My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Are You Rich Or Am I Rich?

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Chapter 174

"It turns out that your whole body is still treasure."

Among the smoke, Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulder and slowly stepped out of the crack, smiling lightly.

"Huh, your kid is still acquainted. Laozi, but in the main courtyard, Luo Wanquan, the most down-to-earth family, even the dean has to give our family a three-point face. In Lingzhou, there are not many business groups that can communicate with my family. Comparable, I dont care whether other people have money or not, I dont have money anyway."

Luo Wanquan's old-fashioned humming is quite proud and proud!

Although he is not a son-in-law, he is considered to be in the position of the Luo family, and the resources he obtained are not small.

With his armored full-body treasure alone, it is enough to make him a strong player in the Ninth Realm and one in the Tiangang Realm.

"We are really fated. I never look at other people for being handsome or not. I'm not as handsome anyway."

Lin Chen smiled casually, the former's complexion became somber in time, he Luo Wanquan hated others talking about'appearance' in front of him!

"Since you have money, then take a look today. Who the **** is the richer!"

As Lin Chen drank; grasping the void with one hand, a pile of incandescent aurora stones suspended above his head!

Luo Wanquan's eyes suddenly widened, and greed and shock flashed in his eyes!

"Incandescent Aurora Stone?"

He is no stranger to this thing, they Luojia Business Group can bring the value of any product to the fullest, the more scarce treasures, the more valued!

This incandescent aurora stone that contains energy from the light system can be described as a superb ore with no price and no price for the country!

"This kid has nearly a hundred incandescent aurora stones?"

Crazy greed emerged from Luo Wanquan's heart, and he swallowed and stared at Lin Chen!

"Look at it today, do you have money or I have money!"

The corners of Lin Chen's mouth slightly lifted, palms pushed horizontally, and thunder was infused with fighting spirit; ten incandescent aurora stones flew away!

"Huh? Is this kid's brain flooded? Why throw me the incandescent aurora stone?"

Luo Wanquan was both happy and shocked. He wanted to avoid the temptation of incandescent aurora. He thought that with his treasure, Lin Chen would never threaten himself.

When the incandescent aurora stone is less than five feet away from Luo Wanquan, the violent energy of thunder and light is suddenly glowing! Waves of light energy become turbulent and fierce!

Luo Wanquan was shocked, and the moment before the aurora bloomed shone the last expression of his life!

boom! boom!

"Come on! See if your mother has money or I have money!"

Lin Chen threw a mad meal and threw all the last ninety incandescent aurora stones he left in the evil king's realm towards Luo Wanquan's direction!

boom! boom! boom! Boom! !

The earth-shattering aurora storm swept the sky and gradually expanded to hundreds of feet!

Lin Chen unfolded the purple phoenix wings suddenly at the moment when the energy explosion was brewing to the extreme, throwing out a few gold lines and turning them into several gold whips, binding the whole class and bringing them away from the explosion area!

The explosion disturbed several examiners who supervised the exam, and even they all hesitated for a moment.

"Hey, it's over. Luo Wanquan is finished. His grandma doesn't know what monster this kid is, and uses incandescent aurora as a consumable?"

"Luo Wanquan's character is not very good, and he will die when he dies. Who asked him to provoke this kid."

"However, there doesn't seem to be any punishment for killing students in the main school. This... what should we do?"

Several examiners looked at each other, and the old man in linen couldn't help laughing and scolding.

"His mother, why do you care about him so much, just use the talent of this kid to make the above assessment rules change, well, then we will continue to wait and watch the show."


[The host gains 30,000 rune energy, 40,000 rune energy, 30,000 rune energy, 2.75 million fighting spirit essence,]

[Host gains 9,800 points of light energy, 10,000 points of light energy, 20,000 points of light energy,]

Lin Chen took away the attribute light spheres dropped by Luo Wanquan, as well as the attribute light spheres dropped by the last batch of exploding incandescent aurora stones.

In addition, many of the treasures dropped from Luo Wanquan's Naling Ring, as well as those high-level treasures he had worn on his body, were slightly destroyed and all were taken away by Lin Chen.

As for Luo Wanquan himself, his body has already been bombed to death!

"Heavenly Mysterious Light Ring, Space Moving Armor, Purple Light Soft Armor, Green Soul God Walking Shoes, wow, Brother Lin Chen, this guy is so rich!"

Ying Liang excitedly counted those high-level treasures, Lin Chen nodded.

"Well, this person's background is indeed extraordinary. These treasures give priority to students such as Yan Haitang. They have paid a great price for this battle."

In the end, women such as Liu Lin'er and Yan Haitang chose some defensive treasures, while boys chose some offensive ones.

Because of the cleanliness of the girls, I didnt want to use the treasures that Luo Wanquan wore on my body. Yue Linlin, a master caster, reinvented these treasures.

Lin Chen led everyone to rest temporarily in a ten thousand-year-old tree; take away all the valuable things on Red Flame Red Rhinoceros.

As for the two arrogances of the general hospital that were affected, they fled in embarrassment when they first woke up, and they have long disappeared.

At night; everyone set up a bonfire, Lin Chen personally battled roast rhino.

Han Yizhi handed over the two **** jade cards before, plus Luo Wanquan's one, and everyone evenly divided 100,000 points on the spot.

Instead, Lin Chen looked at his blood Lingyu card, and after killing Luo Wanquan, his points did not show any sign of decreasing.

Perhaps it is because the official examiner did not envisage that the branch could kill the martial arts arrogance of the main court.

After eating and drinking, everyone began to enter the state of practicing rate adjustment.

Lin Chen was sitting on the top of an ancient tree to let everyone out.

"Squad leader? Don't you go to rest for a while."

The clear and clean voice is like a clear spring flowing, Lin Chen turned his head to look, Han Yizhi was wearing a windbreaker, and his petite body looked thin in the moonlight.

"I'm not tired yet, what's wrong?"

Lin Chen smiled at will; he watched how much the blood of Qinglong and the origin of Qinglong merged in his Dantian while he sent his whistle.

Seeing this speed, it will be completed before dawn tomorrow.

"Squad leader, you are really good. You can refining medicine, you can also sound, and your strength is strong."

Han Yizhi came to sit at a distance of less than one meter from Lin Chen and said longingly.

"No, no, the most important thing is that people are so handsome."

Lin Chen shrugged and smiled casually.

"Bash~ Yes, the monitor is handsome and confident. I always wanted to dream of being a monitor like this, strong and confident."

Han Yizhi said with envy and sigh.