My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Get Out And Die

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Chapter 188: Get out and die!

Tiange General Academy; a certain sky island, bright and wide street, Lin Chen and everyone in Class 66 act together.

"I don't know what 60,000 points can be exchanged for~"

"Brother Lin Chen, you have 1.28 million points. Have you thought about what to buy?"

At this moment of time, everyone did not choose to retreat in peace in the dormitory, but went to the Treasure Pavilion of Tiange General College as soon as possible.

"The old man Yuan also told me that when he arrives at the General Hospital, it is better to exchange the training resources first and upgrade the basic strength first."

Lin Chen smiled at random, and the chat room had arrived in the only treasure trove on the island.

"Oh? Huang Xun, is it a freshman? Hey, why is there a student of Qing Xun, who has a face, is it to bring a newcomer?"

The old man stationed in the Zangbao Pavilion's eyes narrowed, looking at the students with Qing Xun; a smile on his face was squeezed at random.

"You want to find something."

"It's okay, elder, let's take a look first."

As soon as Lin Chen raised his hand, he took a few copies of the list on the counter.

"Cut, is it really the old guy who leads the team, let's just choose it slowly."

The old man continued leaning his hands on the chair, squinting his eyes, closing his eyes and raising his mind.

Lin Chen and everyone looked at the various lists of the Treasure Pavilion, and a little urging a bit of fighting spirit, the name above quickly scrolled down!

The list is roughly divided into: LingbaoPill MedicineMedicinal MaterialVicious Beast MaterialEnergy Spirit StoneCombat SkillSingular OreWarcraft.

Just open an option, and the dazzling list of precious treasures filled everyone's eyes at once.

It is not only a panacea warrior, but also some special energy bodies hidden in the dangerous places of heaven and earth. The things in this treasure trove are everything!

"Don't waste your experience to look at those high-level treasures, just choose what suits you now."

Lin Chen reminded everyone, everyone nodded and carefully selected their next cultivation resources.

Lin Chen, however, is an option to select the'special energy spirit stone', and a variety of elements and energy treasures are listed.

Lin Chen glanced at it, could not help but secretly slap, some of the highest-energy bodies that he had not heard of even abound here.

Similar to Eight Wild Forging Flames, Five Thunder Sky Heart Source, Star Falling Sky Gang Qi, all of them are the highest treasures that can make the sky gang leaping forward!

Of course, the price is ridiculously expensive! Hundreds of thousands of millions or even millions of them exist, and now Lin Chen can't afford it.

After casually looking at it, Lin Chen immediately selected the special energy or energy spirit stone suitable for him.

"Taixu Leiquan, born in Thunder Pond of Tianyuan, contains the power of thousands of thousands of thunder. Price: 100,000 points."

"Earth spirit beads, derived from earth spirits deep in the earth's veins. One weighs ten thousand tons, selling price: one 2000 points."

"The source of dark magic is born in the extremely dark space of heaven and earth, and contains the energy of the magic path. Those who cultivate or have low mental strength, use it with caution. Price: 200,000 points."

"Lianguangzhi, originated from the Qianling tree in the ancient times, absorbs the aura of the light system accumulated in the heavens and earth for thousands of years; with pure light system energy, those with similar attributes should be used with caution. Price: 180,000 points."

"Gengjin sword qi, everything in the world, Jin Feng breaks the sky. It originated from the ancient suspected sword weapon left in the ancient times. It is sealed in the scroll. It can be used to attack the enemy or practice, and it cannot be used by those who cannot control it. Price: 150,000 points."

"Cyan blue sea dew, blue sea holy dew accumulated from the deep sea, pure water energy, has magical effects such as automatic healing of injuries, soft effect, no use conditions. Selling price: 220,000 points."

"Nine Shale Gale, born in the eye of Jiyuan Wind, has the power to tear mountains and rivers. Price: 150,000 points."

Lin Chen bought all these special energy bodies or energy spirit stones in one go!

It took 1.24 million points in one breath, Lin Chen didn't feel distressed.

Many people in class 66 did not select the suitable cultivation resources for themselves. After Lin Chen simply checked out, he first returned to his residence to practice retreat.

Inside Lin Chen's exclusive dormitory; practice secret room.

Lin Chenpan sat down, opened the system, and the attributes were listed.

[Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Nine heavy ground.

Ultimate Strength: 5 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 542.15 million points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 398.11 million points.

Spiritual strength: 860,000 points.

Essence of merit: 3.5 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (20%)

Practice skills: Eight Wild Xuanhuo, Taishi Bible (25%), and God Shortage Nine Tips (80%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (70%)

Possess blood energy: 13500 points for the blood of the dragon and 10000 points for the blood of the purple pupil.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2, Corrupt Rune Level 2, Recharge Rune Level 2,

Rune energy: 990,000 points.

The energy of each element: 7.81 million points in the fire system, 4.06 million points in the soil system, 4.6 million points in the wood system, 5.18 million points in the gold system, and 5.15 million points in the water system. The lightning system is 2.7 million points, the wind system is 2.75 million points, the light system is 3.79 million points, and the dark system is 2.31 million points.

"First rush all my other attributes to over 4 million points!"

Lin Chen opened the Naling Ring and released special energy such as the Gengjin Sword Qi Scroll, Taixu Thunder Spring, Dark Demons Source, Lianguangzhi, and Blue Blue Sea Dew purchased before!

"Qinglong Possession!"

Lin Chen was covered with dragon scales all over his body. With the powerful defense of his flesh shell and the strength of the dragon body of the ancient green dragon, he grabbed the Gengjin Sword Qi Scroll and torn it!

puff! puff! puff!

The sword energy of the three cuts of the sky suddenly appeared, and he was run by Lin Chen to create the nine robbers before he even showed his power. When the dragon claws caught it, he brought the three swords into the body!

Roar ~~!

The endless Longwei echoed from Lin Chen's body. He strongly suppressed the ancient Qinglong's Longwei, and incorporated all the deep golden energy of the Tianhe into the Dantian!

[The host gains 100,000 points of gold energy, 300,000 points, 500,000 points,]

Lin Chen's golden energy is booming!

A roll of the left arm turned into a green dragon arm, and Lin Chen followed the method just now, grabbed the claw of the "Tai Xu Lei Quan", and operated the meridian route of the genesis of the Nine Tribulation Thunder System!

~~! Kaka Kaka~~!

The thick arc of the dragon is beating continuously on Lin Chenqing's dragon's arm. I am afraid that the weight of the ordinary Tiangang environment may not be able to withstand the thunder and lightning.

But Lin Chen's physical training foundation and the defense of the ancient Qinglong, this thunder and lightning energy is not enough to hurt him!

Immediately after the gold system are the thunder system, dark system, light system, and wind system! The attribute values of Lin Chen's major elements have risen all the way!

One day and one night

Two mysterious figures entered Lin Chen's accommodation area, and his blood made the jade sign instantly react, informing him that someone had entered the accommodation area.

"Lin Chen, get out and die!"

The roar of the roaring mountains and rivers resounded through the sky like a roar of a dragon, and it shook the entire accommodation area!