My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 179

Chapter 179: The New Realm Of Zijin Pupil

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Chapter 179 The new realm of Zijin pupil!

The huge flame of Yanghuo energy is as large as an acre of field, and it is smashed with his head, mixed with the hegemony of suppressing all the world, wanting to punch Lin Chen with one punch!

"Have a shameless face and want to fight, just hit it today!"

Lin Chen's momentum was shocked, and his whole body appeared somewhat transparent with a red flame burning.


The mountains and rivers screamed, the fists met, the flaming fists and the collision of the giant fire of Yanghuo energy shocked the raging storm of Yanghuo!

Lin Chen's double fists beat hard, and half a breath smashed the Yanghuo energy giant fist!

Yao Promise flew into the sky, the two men were one yang and one fire, the two fists were like a sea of turbulence, and they immediately bumped into each other again!

Bang Bang Bang Bang! !

The airflow collapsed and the space was distorted. The two fought from the sky to the ground, and the aftermath of the collision burst along the way, crushing and burning everything!

Everyone in Class 66 immediately retreated, and no one dared to easily approach the two.

Lin Chen is transformed into a fire energy bloodline, combined with pure power, its strength can be double that of the Tiangang Realm!

Yao Wuji possessed the bloodline of Nine Yangs, a special physique that is nothing in the millions of arrogances, and he was already familiar with the aura control and control of the Tian Gang realm in the half-step Tian Gang realm.

Even if you step into the Tiangang realm on the spot, you can perfectly display the powerful fighting power of leapfrog!

It was another punch with full force, which exploded two waves of energy, the two sides did not give way, and the offensive again!

The flash of the blaze of the sun, Wuji's knee hit like a star, turned toward Lin Chen!

The flaming elbow was chopped off like a guillotine, and Lin Chen, who smashed the blazing knee, hit backhand and punched the opponent's abdomen!

boom! With a loud noise, Yao Wuji's abdomen was injured, and the first injury occurred!

Lin Chen took the attributed light ball dropped inside him, and the system popped up the light screen.

[The host obtains a light sphere of the solar system attribute, which has been automatically converted into a fire system of 170,000 points.

[The host received 3.25 million essence of combat spirits, 3.4 million essence of combat spirits,]

This dropped attribute light sphere contains a lot of essence of fighting spirit and yang energy.

Lin Chen fought more and more bravely, chased by victory, punched fiercely in Yao Wuji's chest, fire energy exploded, dragon force penetrated into the body!

The chance of Yao Wuji continuously vomiting blood, Lin Chen slammed down the sky all the way, and the attribute value skyrocketed rapidly, such as two meteors converging together, falling together in the pink forest!


The two fell to the ground, shattered the ground, and cracked a hundred-foot-long crack.

[The host enters the ground and has the Ninth Layer.

When a light screen popped up, Lin Chen stepped into the ninth realm soon after breaking through the eighth realm!

"It's worthy of the world's arrogance and arrogance in the General Hospital, but the attribute value brought by the attribute light sphere of the heavy drop of Tiangang Realm is so strong."

With a sigh in his heart, Lin Chen was only one step away from Tiangang Realm!

In addition, his fire energy has soared to 9.5 million points, becoming a new level!

After breaking off the infinite ring of Na Ling, Lin Chen walked out of the crack all the way.

All the battles stopped immediately, and the four members of the General Hospital suddenly lost their breath when they saw Yao Yao Wuji. They couldn't help but fear that after a while, two male students fled quickly!

"I didn't expect this new student to be admitted to the hospital to such an extent that my sister will not be involved in your affairs. Goodbye~"

The two female school sisters smiled apologetically, Yingying owed her body, and then escaped.

Seeing this result, the examiners who had been secretly spying were completely shocked!

Yao Wuji's forced entry into the Tiangang realm was never Lin Chen's opponent. All the examiners believed that Lin Chen at that time could only withstand the ancient Qinglong in order to resist the Yaogang Prosperity of the Tiangang realm.

"That day he had no such strength when he was fighting against the Devil Blue Dragon. Now he has made new breakthroughs in his cultivation behavior and combat power. His growth rate is extremely fast!"

"It seems that we are betting right! This time, the assessment of the General Academy is afraid that there will be a fierce man!"

"Hahaha, the old man is very much looking forward to how the expressions of the little boys will look wonderful when these little guys enter the main courtyard."

While all the examiners were laughing and negotiating, only the old man in sackcloth looked at the situation in the Pink Forest meaningfully.

"The show is not over yet..."


In the pink forest

"Brother, you are so good! This guy is not your opponent to break through the sky!"

Bai Junhao rushed up first, full of envy and worship.

"Mainly he killed himself. I have let him go. He wants to fight me."

Lin Chen tossed it, throwing the Promise Naling Ring to Bai Junhao, then, he released the Green Dragon Arm, took a roll, and picked up a large number of attribute light balls.

[The host gains 20,000 mental powers, the host gains 30,000 spiritual powers, the host gains 28,000 spiritual powers,]

A large number of mental power attribute values have risen madly, Lin Chen's mental power attribute has never risen so fast!

400,000, 450,000, 500,000, 600,000, 800,000 points!

After picking up all the attribute light balls, Lin Chen's spiritual attribute value soared to 800,000 points all the way before stopping!

Suddenly, Lin Chen felt his mental power became extremely soft, and his spiritual perception was magnified several times!

Spiritual spirit power!

When Lin Chens spiritual state reached 600,000 points, Lin Chens spiritual realm stepped into the spiritual power of the spiritual realm!

When he has 700,000 points of mental power attribute; the spiritual realm is more stable.


When Lin Chen's spiritual power was stabilized in the spiritual realm, a brand new memory came into his mind.

"Taichu was born in the first place, wandering around the world, the Shenyang was transferred, and it was endless."

The obscure formula is imprinted in Lin Chen's memory, which is actually a memory of practice from the "Tai Chi Bible".

"This is a secret that can heal the spiritual power of others! It's mysterious, and even the trauma of spiritual origin can be cured!"

Lin Chen was amazed. It turned out that after entering the spiritual realm, his spiritual strength reached the threshold of the new cultivation secret of Taishi Bible, which automatically released the cultivation memory.

The surprise is not over yet; when Lin Chen's spiritual attribute value reaches 800,000 points, the mutation regenerates!

Lin Chen's spiritual power communicated with Zi Jintong in a wonderful connection. The two previous strengths should be their respective roles, but now because of Lin Chen's spiritual power, they are quietly connected together!

"Huh? When I use the spiritual power Zijin Hitomi, I can detect ten times more fine, no, much more!"

Lin Chen's face suddenly appeared ecstatic!

He first urged the fourth realm of "Pingsheng Zidian". When looking at some distant voids, Pingsheng Zidian could not spy too much weather.

When he used his mental power to connect Zijin pupils again, the blank void was originally filled with countless energy lines and some wonderful luck silk threads!

The realm of Zijintong is divided into six realms: insight into the insignificance, pupils to see the fire, qi to produce dew, Pingsheng Zidian, no neutralization, golden pupil twins.

"My Zijin pupil is a realm out of nothing!"

Lin Chen was pleasantly surprised. No wonder that no one from the Shangguan family has appeared in the fifth realm since the next generation.

It turns out that the fifth level of realm, "There is nothing out of nothing", must achieve the spiritual power of transforming the spirit state.

Even many strong people in the Tiangang realm have stayed in the spiritual realm all their lives, not to mention the spiritual power of the spiritual realm. It is difficult to find a few people in the entire wasteland.

The imperial energetic spirit urged the realm of'out of nothing', Lin Chen spied on this brand new world!