My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Destroy The Evil Sect

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Chapter 19, Destruction of the Evil Sect!


Lin Chen's light words, such as judging the king of life and death, were terrified by the evil Zong strong!

"It's terrifying, killing all masters of Blood Sect in one move!"

"Run! Run separately! In case he regrets catching up later, we all have to die!"

"It's really **** heads-up!"

"This kid pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, shit, it's much more sinister than when I was young!"

The two evil sect figures outside Half Moon Valley fled as if they were crazy, and hated their parents and gave birth to two legs!

The female disciples of Yanxiamen stared at the back of the teenager, and their eyes were full of splendor.

One trick overthrows the whole evil sect, and one word retreats the evil sect strongman who has dominated the blood-yang city for a hundred years.

Lin Chen was relieved in his heart. The slow rune was overused this time, and it would take another quarter of an hour to use it again. If these evil sect figures swarmed up, the result would not be that simple.

He stooped to pick up madly, the dazzling array of attributes were all over the ground, and the female disciples of Yanxiamen looked puzzled again. What did this Lin Chen Shaoxia grab against the air?

"The behavior of Young Lin Chen is really strange and unpredictable."

"Hee hee, don't you always say that the superiors often have their own uniqueness, I think the young man Lin Chen is such a person."

"Little Nizis, all of them are moved and Chunxin couldn't do it."

"Cut~ Sister, you didn't even see it straight~"

The crisis was lifted, and the sorrows of the female warriors sang together.

[The host breaks through the sixth, seventh, and eighth levels of gas refining.

This time Lin Chen killed the blood sect, directly broke the triple cultivation, and stepped into the eighth level of Qi Refining!

[The host has collected all the fragments of the "Tai Si Bible" and stored them in the system, so they can practice at any time.

Lin Chen had just picked up all the attribute light balls, and the light screen of the system immediately popped up in front of him.

"Young Master Lin Chen, I can't think of your origin and strength so extraordinary, today Ningyue is an eye-opener, I don't know where Lin Chen Young Master is?"

Xia Ningyue came forward and Yingying stooped. This time, she used a respectful tone, which was completely different from the previous one.

Lin Chen's previous methods are sufficient to prove his origin and extraordinary.

"Ah? I have no teachers, no wanderings, drifting in the wind, and relying on the waves all my life. I just want to be a arsonist who wants to do things.

Lin Chen looked up at the sky forty-five degrees, melancholy and chic.

"Ah? Arsonist?"

"It means to set fire, I will light up my handsome fire wantonly among the girls all over the world. Look, it's already burning very strong there."

Lin Chen blinked at the female disciples of Yanxiamen behind Xia Ningyue. They all blushed shamefully, and some of them boldly flirted at him.

Xia Ningyue was speechless for a while. The child showed a superb manner in the first second, and became a arsonist in the next second.

"Chief, why don't we invite Brother Lin Chen to join us, anyway, Young Master Lin Chen does not have any sectarian **** ~"

Yan Xiamen's youngest sister pulled Xia Ningyue's sleeve; her eyes were coquettish.

"No! The original intention of Yan Xiamen was to unite the female martial artists to be independent, and not to be a subsidiary of men. If Lin Chen Shaoxia joined, what kind of system would it be!"

Xia Ningyue's expression immediately changed dramatically, and she said with extreme seriousness, the girl in white immediately withdrew her sister.

"Sister, my brother will not join any denomination. Besides, Lord Xiamen's volunteering I appreciate very much. Since ancient times, who said that women are not as good as men, women are also half the sky!"

Lin Chen smiled, Xia Ningyue's eyes flickered slightly, and became brighter, muttering to herself, "The woman is also half the sky..."

"Speaking of it, the blood of the family should be very rich. If you don't dislike Yanxiamen, I can take you to copy their nest."

Lin Chen's proposal made all the women shine!


Blood Yang City; the city is in a panic. The blood sect, the strongest hegemon in this city, fell collectively not long ago! This is the disaster that has never been extinguished in hundreds of years, and it is still destroyed by a young man!

Blood Sect headquarters, a huge and vast mansion.

"Grab it! This is the Green Tip!"

"This silver dragon halberd belongs to me, ha ha ha!"

Many evil sect figures are fighting here, killing the sky, and robbing the remaining heritage and family property of the blood sect in the headquarters.


The walls were smashed by the fingerprints of fighting spirit, and a slender figure and a silver-robed boy suddenly appeared in the mansion.

"Don't move, robbery. The man stands to the left, the woman stands to the right. The woman stands in the middle!"

Lin Chen thundered and thrilled to deter all the sect warriors who were robbing. Many people recognized Lin Chen at first sight.

"Yes, it's him! The teenager who singled out the evil sect!"

"Oh my god, with his net worth, does he still seldom use the blood sect these irrelevant things?"

Some sectarians were unsatisfied, and wanted to apply oil to the soles of their feet. Lin Chen slapped it decisively and directly shot the other half dead.

"Grandma, don't you understand people? Robbery! Spit out all you robbed."

Lin Chen clapped his palms, and many people saw that the two psychic masters were half-dead by this kid, and they were so frightened that they were cold and sweated and immediately chose to hand over their lives!


The ground shook, and a group of people slammed into the headquarters of the Blood Sect headquarters, and the two led the way.

"The Black Demon Gate is cleared, all the **** will be rolled out for me, and you can touch the Blood Sect's things? Those who don't roll out draw your internal organs on the spot to refine the magic crystal!"

"I'm going to see which king **** dare to dare to rob me with the dark demon door... um, is it you?"

When the two leading psychic realms of the Seventh Evil Sect Emperor Sect saw Lin Chen, they seemed to have seen ghosts, their feet became soft instantly, and their teeth tremble!

Lin Chen showed a harmless smile for humans and animals, turned around and said with a smile: "This big brother, what did you just say, the wind is too strong I did not hear, I will give you a chance to reorganize the language?"

Damn, why did you meet this **** of plague!

The scene of Lin Chen's previous move to destroy the blood sect is still vivid, I have seen Lin Chen's methods so that the black demon gate warriors are scared to go!

The chill in the teenager's smile made the two shudder, and one of them immediately knelt down and cried out.

"This young man, brother-in-law, handsome guy! I just had a cheap mouth for a while, your adults have a lot of them, just let us be like a dog!"

"Well~ I am very comfortable with this big handsome guy calling, but your kind of perseverance is like a guilty conspiracy. Since I have met me, then stay here!"

Qinglong's blood was liberated, Lin Chen smashed the two of them in a palm, and the decisive means of killing and cutting deterred everyone present!

Seeing that Lin Chen opened the killing ring, the many warriors of the Black Demon Gate could not suppress the fear, and quickly ran away, Lin Chen suddenly held the gun, between the body and the method, the blood splashed a hundred steps, none of them!