My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Fierce Fifth Order Overlord Beast

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Chapter 183: The fierce fifth-order overlord beast!

Until the early morning of the last day, Lin Chen woke up and found that everyone in the class had been waiting for a long time.

"The monitor is awake!"

"Brother, my mental strength has broken through!"

"Thank you monitor for saving us again~~ hee hee~~"

Everyone revolved around Lin Chen, either surprised or excited. Lin Chen also enjoyed this feeling very much. In his view, everyone in Class 66 is already like a big family.

"Everyone, quiet down first."

Lin Chen got up and raised his hand with a smile, everyone immediately calmed down.

"Everyone, this action is my miscalculation, and it has caused everyone such a severe trauma. From now on, I will temporarily separate from everyone."

Lin Chen's words made everyone look at him in doubt.

Through the battle with the fantasy dream demon disc, Lin Chen has re-understood, and fighting these special fifth-order beasts has always been walking on the tip of the knife, and one may accidentally die!

He thought his ancient Qinglong was enough to protect everyone, but now it seems that he may not even be able to protect himself.

Against the fierce beast of the fifth-order overlord level on this giant whale island, for the current class 66, it is still too good, Lin Chen can not make fun of everyone's life.

After telling everyone what they had in mind, everyone in Class 66 smiled.

"Brother, this is not your problem at all. It is indeed that we are too weak. It is indeed too early to join this level of battle."

Bai Junhao took the lead with a smile. They were only a few years old, and they were able to encircle and kill the fifth-order beasts. This is already a big deal in the wilderness.

"I agree with Jun Hao's statement, brother, you don't have to blame yourself, then you can do whatever you want to do. Let's follow your steps."

Gu Chenfeng nodded in approval; after Lin Chen returned from the evil king's secret realm, their strength has been advancing by leaps and bounds, and now it is indeed not a matter of haste.

"Now that everyone understands, then I can rest assured. Remember, then you are all careful, and after six days, we will meet again."

Lin Chen stretched out his hand and everyone fisted for an appointment.

"We continue to hunt fifth-order beasts, ha ha ha!"

Ying Liang and Bai Junhao smiled with pride, the girls in Class 66 waved goodbye to Lin Chen reluctantly.

After being separated from everyone, Lin Chen's eyes flashed sharply.

"Before entering the General Hospital, I have to become stronger!"

In the battle with Yao Wuji and Luo Wanquan, Lin Chen has clearly known the high gold content of the students of the General College!

If you want to gain a foothold in the main school of Tiange College in Lingzhou, the highest institution in the whole province, it is not enough with your current strength!

Lin Chen was about to leave the pink forest, but suddenly found a purple gold chest suspended in the void.

The brilliant light of this purple gold treasure chest was Lin Chen's first sight!

This treasure chest was left by the killing of fantasy dream demon disc.

Lin Chen had the chance to heal the trauma of spiritual origin for all people before, and he had time to take away this purple and gold treasure chest.

"The treasure chest dropped by the fifth-order overlord-level beast, I don't know what treasure it will be."

Lin Chen grabbed the Zijin treasure chest curiously, the Zijin shines brilliantly, the treasure chest opened, and the system light screen popped up.

[The host opens the Zijin treasure chest, obtains the spiritual treasure, the fantasy dream.

A piece of silk shining with a faint frost brilliance emerged from the treasure chest and appeared in front of Lin Chen.

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, this illusory dream Luo Luo, besides containing a spiritual power, there seems to be nothing surprising.

Even the hidden spiritual power is optional for Lin Chen.

"Is there such a thing left in this fantasy dream disc? Forget it, leave here first."

Lin Chen withdrew his gaze, his figure jumped, and the True Flame Purple Phoenix wings spread out, and flew to the other end of Giant Whale Island.


Giant Whale Island, thirty thousand miles to the south.

There are thick clouds here and mountains. Thunder and thunder, the sky cracked!

Two dumb-faced men from Tianjiao's face standing in place!

Located between the two peaks in the center of the thunder and lightning, a hundred-foot-long fifth-order overlord-level beast, the green electric thunder tiger fell in the pool of blood and died.

Its corpse is still embossed with an ancient green dragon, and a silver robe boy bathed in thunder and lightning!

[Host gains 600,000 lightning energy, 300,000 lightning energy, 400,000 lightning energy,]

Lin Chen picked up a lot of qi and blood energy and the light ball of the attribute of the thunder system. The pure power of him and the ancient Qinglong climbed rapidly!

When he left, Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong bathed in blood, killing intently. Tianjiao, the two headquarters, didn't even dare to look up at him!

When Lin Chen left, the two talents couldn't help but sigh.

"The new students are too fierce now! It took less than two quarters to wipe out the Green Thunder Tiger!"

"This strength is almost catching up with some old students in our main hospital?"

The thirteenth day of assessment;

Giant Whale Island; Hurricane Abyss.

Roar roar roar ~ ~!

The roaring dragon roaring in the sky and the wind continued to sound, and a ray of blue dragon breath emanated from the abyss.

Immediately afterwards, the vast hurricane that overturned the world was blown from the abyss, and the abyss was full of frantic wind blades.

In the end, the bright and colorful light of battle flickered continuously from the abyss, and the raging winds slowly stabilized.

After half a ring, the ancient Qinglong flew out of the abyss with all his injuries, but its pure power became more arrogant!

The fifteenth day of the assessment!

"All the candidates on the island note that the time for the assessment is up, and all assessment personnel are invited to return to the South Bank. At this time, there can be no more fighting between the assessment personnel, and the offenders will lose the assessment quota."

At this time, a tremendous sound was spread throughout the giant whale island, everyone clearly heard it; one after another swept in the same direction.

Juwha Island has a wide range of prospects. After the assessment is stopped, the examiner will give two days for the candidates to go to and from the examination site.

On the way back, from a branch in the twenty-four domains, four students showed off their skills and skills one after another, and their expressions were all excited.

With their strength, they lived in the middle and lower reaches of the 24 domains, but this time they were able to pick up a fifth-order beast that had fought with other teams and successfully passed the assessment of the General Academy.

"It seems that our luck is like a rainbow! This time we were able to enter the General Hospital!"

"Hahaha, this time I entered the General Hospital, I think who dare to underestimate our branch!"

When the four were complacent, the earth-shattering explosion rang through the sky!

boom! !

The four branches of Tianjiao were startled and immediately flashed onto a towering ancient tree, looking around with vigilance.

But when they raised their heads, they suddenly found that they were all surrounded by branches like them, and at this time they all opened their mouths and stared at the three figures in the sky inconceivably!

Hundreds of feet of green dragon and an ancient beast, the sword and dark eagle fight in the sky!

The dragon roared and the eagle roared, and there was a shock between the eagle claw and the dragon claw!

The monstrous dark tide and the cyan dragon light collide back and forth, stirring a aftermath across the sky!


A high mountain was crushed into powder by the collision of two behemoths in an instant, and the fighting might be earth-shattering!

The most amazing thing is the tiny silver robe boy with purple flame wings!

He had a black gun in his hand, and he released a colorful battlefield Xiaguang. He even cooperated with the blue dragon to kill the Sword Dark Eagle several times, and every time it was a dangerous life!