My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Sudden Changes In Vision

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Chapter 177 The sudden change of vision!


A hurricane swept through, a large amount of pink mist disappeared, and all the girls in Class 66 also appeared!

After the girls appeared, they stared at Lin Chen for the first time, seeming to be angry and angry, and a faint blush lingered on the cheeks of the girls.

Someone in Lin looked stunned. Brother Chen, I didnt do anything. What happened to them? It makes me seem to be rude to them, and I don't recognize people when I lift my pants!

What Lin Chen doesn't know is that the illusionary dream will directly reach the deepest level of people's spiritual consciousness, and it will transform the people they desire most from each other.

Obviously, all the girls in Class 66 saw Lin Chen in the dream!

Lin Chen didn't do anything in reality, and it wasn't necessarily the same as the fantasy dream, hehe hehe.

But looking at the fantasy dream demon dish, it completely panicked this time!

Its illusionary demon dream can be trapped even in the sky gangland. How did these terrifying human races achieve such a short period of time to break their own illusion!


Outside the pink forest; Baizhang Gaolin stands, and five young talents walk into the forest in a freehand way.

Five people, three men and two women. Some negative swords walked, and the eyes were shattering thousands of sword qi, one sword in hand, the murderous sky!

Some are reckless and unruly, with nothing in sight. The Qi Qi Xiu has touched the threshold of the Tiangang Realm!

A red-haired young man headed by a single sword at the waist, cold and overbearing! The cultivation base is already a half-step sky!

The strongest arrogance to participate in the assessment of the General Academy this time is from the Promise of the General Academy!

Half-step Tiangang Realm, a peerless genius who can step into Tiangang Realm at any time with his own will!

In the pink forest

"Who the **** are you, why did you break my fantasy dream so easily!"

The spirit human figure of the fantasy dream demon dish groaned in a frenzy. She looked around her territory and found no traces of broken fantasy!

"Because we have a little cute, magical dream disc that transforms the spiritual power of the spirit realm. Unexpectedly, we will break through the illusion so easily."

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly, and a sneer was raised!

"Impossible, you lied to me! Goo, how could I not know the spiritual power of the spirit level in my territory!"

The spirit level of this fantasy dream demon dish is extremely high, the words are very clear, and it has the spiritual wisdom that overrides most of the fifth-order beasts.

"Unfortunately, the spiritual power of the spiritual realm on my side is relatively unique. If the spiritual realm cannot exceed its realm, it will be impossible to discover!"

During the conversation between Lin Chen and Fantasy Dream Demon Disc, Yan Haitang, Shangguan Bihan, Gu Chenfeng and Bai Junhao have already surrounded the forest behind the spirit humanoid!

"It is said that the power of Phantom Dream Demon Disc is to emit mist and perform mental attacks. Once the body is discovered, it is equivalent to a living target!"

Lin Chen's eyes are as fierce as electro-optical power, and his heart method runs the blood energy of the fire system. When his legs change into two groups of fire, Lin Chen's feet suddenly stomped on the ground!

Boom! Kaka Kaka!

4 The pure power of Dragon Force is released like a landslide and tsunami, and the energy of the violent and fiery fire system is transferred into the ground, like a million years of magma eruption!

A beam of heavenly fire burst into the sky from the forest behind the spirit figure of the monster dish! Explode the scorching heat wave and spread the flame storm!


The spirit human form of the fantasy dream demon disc bursts with a harsh mental sound, and vanishes into nothingness on the spot.

Dozens of demon disc bodies flew out of the forest, flapping their wings and skimming towards everyone behind Lin Chen!


It rolls down with viscous pink liquid throughout, and its two tentacles are trembling, exuding a high-frequency mental wave that impacts everyone's spirit!

Suddenly the wings shuddered, and the phantom dream demon disc set off a tornado-like violent twist of the nihilistic spiritual storm to Lin Chen!

"Tai Shi BibleQi Deified!"

Lin Chen's spiritual realm has not yet surpassed the fantasy dream demon disc. His spiritual power released a snow-white light to cover himself and forcibly resist the spiritual storm of the fantasy dream demon disc!

Seeing that Lin Chen actually has a mental defense method, the fantasy dream demon dish immediately converted the target to other people!

"I'm close, Brother Liang, I'll leave it to you here, I'll slip!"

Qin Xiaofeng said nothing, hurry up and run the way!

"Damn, all these brothers are fake for so many years!"

Ying Liang couldn't help breaking his mouth and cursing, he could resist the sense of turbulence and shaking from his spirit. When he was about to forcibly retreat, the fantasy dream demon disc was already approaching Ying Liang!

It opens a large mouth of the blood basin, and there are countless heavy spiral fangs arranged in a circle. If it is bitten, it must be twisted into a meat sauce on the spot!

"Brother Liang, don't move!"

Qin Xiaofeng shouted, holding a **** dagger in his hand and slashing a **** red sword awn!

Daoman suddenly slashed on the abyss huge mouth of the fantasy dream demon dish, making its action pause. The collision of strong wind aftershock Zhenfei should recede a few tens of meters!

"Frosty dance!"

"Bundled Star Arrows!"

Hundreds of twists and turns of lightning arrow light evacuated and shot; with it came the ice beams on both sides, forming a bundle-like twist and locked the fantasy dream demon disc!


Hanbing froze the wings of the fantasy dream demon dish, causing it to temporarily lose its ability to fly!

"Good job!"

Lin Chen shouted loudly, and the whole body was surrounded by blue light. The ancient green dragon was suddenly released by Lin Chen, killing and biting on the fantasy dream demon body!

"~~! Qinglong, why is it Qinglong! Human race, how could you captive a Qinglong!"

The fantasy dream demon disc screamed hysterically, Lin Chen intended to control the ancient green dragon, tearing and biting!

The ancient Qinglong torn the body of the fantasy dream demon into a few pieces on the spot, Lin Chen jumped up, punched on the head of the fantasy dream demon, and died on the spot!

At this time, the ancient green dragon had 9 dragon powers in pure power, and it can already compete with the double peak of the Tiangang Realm.

The ancient Qinglong is going to tear a fragile fantasy dream demon dish, which is easy!

Once again seeing the ancient Qinglong of his squad leader, everyone in Class 66 is still full of shock!

Being able to carry such a beast with you always has a sense of security wherever you go!

Putting the ancient Qinglong into the body, Lin Chen looked at this property light ball with a lot of excitement!

All of these attribute light spheres are spiritual attributes. I don't know if I can step into the spiritual energy of the spiritual realm after all the absorption.

After the phantom dream demon died, the mist began to gradually disappear.

At this time; Lin Chen and others had not yet had time to clean the battlefield; the five figures quietly appeared in the forest, instantly making everyone in Class 66 stand by!


Bai Junhao urged the blood of the blue dragon, wearing a dark blue dragon scale all over his body, and the dragon was overbearing. He was born like a evil dragon and stood behind the entire team.

"What a great freshman team, actually defeated the fantasy dream demon disc."

"You are the desolate branch that defeated the Tianyu branch? Can't expect such a group of talented people to appear in a barren land."

The woman chuckled like a ringing tone, and echoed in the forest.

After the five people showed their true qualities; the whole class couldn't help being dignified and fearful.

The young man headed was actually a half-step sky!