My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 190

Chapter 190: I'm Going To Be Fair

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Chapter 190 !

"Hahaha! I knew this kid was a troublemaker. Fight, the better you play, the better!"

Looking at the dumbfounded looks of these old guys, Yuan Lao seemed very satisfied. He took a sip of spirits and laughed with pride!

The Qingxun-level duel was already very attractive. When the people watching the battle discovered that there was still a newcomer in the fighting power, the people watching the battle were shocked and surprised!

In No. 3 fighting field; in a sealed space.

Surrounded by invisible transparent walls, the entire arena is more than five thousand feet wide, like a small plain.

Purple Phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chen floated in the air, and stood opposite Xiao Kuang.

The two sides have registered each other's blood-stained jade cards carved in the fighting field, and there will be special elders watching, the battle can start at any time.

Some people in Class 66 also arrived at the fighting arena. Yue Linlin and Sister Su Lan stared at Lin Chen in the fighting arena with some concern.

Lin Chen's strength and strength, of course, they understand, but the other party is a monster of the top class from many Tianjiao in the General Hospital!

Lin Chen's age may not even be one-third of the other's, and the growth time is too little. The time between the two alone is completely incomparable!

There are more than 66 classes worrying for Lin Chen, as well as those elders and teachers who are optimistic about him.

Inside the sealed combat space.

"Dare to move my clan of Qinglong descendants, I will slowly crush your bones!"

Xiao Kuang's whole body was surrounded by a floating blue dragon's breath, and dragon scales flashed out of his skin.

Longya highlighted that the tyrannical and brutal atmosphere made Xiao Kuang almost completely transformed into an ancient beast at this moment!

Xiao Kuang's whole body turned into a huge "Dragon Man" form, standing on both feet, his arms transformed into dragon claws.

"I'll kill you!"

Xiao Kuang snarled, and a violent air wave exploded around the void!


Suddenly, someone shouted loudly, and Xiao Kuang's figure paused.

He was serious and said, patting his chest righteously.

"I suddenly felt that this battle was not fair at all! The fairness of my job is proportional to my handsomeness. This kind of unfair battle is something that I Lin will not fight!"

what? unfair? Are you afraid to be a counselor?

"Hahaha! I thought that there was a wonderful showdown, it turned out to be a waste of fear!"

"I'm afraid I didn't see Xiao Qing's senior Qinglong's bloodline possessing it? It seems that it is just a challenge initiated by the fever of the brain."

"In the end it's a freshman, I think I'm a little talented, and I'm very talented. But here is Tiange General College, whether it's a dragon or a tiger!

"Fuck is fair, I'm laughing!"

Lin Chen's move caused the old students who were using the magic eye stone to watch the battle, which was nothing but a laugh, a laugh, a mockery, or a shaking head.

Now all the old students are wondering, where did this kid's Green Order come from? Wouldn't it be the Oolong School who made the wrong thing from the Academy?

Even the old Yuan looked at Lin Chen in the picture curiously, did this kid really counsel?

However, upon hearing this sentence, Bai Junhao, who was watching the battle in the lounge, immediately frowned, his mouth twitching!

Big Brother actually thinks this war is unfair? It's stable!

"Unfair? Do you know that you are afraid? Hahaha! Then kneel down and give Koko a kowtow for a thousand times, and then give up his arms and give up, and then go back to me to ask for sin, if our elders are generous, maybe they will spare you One."

Xiao Kuang's voice laughed loudly; his **** and violent pupils were full of disdain!

"I'm really scared."

Lin Chen said seriously, then said another seriously.

"I'm afraid you're unfair to Xiao Kuang seniors!"

The laughter of the old students watching the battle came to an abrupt end, and they looked puzzled!

"Xiao Kuang, senior, look at your thinness and look like this. At first glance, you are defenseless, and you dont have any fighting ability. So, kidney deficiency, sometimes after overwork. How can you fight me like this? At all? It's not fair! The dear friend should be called just now. This is called reasonable competition!"

Lin Chen was filled with righteous indignation, as if he suffered the injustice!

God **** thin and weak kidney!

The old students who watched the battle almost didn't yell at them; where did this new student come from!

Unarmed and uncompetitive? People can take pictures of mountains and rivers with a palm of your hand. Which one of your eyes shows that people are thin!

"Damn, you dare to insult Lao Tzu!"

Roar ~~!

The dragon spirit is like a tide, and the blue dragon dragon turns into a frenzy, turning around Xiao Kuang as the center. When the billows are rolling, the dragon claws are revealed!

I saw; a fierce green dragon of more than three hundred feet was revealed from the dragon tide, and the gray and white gas was rolling, exposing a gray and green dragon breath!

"This kid is over, Xiao Kuang even got the dragon body possessed."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to deal with a freshman, even the tricks at the bottom of the box are used, is this too silly?"

"What a terrifying green dragon, this crazy blue dragon of Xiao Kuang, is at least three times more than the Tiangang Realm!"

Many old students secretly slurped, more waiting to watch good shows.

"Hey, I said that the man who watched the drama, if you don't come down, I won't return your treasure from the Luojia Chamber of Commerce later."

Lin Chen laughed amusedly; the voice just fell, and a figure appeared again in the sealed space, wearing a war helmet and majestic.

"Huh, no matter what tricks you play, you will definitely lose today."

The silhouette of the armor is cold and disdainful. It seems that after Lin Chen will be directly killed, he will not be able to take back many of the treasures of the Luojia Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, this was Lin Chen's initiative to ask him to end, and even the elders of the fighting arena allowed it.

"Death, a freshman in every district, dare to find his own way!"

Xiao Kuang turned into a blue dragon, and the dragon's claw contained the dragon's breath and pure power, which was swayed in anger!

But see; the corner of Lin Chen's mouth slightly evoked a playful smile, the whole body flashed blue!

Bang~~! Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The air currents in all directions collapsed and exploded, setting off amazing winds and waves!

The eyes of all the old students watching the battle suddenly condensed, especially the celestial pride of the Qingxun class, staring intently at the pictures cast in the magic eye stone as if they saw some terrible things!

The smoke dispersed, but seeing the two huge dragon claws hard against each other, the strength of each other was equally divided, and no one could get the other!

Dragon scales are like sapphires, unicorn heads, carp tails, long beards, and Longwei shocked the eight wastelands, transmitting the terrifying dragon breath of the Nebula Nebula!

Another blue dragon! And the strength is not inferior to Xiao Kuang!

At this moment, all the old students' expressions are very exciting!

Is this kid also a rare descendant of Qinglong blood?