My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 176

Chapter 176: See True Love In Trouble

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Chapter 176

Giant Whale Island; coast.

Several examiners and sackcloth elders showed hesitation, these little guys even broke into the lair of the fantasy dream demon disc!

"Fantasy Dream Demon Disk is different from other fierce beasts. For people with low spiritual strength, it can be more devastating than other domineering monsters!"

"Although Lin Chen's potential is good, his spiritual realm should not be enough to override that fantasy dream demon disc."

Several examiners were hesitant. They were not surprised from the beginning. After seeing Lin Chens potential and combat power, they also moved Ai Cais heart.

Even if Lin Chen will not fall into the lair of the fantasy dream demon dish, but once suffered any mental trauma, it will cause permanent damage to one's potential!

"Grandma, you look at you one by one. At first, it was like a block of ice. After seeing the potential of others, they looked like cats smelling fishy."

The old man in linen flicked his lips, and several examiners gave him a disgusted look, and one of them said angrily and funny.

"I don't know which bad old man was just worried about wandering in the same place when he saw that they had an unfamiliar relationship with the magic dragon."

The old man in linen did not change his face, as if he had heard nothing.

In the pink forest

The whole class suddenly disappeared, and this strange scene will be alert to anyone.

No one knows; Lin Chen's mouth crossed a strange smile.

In a red bee forest ten miles away from Linchen, the enchanting and beautiful Qianying walked up.

The beautiful lady's pink robe is like frost, the skin is creamy, the red lips are cherry red, the earrings are embellished like star jade with delicate ear tips.

Her turbulent, enchanting eyes twirled a charming charm, glamourous, like a ripe peach blooming, tempting the other party to pick her up all the time.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, this pink robe lady is a form of fantasy dream demon disc condensed with spiritual strength.

"It can be transformed with spiritual power. I am afraid that this fantasy dream demon dish has already half-footed into the spiritual power of the spiritual realm. If there is no memory of this trip, I really dare not bring the whole class in."

Lin Chen was shocked secretly, and the lady in pink robe lay gracefully on a red bee tree.

The lady lifted the pink robe skirt, exposing the round and slender white jade legs, when slowly lifted up; gently vomiting Fang Lan, smiling glamorously.

"Little brother, why do you still have a human race, stay with your sister, and enjoy the depravity~ enjoy the joy of fish and water?"

Someone Lin swallowed subconsciously, who the **** can stand it!

"Fortunately, I'm an artist who has watched a few T's love performance films, otherwise I would really fold it here today!"

I secretly exclaimed in my heart, I saw someone Lin's serious way.

"This girl, if you are unmarried, please cherish yourself. If you are married, please be worthy of your other half. If you are selling, please state your price. If it is just for leakage, please give me more trouble. Because I cant see clearly."

The lady smiled, her red lips nibbled at her slim jade fingers, and her slightly raised eyes looked at Lin Chen teasingly.

"Why does the younger brother say so incomprehensible, how can people sell it? They just play games with you, the happiest game in the world~"

Every smile on the magical body of this fantasy dream demon disc exudes the most tempting charm of human women. If you are an ordinary person, I am afraid that you will have gone crazy like it!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

At this moment, two explosions blasted the entire forest, and a group of figures appeared slowly. It was Ying Liang and Gu Chenfeng, Zhang Yu, Bai Junhao, Qin Xiaofeng and others!

"What? Shouldn't these teenagers be lost in my phantom dream? Why did they rush out so quickly!"

The narrow and charming eyes of the fantasy dream demon disc suddenly squinted, and there was a slight feeling in my heart.

I saw it; Ying Liang and Qin Xiaofeng and others saw Lin Chen, his face stunned, and he trot all the way.

"Yo, there are several younger brothers here. The slave's heart is tickling. The younger brothers are not coming soon~"

Phantom Dream Demon Disk seems a bit impatient, or anxiously charms everyone.

The boys ran to Lin Chen and hadn't spoken yet. When they saw the pink robe in front of them, they suddenly froze except Gu Chenfeng!

"Who is this beauty!"

"It's so fierce, so fierce!"

Qin Xiaofeng and Ying Liang were surprised, Lin Chen smiled.

"It should be a fantasy disc."

"What? The beast is a humanoid? Will he speak?"

Everyone was shocked, and I saw the fantasy dream demon dish exposed jade shoulder show back, back to everyone, lazy and charming way.

"As long as you meet me, all of you can leave~~"

Wen Yan, several male students swallowed at the same time.

"Brothers go away, this girl is too fierce! I come to the rear!"

Qin Xiaofeng, always timid, showed a gesture of who will not enter hell, and looked at you tragically.

"Brothers, I can't stand the younger brother. If everyone in Tiange College asks me how Qin Xiaofeng died in the future, you must tell everyone that my little wind is dedicated to friendship!"

Hearing the words, Ying Liang was distressed and grabbed Qin Xiaofeng's arm.

"Xiaofeng, don't go! Our friendship and brothers for so many years, is this the difference, this task is too heavy, let the brother come!"

"No! Brother Liang, you and I have been in a friendship with a pit for many years. My brother, I can never put you in danger. Let me leave it here. Let's go! I will delay this fierce demon for everyone!"

Qin Xiaofeng gave birth to justice, and his expression of dying was very tragic.

"Brother Feng! No, you are still young, and you have a great future. My brother has no future. Since I was young, I haven't had any meat, so let my brother go!"

"Brother Liang, when we worshipped under the pit, didn't we say it was good for the brother to insert the knife on both sides of the rib?

Ying Liang dragged Qin Xiaofeng and said angrily: "Grandma, have you been a brother in the dog's stomach for so many years, shouldn't it be for the elder brother now?"

"You usually have so many sisters, what happened to me, and said that it is a brother, I blind you such a brother!"

Seeing these two brothers who saw "True Love" in distress, Bai Junhao smirked wildly, Gu Chenfeng had no fluctuations in his heart, and even wanted to dig nostrils.

Someone Lin couldn't see it anymore, he drunk!

"Enough! What do you two look like in broad daylight? Havent you seen a woman in your last life? How can this behavior that corrupts your personality and affects the social ethos appear in our class 66! Both give me a break and let I come!"

The two brothers have a black thread, **** it! Are you still a human being?

You've lost all our girls in the class, even this one! The soup is not left to us? !