.

Yue Linlin's eyes crossed her solemn look. As a master of casting, she discovered that the fat man in red among the three was the most dangerous!

He is all over the body, from head to toe, all wearing precious high-end treasures, if he hurries to war, I am afraid that this person alone can suppress all of them!

"Huh? What about Han Yizhi?"

Shangguan Bihan just urged Zijin Tong to be puzzled, as the other three of them were about to leave; a spirit of nothingness turned into a violent storm and hit the three!

Because of the close distance between the outbreaks of mental fluctuations, the two young Tianjiao almost had no time to react!


The penetration of spiritual fluctuations is extremely strong, as if a war gun pierced the spiritual consciousness of the two. The spiritual realm is only in the middle of the spiritual realm. They have no power to parry and die on the spot!

A small and light person fell beside the three. The cute person pouted his mouth. His eyes were both timid and courageous!

Its Han Yizhi! A person who has not reached the spiritual state beyond his state cannot detect the existence of his breath!

When the delicate little hand grabbed, Han Yizhi took away the **** jade card of the two. When he was about to take away the token of the fat man in red, Shangguan Bihan and Yuelin Lin's Jiaoqi sounded at the same time!


Han Yizhi looked up, and the fat man in red showed a grin. He stretched out his fingers and flexed his fingers, and a stream of light completely penetrated Han Yizhi's white calf! Blood rushed!