My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Desperate Survival

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Chapter 181

Tide-like spiritual shock penetrates into the void and wants to sneak into everyone's spiritual consciousness!

Even the spiritual power of Han Yizhi's spiritual realm is almost impossible to protect everyone from being attacked under the fantasy dream of these 30 fantasy dream demon discs.


Even the fantasy fantasy demon disc of the body has joined the army of joint fantasy fantasy dreams, and the waves of spiritual impact have rippled in space!

Even Lin Chen felt dizzy for a while. Han Yizhi's side, the corners of the lips had begun to bleed slightly, all supported in one breath!

"No, everyone will have an accident in this way, this guy must be destroyed as soon as possible!"

The mind controlled the ancient green dragon, and the blue dragon flew out, suddenly biting a few magic dream demon discs!

Tear the three-headed fantasy dream demon disc in one bite, the ancient Qinglong was about to rush through the killing four directions; a strong mist of illusion lingered in the mist, all the fantasy dream demon discs disappeared and disappeared into the mist!

After the dragon's tail swept away, the ancient Qinglong turned all around upside down, and still did not attack a fantasy dream demon dish!

"It's not that simple this time, serge, human, let's die!"

The phantom dream demon lurking in the mist of the illusion sneered at Lin Chen, and again increased the frequency and density of spiritual shock!

Han Yizhi's small face was pale, and the corners of her mouth began to bleed constantly. There were several split marks on the spiritual veil of glazed light!

"Okay, it hurts!"

Everyone in Class 66 had different levels of trauma, including Han Yizhi, and everyone collapsed on the spot!

"Oops, everyone's mental strength has been seriously traumatized!"

Lin Chen's face changed slightly, her figure flickered, and she immediately came to Han Yizhi's side and unfolded a spiritual shield to protect everyone!

This is the first time that Lin Chen has led the 66 class and made the whole class hard hit!

Mental power is damaged, ranging from serious injuries to potential, while thinking is destroyed, dementia on the spot!

This result made Lin Chen's eyes burst into a murderous intention!

"Calm down, this is not the way to go."

Lin Chen took a deep breath and put away the killing heart, and the more mad at this time, the more prone to error.

"George, see how long you can stand alone. I will slowly drain your head and let you experience unprecedented pleasure!"

Fantasy Dream Monster Disc sneered madly, in its eyes, Lin Chen and others are already on the plate!

Lin Chen, who is fast and calm, while guarding everyone with Han Yizhi, urged the spirit to perform out of nothing again!

Out of nothing can not directly see through the other party's potential location, but can capture the murder and doom released by the other party.

Under the investigation of Zi Jintong, under the original misty spiritual dust, a vague murderous shuttle flew in the void!

"Found it! These pseudo-objects are different from the elaborate ones before. They don't have much independent thinking, they are all controlled by the ontology, and only the ontology is killing us."

Lin Chen felt a shock in his heart, but he found that this fantasy dream demon dish was extremely cunning, hiding behind twenty demon dish pseudo-objects.

"In the mist of the fantasy dream, it changes and moves very fast. Even if my ancient Qinglong kills in the past, it may still run away under the suicide cover of more than twenty demon dish pseudo-prostheses."

Completely sinking his heart, Lin Chen's thinking became very clear.

If it is found that it has discovered its ontological existence, the outcome is still unknown!

"There is only one chance, I can't act rashly, I must kill with one blow!"

Lin Chen, who had finalized his idea, suddenly had red eyes, and he roared a little crazy hysterically!

"Why is this, my Lin Chentian is a wizard, and it is not a matter of leaping the enemy all the way through the way, is it that I will die here? Impossible, die for me, die for me!"

Roar ~! !

Long Xiao tears the sky, the ancient green dragon is like Lin Chen, the dragon's body turns, and it begins to frantically pat the dragon's tail, spit out the dragon's breath, and frantically destroy everything around!

"Finally, I can't hold on anymore. Chigger, in the end is a young human race. Although the talent is high, but he can't hold his breath. It is too inferior to the experienced human race strongmen who have encountered it. Eat him quickly!"

The body of the fantasy dream demon disc is hidden in many pseudomorphs. Although it has been intentionally moved, it has not yet begun to act.

It is very cautious. As a high-level spirit beast that has lived for thousands of years, its spiritual wisdom is far beyond that of the same level.

The ancient Qinglong and Lin Chen became more and more crazy, and after nearly a quarter of an hour of devastation, they finally began to exhaust and fell to the ground.

Lin Chen seemed to be a candle in the wind, urging the last trace of spiritual power to protect everyone, murmuring unconsciously.

"Fantasy Dream Demon Disc, don't you dare to come out, hahaha! Can't you come out? I won, I won! My Lin Chen is the winner!"

Lin Chen laughed suddenly in the sky, and the fantasy dream monster disc saw the ancient Qinglong's movement very little, and there was a trace of contempt in his heart.

The stupid human beings are even confused. It's time to eat you up!

Illusionary Demon Disk circumvented one direction and slowly approached from behind Lin Chen.

It is still very cautious, and there are 15 monster discs around him.

"I won, I won! I am the real peerless, ha ha ha!"

Lin Chen's neck and neck twitched slightly, his mouth shattered with some unclear words.

Bai Zhang, 80 Zhang, 70 Zhang!

Fantasy Dream Demon Disk is getting closer and closer to Lin Chen, quietly!

When it and Lin's dozen of pseudo-objects are close to Lin Chen within forty feet!

Lin Chen turned suddenly!

A flash of light suddenly crossed his eyes, and his spirit renewed his endless tenacity! I don't want to be a madman at all!

The moment I saw Lin Chen turn around, the fantasy dream demon dish was suddenly horrified!

"Is this human race not crazy?"


The purple phoenix wing suddenly expanded, Lin Chen's speed spread to the extreme! The speed of the Purple Phoenix after absorbing the fiery mandala is more than twice as fast as before!

"Pseudomorph, block him!"

The phantom dream demon dish evacuates quickly, and all the phantom dream demon pseudomorphs block in front of it!

However, Lin Chen did not come at it at all, but took all the 66th class back to his back for a long distance!

Before it was time to doubt, the fantasy dream demon disc saw that the ancient green dragon had lifted up the dragon claws, the violent and fierce blue dragon breath, wrapped around the dragon claws, deducing the rise and fall of the dragon civilization!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Lin Chen and the ancient green dragon burst out at almost the same time, the dragon claws waved down angrily, and the flying dragon's breath of light fluttered like waves, annihilating mountains and rivers, and destroying all obstacles along the way!

No matter how fast the fantasy dream demon dish is, there are more pseudomorphs. At close range, there is no chance to escape the ancient green dragon ready to launch the blue dragon split soul claw!

"How is it possible... this human race..."

The fantasy dream demon dish failed to send out a scream, but it was the monstrous light blade that was skimmed, cutting it into countless pieces!