My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Yao Wuji

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Chapter 178

"The body of the fantasy dream demon disc is left, you guys, get out."

The red-haired youth shines indifferently and indifferently, with an extremely overbearing attitude! Lin Chen and others were not taken into consideration at all!

Shangguan Bihan secretly used Zijin pupil, could not help but jump!

On the opposite side, except for Nao Wou-ki, everyone's strength is equally strong. Regardless of the treasures and exercises worn on the body, the sense of oppression is second only to the Luo Wanquan encountered before!


Outside of Giant Whale Island; several examiners all have solemn expressions, whether it is Yao Wuji or Lin Chen, they are the top arrogance of Tiange Academy in the future.

They stand in the perspective of the academy. The most fearful thing about this kind of top-fighting arrogance is that the two sides moved their intentions, but the entire academy was damaged.

"Well, instead of getting a mean genius, let them fight each other and pick out the real strong men who have the ability to stand on top!"

The old man in linen looked down, and the examiners could not help but sigh deeply.

"It's a pity that we didn't come here in the same way."

The old eyes of the old man in linen show a trace of nostalgia and memories, as if he thinks of himself.

In the Pink Forest, the atmosphere is arrogant.

Everyone in Class 66 habitually expands their familiar positions. The other five of the other party dare to take any action, and all kinds of unique skills will burst out like a storm!

"I have to say that the people who came out of your headquarters are really overbearing. If you don't move, you will die and you will be rolled away. Haven't you considered when you were rubbed against the ground?"

Lin Chen smiled softly freehand.

Yao Wuji's half-step Tiangang realm is no longer strong, and Lin Chen is not afraid!

"Shame your face, get out!"

If Yao Wuji's legs are swift, volley sweeps out a piece of strength that blends into the world, like a blade split!

The speed is fast, almost everyone in Class 66 except Lin Chen can't react!


The purple phoenix wing rolled up a purple flame, bursting into strength, chopping off the hard ground, and the python-like crack burst in an instant!

"Serious, terrible, terrible athlete's foot, do you want to use my special dog skin plaster to treat dog's athlete's foot?"

The purple phoenix flapped, Lin Chen suspended the void, and laughed jokingly.

The two female school sisters from the headquarter couldn't help but flirt with a smile, and immediately realized that they were out of state, so they acted decently, but in fact they were still a bit tolerant.

"Get rid of this group of guys and grab the corpse of Fantasy Dream Demon Disk!"

Yao Wuji's blue muscles were exposed, volley turned around quickly, his legs flew, slashing a powerful wind, destroying the entire pink forest!

"Hundred poison!"

"Hunting Arrow!"

"Blood Dragon Bite!"

The people in Class 66 reacted faster than the four people in the General Hospital, and immediately broke out, three people to one.

The blood of the golden line was transformed, Lin Chens Tiangang fighting spirit went to the sea like a mad dragon, and a golden horse practiced and swallowed the attack of Yao Wuji.

Lin Chen clenched into a fist and slammed a punch in his backhand. The 4 dragon powers were like the power of ghosts and spirits, destroying the void, and the punching wind hit the body of Yao Wuji!

The expression changed slightly, and the blade of Yao Wuji turned into an afterimage, killing the sword light of the wind and the waves!


The knife light exploded, and the strength of the 4 Dragon Power still ran through Yao Wou Ji, and shattered his defensive defense!


The blood spit out, and Yao Wou stared incredulously at the blood on his hands and chest.

"I was hurt by a cheap seed from a branch?"

Lin Chen's pure power lethal force has approached the peak of Tiangang Realm; the taste of being hit can be uncomfortable, if it is not Yao Wuji is a special physique, this punch is enough to make him crush the bones!

"Leave the person with you, leave here. This is my last advice to you, otherwise, die!"

Lin Chen said indifferently that his attribute sphere of light became scattered because of battle. He had no intention of playing around with these people again.

"Hahaha! Joke, Master Ben's bloodline is honorable, he was born in Jiuyang, he is born supreme, and turns to you, a wild species born in the wilderness to warn me?"

Yao Wuji laughed in the sky, the murderous and brutality between the eyebrows was more intense!

Lin Chen's eyes crossed the meaning of anger! He completely turned his fire fighting spirit into a special bloodline!

"Fuck, each of you guys in the main court thinks highly of you, lord, I will kill you superior dogs today!"

While shaking hands and closing fists, the blazing flames flowed over Lin Chens right fist, the fire energy erupted like tens of thousands of volcanoes, the dragon passed through the galaxy, and the violent fierce fist shocked the space and distorted the distortion!


Fist and tornadoes swept through the mountains and rivers, like a flaming beast passing by, destroying many towering ancient trees in the pink forest along the way and igniting a fire!


The boxing style is in the midst of Yao Yao, he was caught off guard and forced to fight to take Lin Chen's punch!


The fist wind passed by, a hill of more than 300 feet south of the pink forest, was penetrated by Lin Chen's fist wind, and the mountain fire was ignited!

The students at the headquarter looked at each other, and if this punch was in the center, I am afraid that they would have to die for the rest of their lives!

"It is equivalent to the double attack of Tiangang Realm. The 7.8 million points of fire energy combined with the pure power's lethality is really powerful!"

Lin Chen was happy, not happy yet, and a beam of fighting spirit bloomed from the void!

Yao Wuji burned all over his body, his red hair flew, and he walked in the air, the evil spirits were energetic, like a demon king!

The aura between heaven and earth is centered on him, forming a huge red aura vortex!

His surging solar energy is like a rising newborn sun, igniting aura for dozens of miles!

His fighting spirit fluctuated more than ten times stronger than himself just now!

"Oh? In order to fight me, he even broke through the cultivation of Tiangang Realm."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. He just hoped that the other side would retreat in a punch just now. He didn't expect others to shame his face. Today, he wants to let Class 66 get out.

"Is he crazy? He forcibly stepped into the heavens at this point!"

"For the wings and fierce nucleus of a fantasy demon dish that a woman wants, this guy has even crushed his own future. It is really a lunatic."

"Hey, it's too reckless, so forcibly advancing into the Tiangang realm, it is not a perfect promotion, and many problems may fall in the future."

Tianjiao, who had just started fighting each other, sighed secretly, or shook their heads in disappointment.

Yao Wuji bathed himself in a blaze of sun, which looked majestic and became the center of this world!

He Yao Wuji is a famous person in the main hospital. If he is defeated by a barbarian in the branch and just returns empty-handed, then he really has no face to stay in the main hospital!

"I have to admit that if you don't step into the heavens, even if you are doing this Jiuyang physique, I have to do my best with the punch just now. Now, I have paid the price, it's your turn!"

He said coldly and calmly, waved his sleeves, and when the air conditioner turned the world's spirit into his fighting spirit, he hit a punch!

Directly above Lin Chen's head, the flamboyant sun-fire energy fist fell into the sky like a punch dominated by the judge!