My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Pass The Assessment

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Chapter 185: Pass the assessment!

Everyone waited until the afternoon; a silver robe figure fell from a height of hundreds of feet, and fell into the coast securely.

Lin Chen raised his head and saw many examiners and a dozen newly emerged Tiangang environments. It seemed not surprising that he smiled and walked calmly towards everyone.

"Huh? I'm so brilliant!"

Suddenly, the tiger with a big back and a huge red-haired teacher suddenly questioned several examiners.

He had previously thought that his own apprentice wanted to earn more points and continued to hunt fifth-order beasts on Juvenile Island.

Until just now, when he felt something was wrong, he released his fighting spirit and explored for a long time before discovering that his proud disciple, Yao Wuji, was not on Jade Whale Island!

"Yao Wuji? He is dead."

Lin Chen's face did not change color and smiled slightly.

"What? How did my apprentice die, but he was half a step away!"

The red-haired strong man rushed to the crown in anger, and a domineering red flame burned slowly from above him!

The space around a thousand feet was burned and twisted violently, with a hint of crack in the faint space.

"Slain by me."

Lin Chenfeng was light and calm, laughing casually, as if he didn't care.

"Boy, you are dead!"

The red-haired strong man shot furiously, grabbed Lin Chen with a palm, and the flames of fire in the five fingers caused the world's spirit to be extinguished, and the mountains and rivers became ashes!

As if thousands of fire dragons erupted from the volcano, plunging the earth into infinite chaos and destruction!

Seeing this scene, all the people who participated in the assessment were shocked!

This is the strong man who came out of the General Hospital, and there are signs of breaking the world at the first shot!

Lin Chen still didn't change his face, which made many people's eyelids jump. If they were, this power alone was enough to frighten the liver and gall!

"Long Chi, how dare you kid slap in front of the old man?"

A cold, lazy voice sounded, and the space shattered like a lens in an instant!

After a series of fire dragons quietly annihilated into nothingness, all the fighting spirit of Ling's fire system disintegrated instantly.

The old man in grey shirt chewing on the chicken legs stood on the side of Lin Chen, looking at the red-haired strong man with a sneer.

"Lao Yuan, there must be a saying about this matter! I have been admitted to the hospital for less than a year and it is already a half-step heavenly environment. You are so talented, you can see it, not to mention the freshman assessment, but it did not kill the General Hospital. The rule for students!"

The red-haired brave man gritted his teeth fiercely, not only daring not to make an order in front of the old grey shirt, but also extremely unwilling to say.

"To ask you to be a dog stupid, has this kid violated the rules and when is your turn to decide?"

Unexpectedly, the old man in the gray shirt Yuan Lao directly screamed, leaving no emotion.

"Yao Wuji's kid was his own death. So many of us examiners saw that he was the trouble to find this Lin Chen kid. The little guy gave him a chance, can only your apprentice beat others, Others cant kill him? According to this statement, is it wrong for the old man to destroy you now?"

In the end, Yuan Lao's eyes crossed a fierce killing intent, without any meaning of joking!


The red-haired brave man ate a suffocation, dared not to speak any more, flicked his sleeve in anger, flew into the air, and left the giant whale island directly.

Seeing Lao Yuan protecting Lin Chen so much, many candidates were full of envy.

"Thank you Senior Yuan for preaching justice."

Lin Chen grinned fistfully.

"Justice? Hey, your kid just did not hide, just forced my old man to shoot. You stupid kid is an old fox!"

Yuan Lao grinned with a chin on his chin. "Your kid, you have a good secret of pupil surgery."

He also planned to borrow the hand of Long Chi just now, and try to see if this little guy will release the ancient green dragon to resist it. Unexpectedly, he did not intend to return at all, and forced himself to block.

This kind of character can only be used without a shot. Entering the main hospital is also a ruthless role!

"Where and where, this kind of pupil surgery is just a trick, and where does it catch Yuan Lao's eyes, I still have a bunch of babies here, such as this "Thirty-Six Royal Lady Sanshou" "The one who eats buns with my sister" "Evening" also has this "The Secret of the King of Standalone"."

"Good thing! Show me a third one!"

Seeing the two people with the same smell, some teachers and elders couldn't help but help, and Yuan Lao's old problem was recurred.

"Old man, it's still being evaluated!"

The two examiners couldn't stand it anymore, but they said frustratedly that Yuan Lao had recovered. "Oh, right, there is also an assessment. Your boy handed over the blood to the jade card to see."

Lin Chen handed Yuan Lao his own brand of blood order jade, and everyone couldn't help but cast his curiosity.

With a flash of blood, Lin Chen's blood made the jade card show the assessment points.

The first number displayed on the Xueling Jade card is 1, and the next count is 1,280,000 points!

1.28 million points!

A fifth-order fierce beast 100,000 points, overlord-level fierce beast 200,000 points!

Does this mean that this kid actually killed more than 12 or all overlord-level beasts?

The five examiners are not too surprised by this result, but the test group that has just arrived is completely different!

"Good fellow, killing more than 12 fifth-order beasts or five potential overlord beasts. Its not a terrifying thing to put in the main courtyard, but this is done within 15 days of assessment time. Its not a concept at all!"

The blonde old man stroked his beard and marveled at Lianlian; 15 days, Lien Chan had so many fifth-order beasts, and it was definitely an excellent presence in the main courtyard.

When he arrived at the Wasteland Branch, he only thought that Lin Chen had the potential to be the first freshman, but he did not expect that he had made so many leaps and bounds in four months!

"Hahaha, okay, okay, the old man values you like that. Candidate Lin Chen, congratulations on passing the exam. Starting today, you are a student of my Tiange General College!"

Yuan Lao laughed heartily, tapping Lin Chen's blood-ling jade card with his fingertips; the numbers and names above turned into blue light.

When it turned into blue light, Lin Chen's blood-letter jade card instantly shone into a ray of light, engraved on Lin Chen's chest, and turned into a shiny blue medal.

"Huh? Brother's medal is different from ours?"

Bai Junhao said curiously on the side, and immediately the blonde old man explained with a smile.

"In Tiange General College, there are students of five levels: Huang Xun, Green Xun, Qing Xun, Lan Xun, and Zi Xun."

A teacher took the lead of the blonde old man and smiled.

"Huang Xun is 10,000 points, Green Xun is 500,000 points, Green Xun is 1 million points, Blue Xun is 10 million points, and Zi Xun is 30 million points. Within two years of admission, if the freshmen are unable to perform tasks, the accumulated points cannot be achieved. The Green Order will be expelled directly. You can also use the points transferred by other students, but it will not be calculated in the passing points for the time being. Only after the green level will the transactions between students be counted."

As soon as this remark came out, all the candidates present took a breath of air!

Fortunately, Class 66, except for some dignity, did not lose its gaze.

But the people who passed the assessment in other branches are completely changed!

Get 500,000 points in two years? Wouldnt it be for them to hunt 50 first-order fifth-order beasts within two years?

For them who are still in a terrible situation, is this not harder than going to the sky!