My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Shocking Change

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Chapter 180 !

Lin Chen found that the things that can be peeped out of the "out of nothing" realm are not limited to those that exist in the form of energy.

With this, he can even see some doom, killing, bad luck between heaven and earth.

In addition, there are world textures that symbolize good luck and bad luck.

This change made Lin Chen feel a little bit against the sky!

In this world, the most illusory is the journey of luck. The purple gold pupil's "out of nothing" state can spy on the luck of heaven and earth!

Being able to spy on these world textures can be pre-judgmented and realized beforehand, whether they are adventures or crises can be discovered in advance!

"The harvest this time is not a big deal!"

Lin Chenqiang resisted the ecstatic mood and sighed in his heart.

When the people took away Yaoyi's **** jade card, he found that his points were as much as 200,000!

"Squad leader, I have broken through all the illusions, but somehow, the mist of illusions here has not completely dissipated."

At this time; Han Yizhi waved her small hands through the pink mist and appeared in front of everyone.

Lin Chen smiled, and had not spoken yet, a faint murderous pass passed by!

The purple light lingered Lin Chen's pupils, and he instantly stood upside down!

Lin Chens Zijin pupil peeped into the faint void of the sky with a gray murderous texture covering everyone in the audience!

"Don't move, prepare to fight!"

The sound transmission mixed with mental power is transmitted to everyone in Class 66! Let everyone subconsciously enter the state of alert combat!

Lin Chen turned around suddenly, staring at the burnt jungle!

After half a ring, Lin Chen's lips sneered.

"It is worthy of being a fifth-order overlord-level beast, well-deserved reputation, fantasy dream demon disc, get out."

Lin Chen's words made everyone's nerves suddenly tense!

His words fell, and the wind and grass in the jungle moved without any abnormalities.

However, there was a trace of strangeness in the atmosphere. The entire class of 66 people believe Lin Chen unconditionally, everyone is within a range, and dare not have any rash actions!

The most doubtful thing is that Han Yizhi has nothing to do with her spiritual energy of the spiritual realm. How can there still be souls here?

Lin Chen's eyes fixed on the burnt jungle, and his voice rarely contained a trace of fear.

"Almost even I followed your way. If it wasn't for my spiritual breakthrough, Zijin pupil's realm was promoted, and with the hidden murderous intentions revealed when Yi Zhi appeared, I'm afraid all of us have to be buried here. ."

The words fell, still quiet and silent, without any movement.

"If you don't show up, then I will force you to show up!"

The sole of the foot suddenly stomped, the fire of the fire department erupted violently, such as the magma burned the ground, causing the surface to earthquake!


The fire burst into the sky, the fiery pillars of fire exploded in succession a dozen times, and finally at the twentieth pillar of fire, everyone heard a soul-screaming roar of soul!

"~! Humans, how could you find me, what the **** are you! And that little devil, even a special physique that I can't detect!"

Huge wings flapping in the void, every time the wings vibrate, they will spit out the dust!

The pink mist that is even more fierce than before suddenly enveloped the entire pink forest!

This is a seventy-foot-sized winged worm with gorgeous pink wings, transparent and bright teeth, and big heads, with four **** pupils. Its entire body is abscessed and fat, and there are twelve flying feet. Butterfly, it is more like a'moth'.

"Yi Zhi, protect everyone!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank, this genuine fantasy dream demon dish, the spiritual realm alone has reached the level of spiritual realm!

Han Yizhi released all of his spiritual power and turned it into a glazed spiritual wall, sealing all the people in the class!

Without saying a word, Lin Chen didn't care anything this time. He jumped into the air and released the ancient Qinglong!

The vast dragon's body instantly entrenched in the vicinity of the whole class, and the dragon's tail swept away, destroying everything around!

Lin Chen hit the ground with a fist, turned the gold energy into a special bloodline, and the sharp and domineering Gengjin fighting along the fist's dragon power, shattered the entire ground, and the crack like a python spread to dozens of miles!

Most of the mist was dispelled, and the Pink Forest finally showed its prototype!

There are swamps like lakes and blood pools!

The odor and corpse smell everywhere can be seen everywhere in the forest. The mountainous bones still exude a fresh **** smell. There are human bones and animal bones!

"It turns out we were still in the secret realm!"

"It's terrible, this is the spirit beast!"

"Is the fantasy disc that we just killed is fake? Or are there two fantasy discs?"

The whole class was shocked and shocked in place, overturned by the shocking facts in front of them!

In fact, this result is equally shocking for Lin Chen!

For the illusion of illusion and illusion, Lin Chen has a recognition technique that is more powerful than Zijin pupil, that is, attribute light sphere!

When Lin Chen's phantom dream monster disc dropped a lot of spiritual attributes of light balls, all of them were genuine, which led him to think that the fantasy dream monster disc had already died.

"Good fellow, I just walked on the tip of the knife just now!"

Lin Chen squeezed cold sweat, if his Zijin pupil did not break through the realm this time, maybe their 66 class, including his Lin Chen, would be completely annihilated in the nest of this fantasy dream demon dish!

"George, human race, even if you see through my illusion, I already know all of your cards. This time you will die even if you have an ancient green dragon sheltering you!"

The fantasy demon disc floating in the void twisted the body of the obese abscess, sneering sharply.

"My hypotheses, come out!"

The phantom dream demon disc burst out a sharp hissing noise, located in the burnt jungle just now, in a dark ancient tree up to several hundred feet, began to shake constantly, trembling trembling!

A tens of feet of worm cocoons began to lay down vertically from the branches and began to split quickly.

Up to thirty fantasy discs are cracked from the cocoon and come out!

"These thirty pseudo-objects, but I have prepared the foundation of thousands of years, human race, use all the pseudo-objects to deal with you, this is your honor!"

The fantasy dream demon dish greedily chuckled, and it could feel indistinctly that if Lin Chen and Han Yizhi could be eaten together by two secret human races this time, its state would usher in a soar!

For this opportunity, it does not hesitate to use the millennium heritage to get two people!

Those hatched fantasy dream demon discs, their size is twice smaller than the main body fantasy dream demon disc.

But when 30 fantasy dream demon discs were cast together, the dust storm around them suddenly swept up with a terrifying spiritual impact!