My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 182

Chapter 182: 1. The Taishi Bible Reveals Its Power

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Chapter 182, Taishi Bible Reveals Power!

Those demon discoids are as fragile as thin paper, and they disappear in an instant!

The body dies, and those monsters that have not been attacked also die.


Nearly half of the entire territory of the Pink Forest was torn and destroyed by Lin Chens Blue Dragon Cleft Soul Claws, and its power is already pushing down the mountains and rivers!

The momentum is so great that it can be heard clearly within five thousand miles. Many people who participated in the assessment were shocked. Some curious people couldn't help but rush here.

The pink mist began to recede gradually, and a few breaths disappeared completely. This time the fantasy dream demon dish is the real death in Lin Chen's hands!

Lin Chen couldn't care about the attribute light sphere that fell after the death of the fantasy dream demon body, and a purple gold chest suspended in the void.

He took out three longan-shaped golden elixirs from Naling's ring.

This is Lin Chen's spiritual restoration remedy made by the high-level medicinal materials harvested in the secret territory before the Academy. The fifth-order junior: Qingshen Jinyuan Dan.

In the spiritual realm of everyone, only Han Yizhi can bear the effect of this medicine, so Lin Chen cannot directly feed the whole medicine to everyone.

In the palm of my hand, I shattered the'Qing Shen Jin Yuan Dan', and a group of pure spiritual light elements floated up.

Lin Chen released his own spiritual power to disperse this group of spiritual light elements, and in turn transported it into everyone's Lingtai consciousness.

"No, Qingshen Jin Yuandan can heal their trauma, but they can't make up for their lost spiritual origin. Even if they can wake up, everyone may lose part of their memories."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. If he could not find a way to restore everyone's spiritual origin in a short time, everyone except Han Yizhi would leave permanent damage to his spiritual origin!

"Where am I going to find a spiritual source... right? I have a way to restore my spiritual source!"

Lin Chen slapped his thigh, and his mind suddenly appeared a bit of enlightenment!

Lin Chen sat cross-legged next to the fainted Yue Linlin, his hands were facing India, and he obsessed with the obscure formula.

"Taichu was born in the first place, wandering around the world, the Shenyang was transferred, and it was endless."

In Lin Chen's spiritual understanding of the sea, a pure white pure spiritual source trembles slightly, flowing slowly along the handprint into Yue Linlin's spiritual understanding of the sea.

Yue Linlin's eyebrows tremble, and there are signs of recovery!

"It really works! The Taishi Bible is really amazing!"

Lin Chen was preparing to heal the second person, and suddenly, a sense of tiredness came from his knowledge of the sea!

[The host's mental power drops by 20,000 points due to the use of special exercises. If you continue to use it, it will drop by 50,000 points. Please use it with caution.

Just when Lin Chen was puzzled, the system popped up a light screen, and Lin Chen's attributes appeared to decrease backwards for the first time!

"Grandma, what the **** will reduce the value of the mental power? Lao Tzu is desperate to save people and give me this hand again?"

Lin Chen was in a hurry, and he was about to count how many panacea or medicinal herbs he could increase his mental power, and suddenly hit his head!

"Laozi is really anxious and stupid. Isn't that a ready-made mental power attribute value!"

Lin Chen turned to look at the attributed lightballs all over the ground. These attributed lightballs were all left by the fantasy dream demon dish, and they were all attributed lightballs of spiritual power!

Because the first one that was slashed by Lin Chen before was not complete enough, the attribute light **** dropped by the rest of the monster discs were very few.

Regardless of March 7, July 21, Lin Chen will accept all the orders! At the same time, the value of the mental power attribute has skyrocketed and dropped rapidly!

When Lin Chen was busy taking away the attribute light sphere and healing everyone in Class 66, a series of figures appeared quietly near the Pink Forest, coming from all directions.

"Isn't this the phantom dream disc's lair? My mother, how could it be destroyed like this!"

"Hi! It's from the Wasteland Branch. Look, there is Lin Chen?"

"Even the Magic Dream Demon Disk has been killed. Are these guys monsters? That is a rare fifth-order overlord of the spirit department!"

"There is an ancient Qinglong beside him? Isn't this a violation?"

"Don't doubt the decision of the examiner of the General Hospital. No wonder the guys in the Tianyu Branch and the Ningyu Branch before met the barren branch, and they died and were injured. This Lin Chen is really a ruthless character!"

"If this person enters the General Hospital, I am afraid that he is also a great figure. I didn't expect that we would encounter this monster at the same session. I don't know whether it is good luck or bad luck."

"Let's go now, maybe he might kill him later and kill us too."

Some passing branches of the Tianjiao Dark Center were shocked that the fifth-order overlord-level beasts on this giant whale island almost all had the potential to grow into fifth-order mid-level beasts comparable to the five-level heavens.

Even the examiners are very surprised. They haven't taken the island for many years, and they didn't expect that the fantasy demon dish has transformed into such a terrible state!

From the results, Lin Chen was able to eradicate a devastating disaster for this assessment.

If the phantom dream monster disc releases all the monster disc pseudomorphs from the beginning, no one can survive the assessment!

"It is worthy of being a rare spiritual monster. It has evolved so many strange things."

"Speaking of it, we still owe this boy a favor!"

"Hahaha! Awesome, awesome, this assessment is a complete conclusion."

Some examiners and sackcloth seniors couldn't help but admire, Lin Chen's scores in the assessment this time are enough to rank in the top in the history of the General Academy's assessment.

But if combined with his age, he can be so outstanding at the age of less than 18 years old, he is the first in Tiange Academy!

Inside the Pink Forest; Lin Chen was sweating and almost collapsed to the ground.

This time he killed the body of the fantasy dream demon dish, and the spiritual attribute light ball he obtained almost surpassed the total attribute value accumulated by Lin Chen before, up to 900,000 points.

In order to heal the spiritual roots, Lin Chen continued to lose mental energy. In the end, the mental strength attribute value only stayed at 860,000 points, which is only 60,000 points more than the original.

"After this blow, I helped them recover their spiritual roots and stand behind them. Their spiritual realm will be improved to another level."

Lin Chen fell to the ground, this battle of fantasy dream demon dish is not just a breakthrough of his own, everyone's spiritual state will also rise.

Unable to suppress the mental fatigue, Lin Chen was so sleepy on the ground, only the ancient Qinglong was still guarding everyone quietly beside him.

When Lin Chen slept, two days and two nights passed.

Within two days and two nights, everyone in Class 66 woke up one after another.

When everyone explores their own spiritual power, almost everyone's spiritual power breaks through at least a small realm!

They saw the situation around them and Lin Chen fell to the ground and fell asleep, and immediately knew what had happened. Everyone said nothing and didn't make much noise, quietly guarding Lin Chen.