My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Are Shocked

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Chapter 189

"Lin Chen, get out and die!"

Thunderous shock like the roar of ancient fierce beasts, almost overturned Lin Chen's accommodation area! The ground shook a few times!

Freshmen in many nearby accommodation areas were shocked by this momentum.

When I went out to investigate, I found that two old cadets from the Qingxun class had entered Lin Chens accommodation area.

"My grandma and grandma, who dare to disturb Brother Lin Chen, I will be him now!"

Just after the retreat, Gu Chenfeng exploded in temper and rushed out of his accommodation area.

"Mr. Chenfeng, don't worry, the offender is an old student of the rank of Qingxun. At least the strength of Tiangang Realm is more than double.

Bai Junhao, who is the closest to Gu Chenfeng's accommodation area, suddenly whispered to Gu Chenfeng; he was slightly startled, but did not continue to act recklessly, but stayed on the spot to observe the situation.

Lin Chen's accommodation area; a mysterious armor figure wearing a cloak, the other figure is straight like a war rifle, a red robe, a pair of blue lines around the eyebrows, and the two pupils are full of wildness.

"In the end it's a wild dog who climbed up from a barren land. Didn't he dare to show his head? Believe it or not, Lao Tzu took down your broken place!"

The young man in red clothing just sneered, and slowly walked out of the closed room with a silver robe and jumped into the courtyard of the accommodation area.

"Which dog ran out and barked early in the morning."

Lin Chen leaned in front of the tree and picked a spirit berry and took a bite. He embraced his chest in his hands and laughed and laughed; he did not put the blue medal on the chest of the two in his eyes.

"You are Lin Chen? Can you beat my cousin Ling Tianyu with this kind of stuff? Have you become the Qingxun class? Joke! Are the rating standards of the General Hospital so low now. What kind of cats and dogs can become the Qingxun class? "

The young man in the red clothes pouted, scorning the word.

He flicked his fingernails and said disdainfully: "I haven't gone to you to settle the accounts yet, but you ran to the General Hospital yourself!"

"Oh! It turns out that you are Ling Tianyu's cousin, disrespectful and disrespectful, come here, and tie my 13-year-old titanium alloy dog chain to this man!"

Lin Chen's stern hand waved, Gu Chenfeng shouted in the distance.

"Well, the titanium alloy dog chain will be here soon. By the way, it comes with a piece of pure gold flying, freshly baked, especially suitable for calling a loud crazy dog!"

Many nearby freshmen who have just recruited from other areas of Lingzhou can't help but sweat!

This Lin Chen is also too bold. Just how many days after he arrived at the General Hospital did he dare to challenge the old men of the rank of Qing Xun?

Qingxun-class old students are basically strong players in the headquarter!

They survived the extremely difficult selection environment, and also broke through to grow up to the level of the Green Hood, with first-class potential and strength!

"Dare you humiliate me? Behind Lao Tzu is the descendant of the Qinglong family! Some kind of come to fight with me in the fighting field!"

The young man in red clothes smiled angrily, his fingers stretched out, pointing to a sky island.

"I think you are Shou Xing Gong hanging, if you want to hit it, you can. One for 100,000 points and two for 200,000 points. Let's go together. Brother Chen, I packed it!"

Lin Chen's finger ticked the figure in armor, and raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, you killed me Luo Family Luo Wanquan, I just want to calculate this account with you, although this person in my family is just a dumb disciple waiting to die, but he is anyway a member of my Luojia Chamber of Commerce , Its not your turn to take an unnamed **** like you to take his life. I want you to return the precious treasure of the Luojia Chamber of Commerce!"

The armor silhouette is indifferent; 200,000 points is a huge sum of money, but the two of them already have unresolvable grudges with Lin Chen!

"Wait a minute, who's your kid? This muck is my prey!"

The young man in Chiyi narrowed his eyes and questioned the mysterious man.

"Let's talk nonsense, my goal is this kid too. I will capture him later, I will only dispose of you as long as he has the treasure on him."

The mysterious man said casually, and the young man in red clothes disdainfully smiled; "The premise is that this kid can survive in my hands."

The No. 3 fighting arena is located in the nearest Sky Island in the freshman accommodation area.

In the fighting arena, there are also hundreds of masters in the battlefield fighting, most of them are veterans of the Green Order or above.

Every game in the fighting arena is terrifying, and often attracts many new and old students to watch.

There are countless battles in the fighting arena every day. Not everyone will come to the scene to watch the battle, most of them will watch the battle through the Magic Eye Stone.

It is still very rare for Qingxun-level battles to be placed in the General Hospital. Generally, as long as they occur, they will attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, including teachers and elders.

VIP lounge in the fighting arena; two young men in white lie lazily and lie, and the young girl's blue silk falls on their thighs from time to time.

"Well, school girl, wait for us and you know what rewards you have."

A young man in white laughed casually. After hearing the words, the woman's beautiful smile shook up continuously.

At the moment when two young men in white were preparing to enjoy bliss, there was a picture among the many pictures projected by the magic eye stone in the VIP room, but they suddenly caught their attention!

"Huh? How did Xiao Kuang enter the fighting field No. 3?"

"Fighter, Lin Chen? Still a freshman? No! How is the freshman class?"

Sky Island; between a sky waterfall.

The beautiful lady stood above the waterfall, and the beautiful eyes of Bibo's turning stared at the picture projected by the magic eye stone, and she couldn't help but be puzzled.

"Xiao Kuang? Isn't this the madman of the blood dragon, how did he suddenly enter the fighting arena."

"His opponent is, freshman Lin Chen?"

In the Ziyun Pavilion, several Qingxun-level Tianjiao are chatting.

"Huh? There is Qingxun class battle at No.3 Fighting Field. It's interesting, let's take a look."

A handsome young man with sword eyebrows and staring eyes released a magic eye stone, and turned and projected a picture. Everyone looked at it, looked at each other in surprise, and exclaimed in unison.

"Qingxun class Xiao Kuang to Qingxun class freshman Lin Chen?"

People in the Dan Palace, Kung Fu Pavilion, Treasure Pavilion, Bazaar, and many old students who are using the Magic Eye Stone Battlefield are paying close attention to the situation in the No. 3 fighting ground.

Qingxun-level battles are rare in the fighting arena. At best, there are only two battles a day, and sometimes there are no battles for a week.

Observing this level of battle has benefited a lot from the pride of the heavens who can enter the main hospital.

When the old students saw the name and rank displayed in the fighting field, some of them did not respond, and even thought they were wrong!

Where is this freshman recruited, and admission can be related to Qingxun grade?

When everyone saw this new level, they were all stunned!

Is he also a honour class?

Somewhere in a beautiful garden like a fairyland; the spiritual fog is lingering and beautiful.

When the elders sitting in the garden tasting the tea saw Lin Chen's name and picture appearing in the magic eye stone, they couldn't help but stunned! Almost even the tea spewed out!

How long has this kid been in hospital? Just fight with the Qingxun old students?