My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Fighting Two Blue Medals

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Chapter 191

"Damn, this kid is a pig and a tiger! Ancient Qinglong, he was also a descendant of Qinglong blood!"

"Huh, she was the other Qing Xun class in the war?"

"No, you see, this blue dragon was not made by that kid!"

At the moment when the ancient Qinglong appeared, all the spectators were shocked, and their eyes were completely locked in the silver robe figure beside the ancient Qinglong.

Lin Chen embraced his chest with both hands, and cynical smiles hung on the corners of his mouth, but in the deep black eyes, like an ancient well, there was no movement from beginning to end!

"The ancient Qinglong came out of you, boy, who are you!"

Xiao Kuang turned into a Qinglong growl; Lin Chen waved his hand.

"I'll ask if you win."


The dragon's claws sway obliquely, and the pure power of rushing through the void, tearing out a shocking space crack!


A claw tears through Xiao Kuang's dragon scales, blood raging, and the ancient green dragon spit out a wind-bladed dragon breath!


The dragon's tail twisted, struck up, and crushed the dragon's breath on the spot. Xiao came furiously and furiously, and the two mountain-sized green dragons slammed together!

The Ssangyong showdown is like returning to the ancient times!

The scene of the 100,000 dragons covering the world, the era of the million gods swallowing the sun and the moon, seems to be in front of the eyes, with great impact and shock!

Don't give birth to new students, old students are dumbfounded!

The two blue dragons do not have much skill, soar in the space of more than 5,000 feet, hit the ground from the sky, and fight from the ground to the sky!

The light dimmed and collapsed, and the space was distorted and collapsed. As if caught in a doomsday disaster!

The pure power of the two green dragons has reached the horrible 22 dragon power. Between the breath of a dragon breath, it is to move the mountains and fill the sea! The strength is three times higher than that of Tiangang!

Lin Chen obtained a large number of light energy energy spheres while wildly hunting the fifth-order overlord beasts on Juvenile Island.

Before even slaughtering three heads and fifth-order overlord-level beasts, the pure power of him and the ancient Qinglong broke through the bottleneck again and again!

"His ancient Qinglong could even share with Xiao Kuang, how is this possible?"

"Human races control dragon-body battles, which can be matched with the combat, and the battle horizon is wider. In theory, Xiao Kuang should be better!"

"His fighting consciousness of the ancient Qinglong is very fierce and tricky. I'm afraid this can't be separated from that new student! This ancient Qinglong seems to have transformed from his body!"

"No wonder he has become a honourable man when he was a freshman. This strength is worthy of the name!"

"Huh! This person is proud and arrogant. He himself is not terribly bad. Everyone knows that everything is just a sidetrack. Our human race is the orthodox practice!"

"The victory or defeat is not certain, and regardless of whether his Qinglong can defeat Xiao Kuang, there is also a Qingxun grade present! This is the fairness he emphasized himself, one out of two."

Regarding Lin Chen's behavior and strength, everyone was mixed, but more still disdain!

At Tiange Academy, everyone knows that human races are only orthodox when they practice fighting strength.

In their view, Lin Chen had an ancient green dragon hidden in his body, relying on the power of the green dragon to survive. This kind of side door will always be thrown away by others!

Therefore, even if there is an ancient Qinglong, few people still recognize Lin Chen's strength.

"Your unexpected card is unexpected, I am afraid that it is the blue dragon who killed Luo Wanquan in the assessment, but I am different from him!"

The mysterious man in armor said coldly, his voice deliberately low.

"Thirteen Skyfire!"

The four fingerprints are fast-moving, and behind him is a violent fire energy vortex!

In the energy vortex, twelve energy war guns were swept by the rapid fire, piercing the space, breaking the billowing waves, burning a space of hundreds of feet and igniting a fire!

The cultivation of the mysterious man in this armor is the double level of the heaven and earth. The whole body is like the Luo Wanquan, and they are all precious treasures or weapons.

In terms of strength alone, this man and Xiao Kuang, who has become a dragon, are in the middle!

"Transformation of water veins."

Lin Chen was suddenly shocked, his single fist turned azure, his arms became transparent and bright!

"Shenhuang Nine Tips Water Pour!"

boom! boom! boom!

Lin Chen waved his right fist at a rapid speed, each punch was 6 dragon power, crushing the space to bend and collapse!

The majestic boxing style is carried with the fighting spirit of the water system, which is like a violent wind and rain!

boom! boom! boom!

With the combination of water and fire, all the fire energy guns were exploded into aerosols, and the crackling sound of flames was immediately extinguished by the fighting of the water system!

"His fighting spirit has been so strong that he is not inferior to the realm of Tiangang Realm! What's the matter? Isn't he terrible?"

The armor figure exclaimed slightly, after Lin Chen's fighting spirit was transformed into a special energy bloodline, it was comparable to the Tiangang Realm!

The special energy bloodline plus the attack of the pure power of his 6 dragon power, his strength can already match the triple of Tiangang Realm!

The residual image of thunder and fire seemed to jump into space, flashing from Lin Chen's position to the front of the armor figure!

He was lingering in the pale blue wind, the energy blood veins of the wind system and the purple phoenix wings, so fast that even the other party could not respond!

The boxing style with a fierce dragon-like fighting style was violently hit on the lower abdomen of the silhouette of the armor. 6 dragon forces hit at close range and exploded together with the fire fighting spirit!


The silhouette of the armor was blown away by Lin Chen, and he furiously flew thousands of miles away!

Tear ~~!

The Purple Phoenix Wing was flapping again, and the strange speed at which the space was splitting surprised the audience!


It wasn't until the armor figure was flying that everyone reacted!

The speed demonstrated by Lin Chen felt terrified even in the hearts of the spectators of the Qingxun class!

How can Jiuzhong have such agile speed?

"It's fast! It's terrible, you must stop him!"

The armor figure's lower abdomen hurts a little, and he can't help but sigh. Flying with both hands, a touch of spiritual light swims with your fingertips!

The ten fingers shuddered suddenly, and the spiritual silk flicked out a spiritual blade as fine as ripples!


I dont know why; when the sharp spiritual blade approached Lin Chen, he was swept away by a spirit wave out of thin air into nothingness!

"What kind of person are you, the spiritual power of the Spiritual Realm!"

The silhouette of the armor shook, and his voice became clear and sweet.

"Sorry, Brother Chen, whether it's face value or strength, it is impeccable!"

Lin Chen grabbed the arm of the armor figure quickly, and suddenly reversed while joking, smashing the armor figure like a drum stick, and smashing the dragon force to the ground!

Bang~~! !

The earth's veins collapsed, the rocks shattered, and the sky was full of wind!

Lin Chen took a punch in the air, bathed in thunder light, left fist slammed down, and punched hard in the chest of the armor silhouette again!