My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Luo Wanquan

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Chapter 173

The huge pain in the calf made Han Yizhi's eyes flash with tears and Hao teeth clenched.

Han Yizhi did not succumb, but got together with the handprints and re-run the "Tai Si Bible" taught by Lin Chen.

Ten glazed spirit swords lingered over Han Yizhi's head, spinning in the air, bursting into the fat man in red with bursts of spiritual sound!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The fat man in red didn't move even the body shape, and the ten glazed sword qi exploded out of thin air!

Han Yizhi's face changed slightly, and she was about to recede. The fat man in red reached out his obese palms and grabbed Han Yizhi's short silver hair like lightning.

He smiled brutally; "The spiritual power has even reached the spiritual realm. No wonder it is so strong. If the real Tiangang realm is attacked by your spiritual power, I am afraid that you will pass out on the spot. Unfortunately, you met me.

Immediately, the fat man in red looked at Han Yizhi's body, and sneered a **** smile; "It's really a great thing, grab it and cut off your hands and feet for a few days and put it back."

Han Yizhi is not deep in the world, and the huge pain of being able to withstand the broken shin of the calf is already the limit. He can be seen as sly and sly, with tears falling down his white cheeks and small faces all over with panic.

"Release classmate Han Yizhi!"

The second daughter suddenly drank, Liu Liner's sleeves fluttered, dozens of green toxins appeared like poisonous pythons, and raided to the fat man in red!

Yan Haitang pulls his bow very fast, his arrow is like electricity, he swept the sky with one arrow, and he pierced the stars and broken the moon!


The attack of the two was not even close to the ten-foot distance of the fat man in red, and it was destroyed on the spot. Everyone did not even see how he shot!

"Don't shoot! He is full of high-end treasures, you are not opponents!"

Yue Linlin shouted anxiously, the voice just fell, and two waves of energy suddenly exploded from the body of the second girl's spoiled body, blood spilled into the void!

Yan Haitang and Liu Lin'er fell from the void, and Shangguan Bihan and Xiang Qinghong jumped to catch them.

The entire class 66 burst into a terrible murderous air! Everyone has come to life and death together, and there is already a special feeling that holds each other. Seeing that their partners are humiliated, everyone has a desperate momentum in their hearts!

"Huh, want to fight with me desperately? Then I will fulfill you. The man was killed, and the woman was kept as a slave. Just these days I am still worried that there is no fun to stay in this ghost place."

The fat man in red grabbed Han Yizhi's silver hair and smiled coldly and cruelly.

Just when everyone wanted to fight for life and death, Lin Chen's indifference was like a thousand years Xuan Bing's voice echoed around.

"Today, you will definitely die!"

call out! A purple flame aurora flew from the sky, Lin Chen rushed down from the height of Baizhang!

His feet stomped fiercely towards the heavenly cover of the fat man in red!

boom! ! Boom~~! !

The whole ground collapsed and disintegrated instantly, and the fat man in red stood on the corpse of Red Flame Red Rhinoceros, stomped by Lin Chen, and stepped into the flesh and blood of Red Flame Red Rhinoceros.

A large earthquake was centered on the corpse of Red Flame Red Rhinoceros, and the hard rock was suddenly torn apart!

All the rock fragments were shocked and flew into the air, and the dragon-like thick ground cracks spread like lightning to a kilometer away, and everyone in Class 66 was almost unstable!

"Everyone retreated, Brother Lin Chen was angry!"

"Brother Lin Chen, beating this **** fiercely!"

Everyone shouted in excitement, and went back more than ten miles.

The smoke was rolling, and the wind blew through. Lin Chen flapping the wings of Zi Yan in the void and holding Han Yizhi in both hands, the murderous disillusionment of the disillusioned star is reflected in his eyes!

Chewing his lips and teeth, Lin Chen ate a little potion for restoring the fighting spirit at will, and running True Water Guiyuan Jue to control Han Yizhi's injury first and stabilize it.

"Monitor Lin Chen, you have to be careful. This person has a lot of treasures, some of which resist the attack of the spirit of war, those who defend the spirit of the attack, and those who can quietly launch the attack, very dangerous!"

Han Yizhi whispered in Lin Chen's arms, the bright flashing eyes stared at Lin Chen's profile, his face glowed faintly crimson.

"Relax, leave it to me."

Lin Chen's expression and voice were a bit cold, and a soft whirlwind was released in the volley, sending Han Yizhi to the 66 class.

Lin Chen was really angry this time! If he comes later, the consequences will be disastrous!

The wolf smoke dispersed, and the fat man in red who crawled out of the body of the red flame rhinoceros was unscathed!

Lin Chen just had enough strength just now, and 2 full dragons stepped on the top of his head, even one of his hair was not hurt!

"Hey, it seems that you are the leader in this group of people, very powerful, physical training martial arts, but for me, my favorite is to fight physical training martial arts!"

The fat man in red roared with a smile, Lin Chen was expressionless, the pure power of 2 Dragon Force was like a burst of cannonballs, and his fists waved a dozen times!


I saw that the fist wind was crushed on the fat man in red, his robe suddenly rolled, and a ripple of space appeared!

Under his clothes, there is a purple armor, which seems to have the power of space. It can actually rebound Lin Chens pure power attack and transfer it to another space.

The fat man in the red suit stepped slightly; his calf traversed like a purple electricity, and turned into a flash of light, and the fat and thick palms shot towards Lin Chen!

In his palm, the crystal light energy of the mysterious surging surged, forming a triangular seal of fighting spirit, which was imprinted on Lin Chen's chest at close range!

clang! boom! boom!

In successive explosions, Lin Chen's figure retreated!

His whole body turned golden light, he transformed into a special blood line of the gold system, and the Tiangang fighting spirit displayed was indestructible!

"What's the matter? Where did the momentum just go! Quack! When the old man slaughtered, you can play with the **** of your branch, and you will be honoured by this young master. It is a blessing from your last life!"

The fat man in red is fat and big ears, drooling when he smiles, it is disgusting!

Suddenly; Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings suddenly launched, a flashing body, volley turned behind him, a sickle leg wrapped up with Tiangang's fighting spirit was slammed upside down!

The fat man in red dismissed his sneer and gave him a flick. A beam of orchid flashed from his fingertips and penetrated Lin Chens calf, almost breaking his Tiangang defense!

The airflow is torn; by the huge impact of the light beam, Lin Chen turns like a dragon, and the backhand punch urges the fire energy blood line, the fist is blazing, and hits the waist of the red man fatly!

The fat man's belt in red gleamed with a faint light of space, a vortex emerged out of thin air to devour the burning spirit of Lin Chen's fist, and burst out a fierce heat wave to rebound Lin Chen!


Lin Chen fell heavily on the ground, and the surrounding hard rock layer exploded instantaneously, crashing into a shocking crack and flying numerous fragments!

"Monitor Lin Chen!"


"Brother Lin Chen!"

Everyone in Class 66 exclaimed. Isn't even Brother Chen Chen a rival?