My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 194

Chapter 194: So Here I Come

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Chapter 194 So, here I come!

The area of Lingzhou is full of fish and dragons.

Many eternal sects are based on this, the Sun Temple is one of them, living in the Sun Palace in the northwestern fringe.

The Sun Palace is located in the Holy Fire Mountain Range that runs through the northwest region. This mountain range is connected end to end. It is full of 10,000-year-old volcanoes and thousands of wonders.

Sun Palace; Temple.

Today, the temple is very lively, and there are many powerful and family members from the first-class forces in Lingzhou. It is the annual torch conference.

The conference will be divided into three parts. There are twelve groups of partners who can participate in the competition. According to their respective achievements, the three groups of partners will be determined by the number of places that the holy flame will be purified.

Behind the temple, in a magnificent attic.

Many VIPs negotiated at the top floor of this loft, where banquets were set up, and the crowd gathered.

There are elders from first-class forces, deacons of major chambers of commerce, or the arrogant sons of famous families.

"Man Qing, do you really think about it? Is this a children's play? This is the baptism of the Holy Fire. If you miss it, you will never have a chance!"

The old lady in grey shirt, who had had a relationship with Lin Chen before, persuaded the gentle lady sitting quietly and elegantly in the corner.

The lady is dressed in a blue and white dress, her eyebrows are picturesque, the valley is empty, her lips are satiny, and her slender Yingying Liu waist looks like a woman is as soft and beautiful as a flower.

The three thousand green silks are only **** with a snow-white tie, and the temple hair is decorated with frost and flowers, without too much decoration, but it reveals a breathtaking and fresh temperament.

Look at the Qingren City and then the Qingren Kingdom. Xu Sanqian starlight, a smile before the beautiful woman.

"Master, Man Qing has really decided that Man Qing will not be able to take care of his partner. This life is only for Lin Jun. If this life is missed, it is not necessarily a bad thing to live alone."

Yun Manqing smiled lightly, and a bit of miss and nostalgia appeared in the green eyes.

At this time, several outstanding women approached Yun Manqing's position.

"Why, will our Temple of Hope star have no partner?"

Among all the women, the charming woman headed by the enchanting figure giggled, and the corners of her mouth were filled with sneer and contempt.

"Ah~ Sister Man Qing's talent is outstanding, so he doesn't care about this torch quota, but they have to wait for true love."

"Externally what is foreign is never orthodox."

Several other women covered their lips and sneered, with a bit of jealousy and revenge in their eyes!

"Hong Ying, you guys may not be able to get the torch baptism quota. How dare you bully the old body and Man Qing so quickly?"

Grey shirt old woman's gloomy way, a trace of killing intent in his eyes!

Several women's faces changed, and the charming woman in red sneered: "Thousand-in-law, how dare we disrespect you? I'm afraid some outsiders want to break us from my temple!"

"Sister Hongying, why is that. I did not mean to fight for the temple and separate everyone."

A trace of frustration crossed Yun Manqing's face.

She was not a disciple of the Sun Temple, but a thousand mother-in-law recruited the palace from the outside world, but was favored by the elders and other elders, which caused countless criticisms.

Wen Yan said that Hong Ying sneered.

"Do you say you don't have it? Look, I'm bound to get the torch quota. Whether you have a partner or not, my partner will only be better than you, and my qualification will only be stronger than you after the torch baptism! "

As soon as the voice fell, a crowd of young arrogance appeared in the hall, attracting attention and exclaiming!

Some of them are cold and overbearing, talented evildoers.

Some are handsome and personable. Some of them are from famous families with strong backgrounds, and even some of the strong men of the old sect must look at it.

A few beautiful ladies who were still ridiculing Yun Manqing just now greeted with a smile and stood with their respective partners.

They stood beside their partners, enjoying flattery and praise around them, and vanity was greatly satisfied. Individuals also raised her self-esteemed chin to Yun Manqing from time to time.

"A group of winged eagles are thinking before flying!"

Thousand mother-in-law sneered.

Suddenly, the sky rolled up with a strong wind, and the guests on the top floor looked up. The five-colored rays of light passed through the clouds, and the clouds drove through the fog, and a behemoth caught everyone's eyes.


The whole body is colorful and gorgeous, with a little glow, and a huge flying giant cow was born, attracting everyone's attention!

Many guests exclaimed.

"Is this a five-color longhorn?"

"This is a fifth-order ancient beast, who is so powerful as to be able to get even a fifth-order beetle."


It is not uncommon for a fifth-order beast to be placed in Lingzhou, but it is extremely difficult to tame a fifth-order beast! Very difficult!

Most fifth-order beasts have their own intelligence and arrogance. It can hardly be reduced to obedient mounts no matter how domesticated, so it is quite big to take out the pen of the five-color beetle!

"Ying'er, I'm here."

The young man is slender and his body is tall, and his young age is already the ultimate arrogance of Tiangang Realm! Temperament, appearance and potential are top choices!

He stepped into the sky and slowly landed on the top of the attic with a cloud of five colors, and looked at Hong Ying with a smile, like a lover of countless girls.

Enjoying many envious and amazing eyes, Hong Ying smiled very contentedly.

"Junsheng, you are here~"

After talking, Hong Ying also gave Yun Manqing a sneering demonstration.

"It turned out that Yue Junsheng from Hengyu Palace, no wonder there would be such a skill!"

"Lang Cai looks beautiful, and the beautiful woman becomes a wall."

The VIPs around whispered, that Yue Junsheng landed next to Hong Ying, and Yu Guangqing swept Yun Manqing in the corner of his eye, a trace of greed and fanaticism deep in his eyes!

"Okay, the partner is complete, I will confirm it again at the end; Yun Manqing, are you sure you want to give up the quota of this torch conference?"

At this moment; an old woman's voice from the void asked hoarsely.

All VIPs cast their eyes on Yun Manqing, who was amazed by her temperament and appearance, and she couldn't help feeling sorry for a while.

Facing everyone's gaze, Yun Manqing got up and bowed slightly to somewhere in the void, indifferently.

"Manqing is sure to give up..."


Yun Manqing's words were not finished, the earth-shattering blast exploded from the sky!

But see you; an ancient green dragon, like a miraculous miracle on the shore, drives the fog and tears the clouds out!

The Dragon Breath is in all directions, across the sea, and the ancient green dragon with long beards huddle above the sky.

I saw; above the dragon head, stood a figure of a silver robe boy!

The cynicism of the young man laughed softly, resounding throughout the Sun Palace!

"God said; there must be light, and from now on, the world has light. God said: Let the world see the most handsome person. So, here I come. My baby Qing'er, I haven't come late~"

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The teenager had just finished speaking, and the sky exploded with beautiful fireworks.

The color of fireworks slowly outlined into a "handsome" word suspended in the sky!