My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Tiange General College

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Chapter 187 !

"It's mentality!"

Suddenly, Yuan Lao took the lead in speaking, sweeping past the lazy and leisurely, unprecedented solemnity.

"The stronger the foundation is, the higher the upper limit. His mind is as strong as the sun and the moon, and he has a hidden universe! It contains nine attributes and has the power to destroy the world!"

"Could it be the Blue Order Mindset? Blue Order Intermediate or Advanced?"

The gentle and pleasant female teacher asked in surprise.

"No, although the blue-order mentality is rare and rare, our college is not without it, but no one has ever seen such a strange phenomenon."

Elder Yuan shook his head negatively, so that all the elders had a terrible thought in their hearts!

Even the blue-level advanced mentality has no such power, so what is the mentality grade of this child?

Blue top? Or above?

No one dared to speculate, but they all had an extremely shocking thought in their hearts!

"Nobody can pass on today's things, otherwise I will kill him myself!"

Suddenly, Yuan Lao's eyes became extremely fierce, looking around everyone!

The candidates nodded like chicks to the chicks one by one, they were really weak like ants in front of Yuan Lao! They can crush them with one finger!

"Okay, old man Yuan, put away your murderous spirit, you should change your bad temper."

The two examiners said helplessly; all teachers and elders knew that Lingzhou forces were mixed, and the strong were like clouds.

Even though the reputation of Tiange Academy is so powerful, if today's events spread, it will still bring Lin Chen's death toll!

At this time; not only Yuan Lao and others but also Lin Chen himself was shocked!

"System, what is my situation? Did I not break through the sky?"

[The host's fighting strength is: Nine Heavy Earth.

The system just lists a bar and does not give any substantive hints.

Lin Chen turned to look at it, his quintessence of fighting spirit attribute value has reached: 360 million points!

"Elixir's effect is indeed working. Why didn't I break through the Tiangang Realm? Is it because of the mind?"

Lin Chen revisited his own nine-color battle spirit again; the color was several times darker than before, and the nine apertures remained immobile.

"No matter, at least my combat strength has increased steadily. With a single round of fighting strength cultivation, without relying on energized runes and transformed into a special energy bloodline, I can and can easily compete with the sky!"

Lin Chen did not worry about so much, put away all thoughts, at least become stronger is the most tangible!

"Boy, your mentality is too involved. It's best to shoot less after entering the college and grow up at the fastest rate, otherwise it will be easy to be remembered."

At this time; Yuan Lao's voice was passed to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen reacted, and looked at everyone's eyes. He immediately understood what was going on, and gave Yuan Lao a serious punch.


At this moment, the gusty wind, the people who had been flying at high speed, felt the flow of external airflow for the first time.

"Here, little guys, welcome to enter Tiange General College!"

A strong white light passed through, and after everyone squinted a little, when they opened their eyes, it was a new world that came into sight!

The sky is blue and the sky is clear. Fairy birds flew, and the majestic mountains stood like immortal mountains, exuding the constant aura of constant ancients! It seems to be the most primitive wild world!

However, in the vast sky above this wild world, there are sky islands connected by the iron links of the rough dragons suspended in the sky, just like a fairyland!

The palaces on the island stand, the pavilions are lined up, the scene is blurred, and the beauty is beautiful. From inside to outside, there is a transcendent temperament!

In the sky; there are also Tianjiao level arrogance flying through the sky!

Their temperament is extraordinary, and the speed of flying in the sky is extremely fast, as if from a fairy in the sky!

As Yuan Yuan drove everyone to fly, all freshmen saw it; each sky island showed a completely different scene.

Some are fighting fields, with a lot of fighting space. Some cities are full of stalls among students.

Some islands are immortal medicine collections, full of exhibits of all kinds, thousands of treasures.

Some islands are inscribed with stone tablets, and there are many figures sitting in front of the stone tablets.

The stele is engraved with the ancient times, ancient times practiced so far, but so far few people can understand the mystery.

Some enchantments are all over the place and occasionally release amazing energy. If a little reveals a little, it will cause a lot of energy tides!

The new world presented by this large and vast sky island is really wonderful!

All freshmen are stunned! Lin Chen, including Lin Chen, couldn't help but marvel at his heart. He urged Zijin Tong to see more things than everyone saw!

The branch that everyone thought they were in contact with was already magnificent!

Compared with the scene in front of me, the branch of the twenty-four domains is completely backcountry!

Old Yuan took everyone to one of the sky islands, in a quiet pavilion.

Later, Yuan Lao put everyone down and stood on the ground.

The air around was fresh and full of spirit. High-strength forest, beautiful courtyard

Everyone inhaled a little air, and the fighting in the whole body turned a little faster!

"Look at it, these soils used to cultivate green plants turned out to be a lot of middle grade spirit stones!"

"There is also this spirit tree, which is all third-order green spirit berries!"

"My mother, even the floor is made of Mingling mine?"

So many precious treasures, even the most basic and common things are placed here, no one will take a look!

All the newborn brains are in a state of downtime!

In addition to shock, it is still shocking!

"In the future, this will be your private dormitory, one loft and square per person. Your information has been collected here. Remember, don't fight in a safe area, otherwise your points will be deducted."

Yuan Lao's fingers flicked, and the badge on everyone's chest flickered.

boom! boom! boom!

Yuan Lao's words just fell, and the successive waves of air exploded, and even more unexpected things happened!

Among the 15 people in Class 66 of the Wasteland, Shangguan Bihan, Bai Junhao, and Qin Xiaofeng, after arriving at Sky Island with less than a dozen breaths, broke through and repaired on the spot!

"Hahaha, in the past there were enough freshmen to accumulate in the realm, but only a lack of opportunity. After coming here, I was stimulated by the heaven and earth aura here and successfully opened the bottleneck for cultivation."

Several examiners smiled strangely; everyone nodded secretly.

"No wonder those who come out of the General Hospital always look down on people like this. In this environment, even if they can grow wings!"

Yue Linlin exclaimed; Lin Chen was the only one who remained calm at the scene. His Zijin pupil has already previewed these scenes in advance.

Suddenly, Lin Chen said curiously.

"It doesn't matter, I just want to know one thing now."

Everyone cast their eyes in curiosity. I wonder what the strongest branch dark horse in history is interested in?

I saw that someone Lin was serious.

"The handsomest person in the General Institute is me, so the question is coming, what is the name of the most beautiful female sister in the General Institute?"