My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 186

Chapter 186: What Is This Operation? ?

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Chapter 186 What is this operation? ?

"Dont be surprised, little guys, these 500,000 points are far from simple. You can get 10,000 points because of the assessment rules. In the General Hospital, the materials and the core of a fifth-order beast can only be exchanged for From 2000 to 6000 points, you have to work hard, rack your brains, compete for time and seconds within two years, and earn points. Only then will there be a chance to stay in the cruel general hospital."

A graceful and beautiful lady teacher covered her lips and chuckled, the blonde old man said seriously.

"Yes, our Tiange Academy does not accept mediocre talents and mixed food and other dead waste. It is not enough to enter the Academy with a bit of talent, but also need to have the fighting spirit to do everything in the brutal martial world. , A breakthrough beyond the limit of life and death."

Another handsome young teacher shook his head and sighed.

"I don't know how many new students die every year in the process of desperately earning points, or eat in the General Hospital and wait for two years to die, and leave in a hurry.

Many candidates' faces became more and more ugly. At this time, a gentle woman teacher in a long skirt resembled snow, slightly scorned.

"You, one by one, have scared the freshmen into what they are. Don't be too frustrated, Tiange Academy certainly has the strictest survival rules in Lingzhou, but also has one of the best cultivation resources and environment. While earning points while practicing, there is still a chance to stay."

After eating the chicken legs, Yuan Lao wiped his mouth and laughed.

"Hahaha! All in all, what you guys are going to contact next is a brand new world. There are endless difficulties and opportunities waiting for you."

Even Lin Chen was a little excited, and the yearning for Tiange Academy was getting stronger and stronger!

"Okay, the evaluation of this trip is over. Those who have not passed the evaluation are waiting on the island. Later, the people in your branch will come back to pick you up. The rest, follow us!"

Yuan Lao suddenly waved his hand, and the gentle fighting spirit lifted everyone. In a blink of an eye, when everyone reacted, it was already in the sky and in a state of high-speed flight!

Everyone was standing on the back of a huge and indistinguishable behemoth, flying at speed.

"Little guy, your mental strength is very special, do you want to come to our spiritual department?"

"Well, young man, your exercises are very suitable for practicing with this seat. Would you like to come to my door and try to be a named disciple first?"

Everyone hasn't responded yet; the teachers and elders of the test group even sent out an invitation to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen's face was dumbfounded. When did I get so handsome that men, women and children were killed? This is too warm!

"Hey, little guy. There are rules in Tiange Academy; the more teachers and elders, the more senior students, the rights and treatment they can enjoy will be completely different. If you accept their invitation, the future benefits will be many. ."

At this time, the secret transmission from Mr. Yuan privately answered Lin Chen's doubts, and he suddenly realized!

I am afraid that this kind of regulations will make everyone in Tiange Academy desperate to go upstream.

In the General Hospital, almost everyone will use their potential and energy to the fullest, and even the teachers are no exception!

"Teachers and elders, thank you very much for your invitation. I plan to wait and see when I enter the General Hospital."

Lin Chen's fist was not humble and overwhelming, and his heart was decided, and everyone in the test group felt very sorry and turned to throw olive branches to other freshmen.

"Hey, the little guy is very clever. The old man will give you a hint. After entering the courtyard, try to use the points for cultivation, and don't spend it on other unrealistic purposes, otherwise you will waste a lot of time."

Yuan Lao's rare love talent overflowed, explaining to Lin Chen.

"Thank you, Yuan, for pointing the way, the kid has in mind."

Seeing everyone in Class 66 chatting with the teachers fiercely, Lin Chen didn't even bother them and sat cross-legged.

The light of Na Ling Cao flickered, and Lin Chen's palm showed the light red elixir surrounded by two dragon spirits!

Tiangang Xuanlong Pill, this is a superb panacea refined by Lin Chen from a volume of precious Danfang obtained from the robbery of many old-style Tiangangjing from the temple of the evil king's secret realm.

Subsequently, Lin Chen collected the main high-end materials harvested in the secret territory, and the grade is located in the fifth-level intermediate level!

In the process of refining, Lin Chen also failed twice, wasting a lot of materials. In the end, there were only two of them left, and the four pairs of medicinal materials were only successful twice.

"The energy I absorbed will be part of the ancient green dragon, but the Tiangang Xuanlong Dan has enough energy, and the two should ensure that I break through to the Tiangang realm!"

Lin Chen served two Tiangang Xuanlong Pills in one hand, chewed the lower abdomen, and two energy like Xuanlong melted away from Lin Chen's body, like a divine initiation!

boom! boom! boom!

There was an earthquake-like shock in Lin Chen's body, and Yuan Lao immediately waved his hand and set up a combat gas barrier, with surprise and doubt in his eyes.

"What is the structure of this kid's body, not only can he hide an ancient green dragon, he can even take such terrifying energy directly, does he want to break through the Tiangang realm directly? Interesting, interesting!"

Shuanglong dances, two energies merge into Lin Chen's Dan Tian, his nine-color battle spirit **** half, and the ancient Qinglong **** half!

Even though the energy of Tiangang Xuanlong Pill is vast, Lin Chen's absorption rate is like a bottomless cave, like a river and a sea, all mad into the body!


A nine-color vortex of energy rotates on top of Lin Chen's head, ten feet wide, and contains golden wood, water, fire and earth, and the attributes of wind, thunder and dark light are complete!

This movement attracted everyone's attention. The teachers and elders felt Lin Chen's rising fighting spirit fluctuate and could not help but change his face slightly!

"This kid is going to break through the heavens?"

Everyone looked at each other. From ancient times to now, no candidates from the branch can enter the Tiangang realm before entering the general hospital, no more than five people!

Time passes by one minute and one second, Lin Chen's fighting spirit fluctuates like rivers for the sea, stars for the sun and the moon. When the water is rising, he is far ahead of him!

I don't know how long it took, Lin Chen suddenly opened his eyes, and a wave of fighting suddenly broke out with him as the center!


The turbulence of fighting shattered the battle barrier made by Mr. Yuan, which made everyone feel a little bumpy.

Lin Chen is now more than a few times stronger than before! Not at all inferior to Tiangang Realm!

But the weird thing is; he did not break through the heavens!

What is this scenario?

Tian Gang Realm can integrate its own fighting spirit into the world. None of the elders here feel that Lin Chen has this change. His fighting strength has only become stronger!

"No! There is no such method of cultivation! After the fighting strength is saturated, it will either not be able to progress, or it will be one after another.

"His fighting spirit is still getting stronger, there is no sign of going into the world!"

"It's weird! The old man I lived for thousands of years, this is the first time I saw this!"

All the elders and teachers looked at each other, all in shock!

Neither a half-step Tiangang nor a Tiangang environment?

What is this operation?