My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Fantasy Dream Demon Dish

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Chapter 175: Fantasy Dream Demon Disc!

"Everyone is different, and the most important thing is to act and experience, but a girl as pretty as you is young, and it is normal to have not experienced this level yet."

Lin Chen waved his hand casually, Han Yizhi was stunned, and a trace of weirdness and shame appeared on his white cheeks, just about to speak out.

"Oh, Yi Zhi, can you help me whistle first?"


Han Yizhi agreed without thinking about it; Lin Chen thanked and immediately sat down cross-legged.

Seeing Lin Chen suddenly enter the state of cultivation, Han Yizhi mumbled a sentence.

"Then tell the monitor next time..."

Lin Chen entered the state of cultivation at the same time; spiritual consciousness sneaked into his many Naling Rings.

Less than a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen found his goal.

A fascinating mandala sealed in a high-level secret box, it overflows with intense and fiery energy fluctuations; like a passionate beauty closed in the box.

This is the fiery mandala that Lin Chen obtained in the last volcano in the shrine of the evil king's secret realm!

This fiery mandala is an extremely rare treasure of heaven and earth between heaven and earth. To be precise, it has only pure fire energy and no grade.

Therefore, Lin Chen could not identify its grade, but its energy was unusually powerful and overbearing. The previous Lin Chen could not bear this energy at all, and for the time being did not expect what kind of Danfang to use this fiery mandala.

Before Lin Chen did not have enough strength to directly absorb this fiery mandala, but now his flesh shell has been tempered to the dragon power level, enough to try to absorb the energy of this fiery mandala!

"If it can be absorbed successfully, my fire energy should be able to skyrocket, and when it is transformed into a special energy bloodline, the power may be more than doubled!"

Lin Chen transferred the secret box of the fiery mandala from the space ring, and the whole body was transformed into a special blood line of the fire department!

Lin Chen suddenly turned into a red flame like a ball, he swallowed the fiery mandala with his mouth open.

At the entrance, the fire meridian route of the 9th Tribulation of Creation is running at full speed!

The pure fire energy is like a hundred volcanoes erupting together, and the flame radiating from Lin Chen's body suddenly expanded more than ten times!

[The host obtains 50,000 ignition system energy, 100,000 ignition system energy, 80,000 ignition system energy,]

The energy of Lin Chen's fire system rises in a straight line, and the light screen of the system keeps popping up!

"What kind of practice is Lin Chen's leader practicing, and he is so overbearing."

Han Yizhi was a little surprised, and quickly released his mental power to cover the surrounding area to avoid the interference of spirits to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, although his flesh shell withstood the impact of the fiery mandala, but the fire energy it contained exceeded the speed that Lin Chen could absorb!

"No, if you go on like this, the part of the energy that overflows will be wasted and scattered between heaven and earth."

Just when Lin Chen was distressed, two purple flames bloomed between heaven and earth!


The wings are like flames, transparent and bright, Lin Chen's true flame purple phoenix wings spread out of control!

At this time, the purple phoenix wings were about ten feet long, and the purple flames were shining.

Lin Chen's immense fire energy that could not be suppressed suddenly turned to the true flame purple phoenix wing, making every feather of it flow with the glory of purple flame!

Lin Chen, who hadnt had time to be ecstatic, followed a second wave of momentum!


A crisp sound came, and his nine-colored battle spirit revolved at a high speed in the Dantian, and the eighth layer of Qihai was born!

[The host enters the terrible territories.

At the moment when the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen's cultivation stepped into the ground for a steady eightfold!

He said nothing, and absorbed his energy from the glowing mandala.

Overnight, the rest of the people and the initial recovery were completed.

This night, the biggest harvest was Lin Chen.

After the Purple Phoenix Wing absorbs the energy of the fiery mandala, its speed soars!

Lin Chen's fire system energy attribute value has reached an unprecedented 7.8 million points!

"Let's go, we will continue to look for the fifth-order beasts on Giant Whale Island.

Lin Chen's domineering side leaked a wave of hearty laughter, and everyone in Class 66 was refreshed!

With their current heritage and strength of the Wasteland Branch, I am afraid that this giant whale island can threaten their existence, only a handful!


Twelve days later; Giant Whale Island, 7,800 miles south.

The 66 class members took out the bleeding jade card and divided the points equally.

At this point; everyone in the class has more than 30,000 points!

In these twelve days, under Lin Chens leadership, Class 66 hunted six first-order fifth-order beasts,

After Lin Chen personally killed the fifth-order beast, he exploded a local attribute light ball, and his energy of qi and blood surged straight!

In a single round of physical refining, the pure power of Lin Chen has just broken through the 4 dragon power. Now, he has not dropped too many attribute light **** to kill ordinary fifth-order beasts.

"With our current strength, we have a great deal of confidence in challenging the fifth-order beast of the second-level overlord."

Lin Chen put away the map and stood on a mountaintop, gazing at a pink forest on the horizon.

There is the lair of the second fifth-order overlord-level fierce beast, Fantasy Dream Demon Disc!

"Go, this time we go to the lair of the fantasy demon dish!"

Lin Chen led the class and swept into the pink forest.


Inside the pink forest; the mist is filled, the dream is blurred, like a dream.

Under a towering ancient tree, a series of pink honey cocoons are formed, and the life fluctuations that are slightly agitated are like the birth of a newborn.

The soft and greasy woman's delicate voice echoed from under the ancient tree.

"Cough~ There are humans coming to die. Which one should my children eat first this time?"

Outside the Pink Forest, a crowd of figures emerged quietly.

Lin Chen, Han Yizhi and Shangguan Bihan stood at the forefront of the team's three positions.

The three of them have the strongest insights and observations. Once there is any disturbance, they can immediately react.

"Pink mist is everywhere here, how can it look a little infiltrating..."

"I just feel that except for that fantasy dream demon dish, it is unlikely that there will be fierce beasts living in this ghost place."

Ying Liang and Zhang Yu whispered in a low voice.

Suddenly; the expressions of Lin Chen and Han Yizhi suddenly changed!

The pink mist in the forest suddenly began to blow the violent wind and the whistle, and the hurricanes that scattered around formed a storm of spiritual tides!


Spiritual sounds whizzed through and passed out, and everyone felt a whirlwind, surrounded by four different plates!

Lin Chen's eyes were fast, and he punched out with a punch. The space was distorted and shocked, and the mist around him was shaken and rolled away!


The wind around the mountains disintegrated, but still failed to stop the space isolation of this strange spiritual mist from everyone!

"Giggle~ What a nice little brother, the meat shell is refined, young, and it will definitely fly cool after smoking~~"

The charming and soft voice echoed in the forest, and the dense fog appeared again. At this time, all the 66 class people have disappeared, leaving Lin Chen alone in place!