My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 192

Chapter 192: He Laughed Like A Child

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Chapter 192, He Smiles Like a Child!


The fine armor in the fifth-level intermediate level was hit by Lin Chen's two or three punches with a very slight crack!

The face in the armor suddenly changed slightly, but this is an armor that can withstand the quadruple attacks of the Tiangang Realm. Even if it is so fast, it can't stop his attack?

On the one hand is the fight between the two green dragons, on the other is the showdown of the magical powers. The entire battle space suddenly becomes wonderful and exciting, and everyone is dazzled!

I saw that Lin Chen was fighting alone, and the two Qingxun Tiantian arrogances could still have the upper hand. Those who still ridiculed Lin Chen's fighting spirit to be unable to do so, suddenly turned blue!

Peerless and ruthless! The freshmen who have been admitted to hospital for a few days actually have the strength of two old-time juniors who are fighting alone!

Regardless of this victory or defeat, Lin Chen's name will surely set off a wave in the General Hospital!


The ancient Qinglong and Xiao Kuang were inseparable from each other. Both sides had their own victories and defeats, but at this time, they began to gradually distinguish the general trend!

[The host gains 1.19 million points of qi and blood energy, 130 points of blue dragon blood vein energy, 190 points of blue dragon blood vein energy,]

The ancient Qinglong became more and more courageous, but Xiao Kuang began to become more sluggish with the protracted battle.

The reason is very simple. Every time the ancient Qinglong injured Xiao Kuang, a lot of attribute light **** would be scattered.

The ancient Qinglong is part of Lin Chen's body and can be directly exposed to the attribute light sphere for absorption!

"I Xiao Kuang can't even beat his blue dragon? This is impossible!"

Xiao Kuang burst out with a roar, the dragon claws danced, and it was the back of the dragon that shook the ancient green dragon. He was swept by the latter's tail and his head was dizzy!

Xiao Kuang did not know that the more fierce he resisted, the higher the value of the light ball of the blue dragon bloodline attribute!

"Sanjue thunderbolt!"

The armor figure twitched, and suddenly scattered three energy stones of the size of thumb! In the middle of Lin Chen!

Bang Bang Bang!

Each energy stone exploded at close range, its power was not inferior to the triple blow of Tiangang Realm, it was terrifying!

The palm shook and flipped up, while the armor figure flashed, a few kilometers away, a few flashes left the center of the explosion.

"Oops, will he blow him up?"

The man in the armor exclaimed in a low voice, before she could react, the silver robe rolled over, and the golden figure of the young boy emerged from behind!

Surrounded by Tiangang's fighting spirit, Lin Chen was almost unscathed, his hands and fingers clenched into fists, and he split his anger on the other's helmet like a tomahawk!

This blow completely stunned the master inside, and there was a momentary cessation of consciousness.

It was at this moment that Lin Chen grabbed shoulders, knee hits, punches, punches, hands, knees, and calves, all turning into murderous weapons!

Bang Bang Bang!

The colorful explosions of combat gas rolled up a constant energy storm, and every attack by Lin Chen drove a combat attack with more than one attribute!

The fast bursts at close range burst into a fierce power, blasting large pieces of air constantly, and twisting and breaking the space!

Not to mention the parties, even the old students watching the battle have a shocking sense of both eyes!

Lin Chen is not very young, but the battle experience is not as hot as some of the old strong!

Why did Luo Qingyan have suffered such a heavy blow; she has a very high status in the Luo family, with infinite heritage, unlimited talents, and potential for cultivation.

Even if he entered this Tiange General Academy, he was famous for his promotion to the Qingxun class in two years. He was talked about and regarded as one of the culminations of the proud daughter of heaven.

But today, she felt the fear for the first time! If there is a chance for regret in the world, she will never promise to invite her from the family to deal with this new student!

At this time, as long as you open your eyes, you can see the juvenile and overbearing eyes, revealing endless murder and brutality!

Each of his punches is full of murderous intentions, which is a hundred times more horrible than those Luo Qingyan encountered those desperate people in the past!

Bang~! Click!

That high-quality armor was broken by Lin Chen on the spot! The broken helmet shows a beautiful face of sinking fish and goose, but at this time it is full of panic!

It's not over yet! On the premise that Lin Chen discovered that the other party was a woman, she still punched out!

Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, Lin Chens principle is that as long as he is determined to be an enemy, he must knock down with all his strength!

Luo Qingyan fought with a punch, and the other party made a painful scream.


The screaming voice appeared abrupt and ecstasy, but there was also a desperate cry in it, which was heartbreaking and there was a lingering palpitation!

The pieces of armor falling down in the sky fell like a meteor, and Luo Qingyan fell heavily on the ground and scattered a drop.

Qingsi's long hair was messy, and Luo Qingyan's delicate jade powder was covered with horror, like the little white rabbits in the corner who couldn't resist.

Lin Chen did not drop his dead hand, he punched the opponent's soft armor with his last punch.

Characters like Luo Qingyan are tightly protected on both the inside and outside. In addition to that armor, she also has a soft armor.

Although there will be no fatal injuries, there will definitely be severe pain.

"Don't fight, I admit defeat..."

Luo Qingyan's body shivered and her eyes were full of unprecedented fear. She didn't dare to look directly at Lin Chen's eyes!

Just now he was full of killing intentions, and the offensive like a sea of turmoil was still vivid in the eye, so terrible! Why should I provoke such a person!

But what Luo Qingyan didn't know was that when he recalled Lin Chen's overbearing eyes, in addition to fear and panic, there was a trace of inexplicable panic and pleasure.

"Hey, don't be afraid, Sister Xue. I knew that you looked so beautiful. I revealed my true appearance earlier. Maybe I will start with a light touch."

Someone Lin died, and smiled.

The spectators watched the corners of their mouths slightly.

Tap lightly? Your last punch is not much lighter! More than crushing mountains and rivers!

"Since Xuejie admits defeat, then I can get 100,000 points. As for the treasures of Luo Wanquan, I can't hand it over. If Xuejie wants to trouble me again, I'm welcome anytime, eh? Xuejie's My chest seems to be hurt, I'll help Sister Xue rub the swelling!"

Seeing Lin Chen smile innocently, he also made fun of Luo Qingyan.

Many old students look scalp numb, so it seems that this kind of person is not his fight!

"No, no... I won't trouble you again..."

Luo Qingyan got up, her body shivered, and tears were hidden in her beautiful eyes. Finally, she glanced at Lin Chen, not knowing whether it was blame or resentment, or something else, and flew away.

"Hey, this beautiful schoolgirl's attributed lightball is not bad."

Lin Chen picked up a few attribute light **** on the ground, and the essence of fighting spirit increased by one point.

Then, when he turned to look at Xiao Kuang, his white teeth were exposed and he smiled brightly.

"Look, this devil laughed, he laughed like a child!"

Some old students watching the battle exclaimed.

Seeing Lin Chen's smile, Yue Linlin and Bai Junhao, who watched the battle, smirked wildly.