My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 184

Chapter 184: 3. The Last Person In The Assessment

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Chapter 184 The last person in the assessment!

The night is coming; space ripples appear on the horizon, and twelve figures gradually emerge in the void!

A group of people walking in the sky, old and young, both men and women.

They are all strong in the level of Tiangang, wearing the medals of the Tiange Academy on their chests, all of which are elders and teachers from the Tiange Academy!

Among them, the blonde old man who arrived at the Wasteland Branch was also in the team.

After arriving at the vast heights of Giant Whale Island, a beautiful woman in red in the team could not help complaining,

"Every year's enrollment is so troublesome, the exam content and venue are changing, and the old lady is exhausted."

"This is also to ensure the overall quality of admissions."

"Sister Linger, don't complain, this is also our job. When you enjoy the secret realm of cultivation brought to you by the General Hospital, you don't see you abandon it, ha ha ha!"

The two elder Huangpao elders shook their heads and smiled.

"Oh, I don't know how this year's twenty-four domain freshmen are."

"The branch is set up in the twenty-four domains of Lingzhou. It is a barbarous place. Even if it passes the assessment, it can only be reduced to a foil when it is placed in the pride of the general academy.

"Exactly because of this, I was specifically ordered to take part in this assessment in order to exclude those wastes from entering the General Hospital."

A brawny man with fiery red eyebrows pouted his lips in disdain; his eyes were full of pride.

"That's not necessarily, this year's old man is optimistic about a dark horse, ha ha ha! He is still from the lower rank of the wasteland branch."

The blonde old man smiled and smiled, looking light and windy, and sharp and restrained.

"Come on, old man, the people you optimistic about before entered the General Hospital either because they were too stiff and were suppressed or because their tempers were too bad and they were expelled from the hospital."

"Huh, the twenty-four domains are just ordinary folks, how can it be comparable to the pride of the heavens selected by the major regions of Lingzhou. Let the old man say, this broken regulation should have been abolished long ago."

Just as the teachers and elders of the twelve main hospitals were going to the five examiners for handover; the sky suddenly resounded through the boy's cold drink!

"Die to me!"

The sudden explosion of fighting attracted the attention of all of them.

I saw that under the altitude of thousands of feet, Lin Chen spread the wings of the purple phoenix and swept to the top of the absolute sword dark eagle!

His body was bathed in thunder and lightning, and a ray of fire was burning from his body, which seemed to be thunder and fire, majestic, and like a god!

"Huh? This candidate?"

All the teachers and elders stared at Lin Chen intently for a moment!

The next moment; Lin Chen held up the black abyss gun and hit the head of the absolute sword with a volley!

This shot, the power sinks into the mountains and rivers, and instantly interrupts the consciousness of the absolute sword!

The purple phoenix wings suddenly showed, Lin Chen swept to the front of the eagle head of the absolute sword dark eagle, and the thunder system of the whole body seemed to condense into an electric dragon!

"Thunder burst!"

The black abyss turned into electricity, passing by the sky, suddenly burst out in Lin Chen's hands, and lived through the head of the absolute sword dark eagle!

Boom Boom~~~!

As the hill's absolute sword dark eagle fell from the sky, the sky's dark shadow disappeared with the falling of the absolute sword dark eagle.

Lin Chen was bloodied and sweaty, but his bright eyes seemed to hide the stars and the sea, full of proud fighting spirit! The domineering and killing of the eyebrows is not reduced!

He stood side by side with the ancient green dragon, and the purple phoenix wings flapped slowly, deterring the audience with the power of battle alone! No one dares to move!

Tianjiao, all the branches of the round-trip verification assessment, were stunned. Some even felt ashamed that they had just picked up a fifth-order beast and secretly ecstatically.

Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong landed slowly, silently taking away all the fierce beast cores of the attribute light ball and the absolute sword dark eagle.

After Lin Chen left, everyone at the scene was relieved and relieved.

"This is the strength of Lin Chen who is the strongest in evaluating freshmen in the Contemporary General Academy!"

"This is terrible too!"

"Fortunately, we did not meet him during the assessment..."

The people swallowed and murmured to the corner of their mouths.

Those Tianjiao who looked at each other with Lin Chen found themselves sweating all over their bodies!


"So strong!"

"Who is this candidate? Which branch is it? Is it the newly born wizard of Tianyu Branch?"

"Did you see it! He just put the ancient green dragon into his Dantian, did the boy's body captive an ancient green dragon?"

"The old man has never seen such a strange skill in Tianjiao for so many years!"

"There are his exercises! It's so amazing that it can temporarily transform combat energy into a special energy bloodline to achieve the effect of activating bloodlines similar to those of special bloodlines!"

"His spiritual power also has a taste of differentiated spiritual realm! The spiritual power is so strong, is he also a pharmacist?"

"Grandma, this time I picked up the treasure! During the battle just now, the pure power he broke out was full of his mother's 6 dragon powers! The pure power alone can match some of the first double-entry into the heavens! "

Twelve teachers and elders were completely shocked, one after another, talking like a chicken blood.

Twelve of them are teachers and elders from various fields of the General Hospital, and each of them is uniquely proficient in a certain field.

Tiange Academy sent such a lineup to prevent any potential freshman from being born.

But until I saw Lin Chen just now, all the teachers and elders were shocked!

No elder can pick out his shortcomings, he is good enough and adversity in any field!

What is a wizard, this is a wizard! This is a terrifying talent enough to subvert martial arts!

Their Tiange Academy is the place to gather such wizards!

"Quick, go to the test site. About this candidate, we have to ask the examiners!"

Teachers and elders can't wait to control the fighting, dive into the void and leave quickly!


The next day, the south bank of Jorge Island.

In addition to the five examiners and sackcloth seniors, there are also senior executives of the branch who were waiting for the results, as well as a test team of twelve elders and teachers who came from the head office.

At this time; many candidates have already handed in the blood Lingyu cards and passed the assessment in batches.

The most surprising thing is the class 66.

After being separated from Lin Chen, Class 66 defeated a fifth-order beast with a total score of more than 60,000 points!

This result, even the twelve of the test group were a little surprised and surprised.

This is higher than all the freshmen present! Including those old students who participated in the assessment, only one person can have 120,000 points.

The most terrible is the Ningyu Branch and the Tianyu Branch. These two are the first and second places in the branch. In the end, only 4 people and 6 people passed the assessment!

When they were ambushing Class 66, both classes were hit hard, and they were involved in the aftermath of Class 66 and the two fifth-order beast battles, and they used a lot of cards.

Even if the injury is restored later, it is too late to encircle and suppress the number of first-order fifth-order beasts. It can only be reduced to the end of the points!

At noon, all but one person verified the test results.

Most people in the audience, including the examiner, looked forward to it.

Because the biggest black horse in this assessment has not yet appeared!

He alone will eliminate the fifth-order beast of the five-headed overlord, Lin Chen!