My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Or What A Fair Fair

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Chapter 18, what a fair fair!

what? fair?

"Ha ha ha ha! Isn't this little brother just out of the rivers and lakes? Don't you want all of us to stand up with you one by one?"

"Don't be like this. People are geniuses. They grew up in a fair environment since childhood, so they must be fair. Hahaha!"

"Is this really a stupid brain? Hahaha!"

"Are the youngest kids so naive?"

Some evil sect warriors laughed and talked to fairness with evil sect?

This is like; a girl who has been stripped of clothes and a harlot who hasnt touched a woman for ten years are sitting on the bed, and its reasonable to say that the **** brain is flooded with water.

Xia Ningyue's palms also sweated quietly. Is this Mr. Lin Chen really the kind of flower in the greenhouse? Hasn't he figured out what the situation is now!

Qin Cha smiled angrily and sneered: "Benzong wants to see what fairness you want today!"

"I am a very principled person. I said earlier that if I want to single out your entire blood sect, you must have all your blood sects up and down, no one can be less! You still have an elder who is not there, waiting for him Ill do it again when I get there, so I wont bully you when I say it without words."

Lin Chen patted his chest confidently, and everyone thought they had accumulated too much earwax!

This Nima has to single out the entire sect in a Qi-refining realm, and strongly urges to wait until the fight is over, and is afraid that others will say he bullies the blood sect?

Who the **** is this?

"Isn't this guy getting water in his head?"

"I'm so hahaha, interesting, interesting! Lao Tzu has lived for so many years, and is the first time to see this kind of wonderful flower!"

"It can be seen that he just escaped Qin Cha's dead magic hand, and his skill is not bad!"

"Don't talk about it, body skills and combat strength are two different things. Didn't you see that the blood sect all came out of the nest today, and there was only a big elder. This kid can still fly in the wings?"

Many Xizong masters laughed at nothing, and some even burst into tears.

There are wonderful flowers every year, this year's special show.

Then, Lin Chen told Cheng Xiamen behind him seriously.

"Many women, wait until they are all together, you don't have to shoot, remember, I am a person who demands fairness and can no longer be fair. Whoever shoots, I will turn upside down! Who said today is singled out, just Only heads-up!"

Seeing him unknowingly high and thick and swearing, all the women were pretty pale!

Finished! This son Lin Chen is afraid that his brain is not a barrier!

"It's fair to say that Ben Zong wants to see if your kid can play a flower today."

Qin Cha sneered extremely, and asked an elder beside him: "Is the elder elder leaving?"

"Return to the patriarch, the elders will follow in our footsteps, and should be able to arrive in a short while."

The elder looked at Lin Chen's eyes with ridicule and ridicule, as if looking at the dying struggle of Joker.

As soon as the voice fell, a residual image flashed like a ghost in the Half Moon Valley, and ten breaths entered the blood sect's camp.

"Sect Master, what's going on?"

The comer is gray-haired, and his eyes are on the tiger's eyes, showing a murderous and fierce spirit. It is the second battle spirit of Blood Sect, the elder of Blood Sect!

"Great elders have just arrived."

Qin Sha patted him on the shoulder, and then briefly recounted Lin Chen's previous performance. The latter shook his head and smiled, and all kinds of freaks and strange flowers came out this year.

"This kid's body is a bit strange, and his mental strength is beyond ordinary people. Later, he will fight. You and I will open the bow. I will live. I will torture him in the face of my child. He will be a blood slave. !"

Qin Cha told him that the elder nodded coldly.

"How is it, fair young man, people have arrived, is it time for us to see your heads-up? Hahaha."

Someone outside the Half Moon Valley laughed loudly.

Lin Chen nodded in satisfaction; "Well, the three elders of the Blood Sect are also here, very good. This is what I asked for, and it's fair enough to be **** fair!"

In the electro-optical flint, Lin Chen shook his hands out, and a gray-white rune descended from the sky, releasing the ancient supernatural power of suppressing all ages, and even the space was stagnant!

[The host runs slow runes, consuming 275 energy.

Everyone's expression suddenly stagnate, this sudden scene shocked everyone!

Dozens of elite killers and elders in the Blood Sect are horrified!

They found that their actions and even the running of war were slow as a turtle, several times slower than normal!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation; 10% Strength!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, the green dragon's arms were liberated, and the light of the dragon's breath of the ancient green dragon radiated from the dragon scales, and the pure power broke through 20,000 tigers! !

"Master, I'm destroying your gang of bastards! All die to me!"

The wind, thunder and fire spread to the extreme, Lin Chen's figure turned into a flame with the wind and thunder, and lightning struck past!

Lin Chen rushed into the blood sect's crowd is a violent mess, the green dragon arm is like a fierce dragon, destroying the world! The power pushes the mountain stars down, crushing in all directions!

Bang Bang Bang! !

Every time a blue dragon's arm was waved, several people fell, and everything only happened in one or two breaths!

It connects the two elders of the seventh and eighth layer of the spirit realm, and even the elders of Qinsha and the elders of the second and first level of the battle spirit.

They reacted a little bit, and tried to defend with their fighting spirit. They were all smashed by Lin Chen on the Tianling cover, and they were blown into powder on the spot!

[Gaining 9577 points of Qi and Blood Energy, 5883 points of merits]

[Achieve 16754 points of the essence of fighting spirit, 1969 points of wood energy, 8445 earth energy, 5521 gold energy...]

[The host obtains the brass treasure chest and the purple light black iron treasure chest]

[Open the Ziguang Xuan Iron Treasure Chest and get: The Second Fragment of "The Beginning Bible".

The sky's attributes light **** flew up and down, all fell to the ground!

Stretching through all directions, sweeping across the Eight Wastelands. The wind blew through, and within the Half Moon Valley, only a large pool of blood was left!

All the sectarians are stunned and shocked in place!

died? Are all the blood sect dead? Not even a complete corpse capital?

Not only singled out, but also a thorough spike?

Refining Qi Realm kills ten psychic realms, two battle spirit realms, plus dozens of elite killers in Refining Realm?

All the female disciples of Yanxiamen, Hao teeth tremble and cover their lips lightly.

Xia Ningyue's eyes shined and her trembling body muttered to herself: "That was a suspected means of space blockade just now? Is Lin Chenchen Xia Xingtian powerful? How old is he?"

Under the moonlight, Lin Chen was bathed in blood, and the confident smile that controlled the wind and cloud in the corner of his mouth seemed evil and awe-inspiring!

At this moment, instead of turning around to pick up the remaining large number of attribute light balls, he suddenly looked at all the evil Sect strongmen outside the Half Moon Valley!

Those who have been swept by his eyes are better than falling into the ice cellar and the cold bones!