My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 193

Chapter 193: God Doesn't Give Birth To Someone In Lin And He Is As Handsome As Night.

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Chapter 193

In the first week of entering the Tiange General Academy, his Qinglong blood point increased by more than 5,000 points!

Can Lin Chen not laugh at such a cool thing? Lin Chen was so excited that he wanted to give Xiao Kuang some incense sticks to represent his respect!

On the other side; Xiao Kuang and many Qingxun-level Tianjiao finally found the clue!

Lin Chens ancient Qinglong has always been in a state of becoming stronger and stronger during the Vietnam War. It seems that he has no way of knowing what has been adopted, stealing the energy of Xiao Kuang, and keeping the battle full!

"It's too weird. We can't see any trace of how his ancient green dragon did it. We can only see that its blue dragon will approach the position of the dragon blood flowing out of Xiao Kuang when fighting."

"This new Lin Chen, it's a big one!"

Just when the old students were analysing secretly, under the eyes of all eyes, Lin Chen faced Xiao Kuang, folded his hands together, and made a prayer.

"Send me another 100,000 credits, and send me the blood points of the blue dragon, Senior Xiao Xiao, you are burning yourself, illuminating me. Senior, you, you are such a great man, please give me a worship!"

Lin Chen bowed down seriously and almost didn't make Xiao Kuang angry on the spot!

"Lin Chen, what are you special..."

Roar ~!

Xiao Kuang didn't even have a chance to break his mouth and swear. The ancient green dragon was pushed on the ground, and the dragon claws suddenly tore his dragon scale, blood raging! Another light ball of attributes fell out!

[The host obtains 230 points of the dragon blood, 180 points of the dragon blood,]

After the worship, Lin Chen smiled, the purple phoenix wing flashed, the fist wind was overbearing fierce, the fist was like a dragon, and it was beaten on the dragon body of Xiao Kuang!

Bang Bang Bang!

The mixed doubles of Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong beat Xiao Kuang to death on the spot, and there was no chance of shouting to admit defeat!

Lin Chen beat Xiao Qing's Qinglong possessive body alive and fell to the ground with his wounds.

"Stop! The combatant Xiao Kuang has lost his fighting consciousness, and the battle is over. The winner: Qing Chen, Lin Chen!"

Elder Zhen's thunderous voice echoed from the battle space; Lin Chen's blood point of the blue dragon, after defeating Xiao Kuang, had 21700 points!

The light ball of qi and blood attribute obtained from Xiao Kuang made the ancient green dragon rise to 24 dragon power! Benefit a lot!

"This is the strength of the nine kinds of fighting energy that can be transformed into a special energy bloodline. It is too strong. Even I have a dreamlike feeling. And I have not played the two major cards of the light and dark."

Lin Chen exhaled and shook his fist excitedly.

He now has a new understanding of the power of his "Creative Nine Tribulation" mentality!

Without the help of any characteristic runes, now he, with special energy and bloodline superimposed on pure power, can defeat the single-handedly defeated Qingxun Tianjiao, which can match the triple level of Tiangang Realm!

The figure flickered, the figures of Lin Chen and Xiao Kuang disappeared in the battle space, and everything destroyed in the battle space was re-condensed by a mysterious energy to restore the original state.

In the fighting room lounge, Lin Chen found that everyone in Class 66 was already waiting for him here.

"Brother, are you okay!"

"Monitor Lin Chen, your progress is too fast?"

Yue Linlin and Bai Junhao and others immediately gathered around. Lin Chen had not had time to speak, and an elder stepped into the lounge.

"Student Lin Chen, there is a woman who seems to be in a hurry to find you. The old man advises you to see you immediately."

The elder's words shocked Lin!

"Is my handsome because of this battle is open to the public, so soon a beautiful school sister came to me? Annoying! I just want to be quiet, eh, where is that woman?" "


Outside the fighting field; Lin Chen just walked out, and the beautiful women who once met each other came into view.

Looking at the moving woman in front of her eyes, Lin Chen showed a look of memory.

"You are the girl in the secret realm of the evil king, I remember what was Aya called?"

"Aya Ziqi! Master Lin Chen, great, you really are here!"

The woman was excited and anxious. She was Lin Ziqi, who had a side in the mystery of the evil king before Lin Chen, one of the female arrogance from the Sun Temple in Lingzhou.

"Are you looking for me? No, don't the girls in Lingzhou know that the most handsome man has arrived at Tiange General Academy."

Lin Chen was shocked, and his shamelessness caused many students around to stop and laugh.

Everyone in Class 66 next to me was a little ashamed. My team leader was good, but this shameless skill is both a disadvantage and an advantage.

"Master Lin Chen, listen to me, the situation is very urgent, and my sister is in trouble!"

Aya Ziqi was in a hurry and clenched her little pink fist anxiously, but she finally found it here after hearing Lin Chen's identity and origin.

"Your sister is, Yun Manqing?" Lin Chen recalled a little, the gentle and touching, graceful face of the alluring woman came to mind.

"Yes, our Sun Temple recently held a torch conference. The conference requires a partner of a man and a woman to participate. And the number of places awarded by the conference is very limited. The warriors have benefited greatly, and have the effect of influencing the life of the warriors."

"Sister, she is now a half-step gangland, and the reward of the torch conference has a significance for her future life, but sister, she would rather give up than find a partner to participate in this conference, so I beg you, please help Sister is good."

Aya Ziqi said, her tears flashing, it seemed that it was far more than what she said on the surface.

"It turned out to be the Sun Temple, student Lin Chen. I didn't expect you to have this kind of network."

The elder who accompanied him looked at Lin Chen with great interest. The Sun Temple was the first-class force after Tiange General Academy, and it is a famous top presence in Lingzhou.

After the elder looked back and forth at Lin Chen, he laughed.

"Student Lin Chen, you should be in the middle of the world now. The old man advises you to participate in this torch meeting. We also heard a little about this torch baptism. This is said to be an opportunity to be enjoyed by one of the highest-standard disciples of the Sun Temple. , The impact on the warrior is indeed a far-reaching life, maybe you will find an opportunity to step into the heavens."

Hearing the elder's words, Lin Chen's heart suddenly moved.

Holy baptism? Is it the kind of eternal flame baptism similar to the Ning Qingxuan family?

Reminiscing here, Lin Chen was a little bit excited!

Before fighting with the family members of the Ning Qingxuan family, Lin Chen deeply experienced the growth brought by the torch baptism, and the degree of abnormality was simply out of the specifications of the body of the ordinary fetus!

"Since everything has been said on this, since the world needs my handsomeness again, I must be incumbent on Lin Mou! Heaven will not give birth to someone who is Lin, handsome and eternal like night!"