My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 195

Chapter 195: 1. The First Link.

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Chapter 195, The first link.

Yun Manqing stared staringly at the fireworks in full bloom in the sky. The teenager standing on the dragon's head was wearing a white jade mask, which didn't show the true appearance.

"Could it be him? Is he really here!"

Yunman's sapphire covered his hands lightly, like dreams, some could not believe it!

"Is that the Lin Chen kid? Good guy, no one except him will do this kind of thing!"

Thousand-in-laws were radiant and looked excitedly at the ancient green dragon on the sky!

"Who came, why did I break into my Sun Temple."

At this time; there was an obscure voice in the void.

"Senior, Yun Manqing's companion is here to attend the conference."

Lin Chen took out the sun sacred letter given to her by her mother-in-law, and some of her doubts suddenly fluctuated.

"Isn't it that Yun Manqing has no partner? What's going on?"

"That's a thousand mother-in-law's ordinances, it can't be wrong, it's genuine!"

"Oh my god, what kind of noble son is he, even an ancient green dragon is recruited as a mount!"

Some talented young girls chatted chatteringly, and their eyes sparkled with curiosity and expectation!

Even some well-known first-class forces are no exception. The dragon beasts are the most arrogant. It is also the hardest to surrender to a mount!

This ancient green dragon is pure in blood, breathing like the sun, menstruation, extraordinary spirit, and powerful dragon. Orthodox Qinglong family!

And its bloodline rank will definitely not be low. To have such an ancient green dragon, the forces behind it cannot be imagined!

"Interesting, look at the old guys. The badge on the little guy's chest is the medal of the Tiange Academy."

"Cyan, Green Order? This child's life fluctuates no more than 20 years, is it actually the pride of the Green Order of Tiange Academy?"

"Interesting, it seems that the partner that Yun Manqing Xiao Nizi is looking for is not simple."

Some elder strongmen and sectarian elders talked with interest.

"How could this **** not have a partner? How could she find such a good man, even using Qinglong as his mount!"

Seeing that all the powerful people rated Lin Chen so high, Hongying's face was pale, her silver teeth clenched, and she stared at Yun Manqing extremely unwillingly and jealously.

The temple women who used to ridicule Yun Manqing in the past are now somewhat disappointed, so they dare not say more.

The ancient Qinglong is a mount, and this kind of heritage can't find a few forces in Lingzhou!

"Okay, since it's Man Qing's companion, and there are Qianyan's ordinances, come back."

The voice in the void seemed somewhat satisfactory, as if he knew some of Lin Chen's details.


Tengyun's ancient Qinglong was lying on a mountain peak, and Longwei suppressed the Quartet, so that the five-colored longicorn roared slightly.

Lin Chen jumped into the air, and the wings of the Purple Phoenix stretched out, so that many older generations of powerful people shined.

Lin Chen steadily landed on the top floor, standing in front of Yun Manqing.

"You are really here."

With tears flashing, Yun Manqing looked dreamily and looked at Lin Chen dizzyingly; her red eyes turned out beautifully.

"After all, I promised you to come to the Sun Temple to see. If you have difficulties, how can I just stand by and watch."

Lin Chen wiped the tears in Yun Manqing's eyes, the movement was very light, it looked like a normal move between lovers.

Yun Manqing's face was ruoxia burning, and he was ashamed and happy.

"Hello, this man, Yue Junsheng in Xiahengyu Palace."

Yue Junsheng walked slowly, reaching out tentatively, and asked with a smile.

Wearing a mask, Yue Junsheng couldn't see Lin Chen's expression, only to see him turn around and glance at himself, shrugging.

"Who are you responsible for my fart, and I don't shake hands with someone who is not handsome."

Lin Chen's words were staggering, and he did not follow the usual way of thinking.

"This dear friend is a bit arrogant, but dare to report your name?"

Yue Junsheng narrowed his eyes and exposed his forehead with blue muscles, but still maintained a graceful smile.

Lin Chen took Yun Manqing's catkins and turned to face the heroes and arrogants from all forces, calmly and calmly, without fear.

Yun Manqing's face was crimson, leaning slightly behind Lin Chen's shoulder. This kind of reliance on feeling was really good.

Lin Chen joked lightly.

"He is surnamed Zhang and his name is handsome. The black horse club is the first card. The people in the rivers and lakes are called Shi Lezhi. The people in the road are called handsome and the little black dragon. A black gun in the wave is handsome. Why, what are your problems?"

Surname Zhang? Famous handsome?

Zhang Deshuai?


In the crowd, several beautiful ladies couldn't help but chuckle, and then more and more young beautiful ladies couldn't help but cover their mouths and laughed!

Those mature peach-like beautiful women couldn't help but look at someone Lin's whole body and swallowed his throat unconsciously; he sighed in his heart, like a handsome black gun in the waves Zhang Deshuai.

"Brother Zhang is really humorous, generally people like you, I have to fight ten on the street every day."

Yue Jun's raw skin smiled flesh, not a smile, his expression was a bit gloomy, and the vague murder was constantly brewing!

"I can't think of you guy who is also a person with great affection and righteousness. He actually came to my Sun Temple, still at this time."

Qian mother-in-law was kind-hearted and patted Lin Chen's shoulder and smiled at him.

"Mother-in-law is polite, it is the so-called never going to the Three Treasures Hall. I came here for Man Qing and second for your holy flame baptism."

Lin Chen laughed and said secretly to the thousand mother-in-law.

The thousand mother-in-law shook her head and smiled. The boy was still a real person. Although he was not serious, he was at least not a hypocrite. He dared to say that he came for the baptism of the flame.

"It turned out that the little Nizi, Aya Ziqi, had called him, but it seemed that the little guy was so confused that he didn't know what the flame baptism meant for a couple."

Qian mother-in-law laughed a little.

"Now the twelve couples are all here, and the Torch Conference officially begins!"

The scene was shining with dazzling sun fire; the obscure and hoarse voice of the old lady came from the void!


A beautiful woman in red flew out and walked in the air. She still smiled slightly and had a charming voice.

"The first session of the Torch Conference; Yuanyang chases the spirit, and all partners participate in the order. Within three quarters, the elves of the three flame altars are captured. If they cannot capture the success within the time limit, it will be regarded as the failure of the first session."

"The first group of companions, Xu Qiaoqiao, is so beautiful."

In the crowd of young men and women, a pair of handsome men and women came out with a little bit of anxiety.

All the VIPs were looking forward, and their eyes were on a fire altar tens of thousands of meters away from the attic.

The altar is primitive and unpretentious. The blaze of blazing sun rises from all sides. Three flame openings are placed in the altar in the shape of Pin.

When he saw the ancient altar, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly fixed, and directly above the altar, he suspended three fist-sized light balls!