My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Bet.

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Chapter 196

"These three light spheres are rune energy, so full of light, I am afraid each one is hundreds of thousands of points."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, but he was at a time when he lacked rune energy!

Suddenly, Lin Chen seemed to perceive something, secretly urging the realm of Zijintong's "out of nothing", a ray of mysterious fire filaments were condensing at the mouth of the altar.

This kind of fire filament is not the heaven and earth luck that Lin Chen saw, but a kind of "spiritual" energy condensing.

"Without the existence of any soul, the energy body is condensed into a spiritual life body alone? Is this possible?"

Even Lin Chen was very curious. This first-class sect of Lingzhou is truly unique, and contains the mystery of all things in the world!

"Xu Qiaoqiao, Lingyun Yi. Have you ever been ready."

The beautiful woman in red laughed enthusiastically, and the partners in the first group encouraged each other to glance at each other and nodded.

"Elder, no problem, let's get started!"


The altar began to falter, three flames intertwined, condensed into three small and exquisite flame elves.

This flaming elf has a fat and cute face, eyes as bright as jade, and a pair of small wings, like a delicate porcelain doll.

"Wow! What a cute little thing!"

"I really want to hug one home, how can there be such a cute little cute."

Some wonderful young women moved their hearts and cheered joyfully.

Suddenly, someone came from Lin.

"Such a cute little guy, should he cry for a long time with a punch?"

Lying trough, what a devil you are!

"Timing begins!"

The pair of Xu Qiaoqiao and Ling Yunyi were suddenly very fast, and they approached the three flame elves in a few blinks!


Suddenly; the majestic energy suddenly rose from the altar, the hot and violent heat wave suddenly hit, the temperature was extremely high!

The entire attic automatically unfolds an energy coating to isolate the violent heat wave from the guests.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, this sensation of sensation was not aimed at the human body, but was aimed at fighting spirit!


That's more than ten times slower than Xu Qiaoqiao and Ling Yunyi, and the three elves became extremely flexible and easily avoided them.

The speed of the elf traversing the sky is extremely fast. In the space traversed, all the fiery red lights in the void, such as Xiahong, meteor, and beautiful.

Xu Qiaoqiao and Ling Yunyi struggled very hard to fly, constantly chasing the three flame elves in the void, even taking the pill to increase the speed of the body method!

However, the high temperature emanating from the altar of the torch made the two sweating long ago, and the three elves were dancing happily in the sky, leaving a beautiful and gorgeous red arc of fire.

At this time, that Yue Junsheng held the white feather fan, smiling gracefully.

Hong Ying next to him looked at him with admiration.

"It seems that this couple is going to lose. Distractedly persisting under this high temperature against the fighting spirit itself will greatly affect the speed of the fighting. It will be affected in all aspects. In contrast, the three elves are flexible and free. , The wind will never fall."

He has a strong mind, the clouds are light and windy, and there is a kind of confidence in pointing between the hands and feet.

Such a king talked about the domineering attitude of the domineering industry, not to mention those beautiful celestial daughters, and even some other male partners present somewhat agreed with him.

"Your Excellency is not handsome, but your tone is not small. I don't know if you see through the future."

At this moment; Lin sneered and sneered.

"Oh? According to Brother Zhang..."

"Brother Zhang, it's a handsome guy! It's not big or small, is it your brother Zhang?"

Lin Chen's old-fashioned lessons taught Yue Junsheng, Hong Ying next to him couldn't see it anymore, his lips sneered.

"Why? Envy and jealous of my family's experience and handsomeness? You just move your lips, why didn't you see your dew point really come out, even dare not show the appearance of the appearance, do not know where is the wild Kid."

Yun Manqing, who had been standing quietly behind Lin Chen, became a bit cold for the first time.

"Baby, don't worry to show such an expression, because of this kind of thing, are you afraid that I can't clean it up."

Someone Lin scratched the beautiful lady's Qiong nose, the latter immediately stood behind him obediently.

"Since you are so ignorant, then I bet that the pair of partners can pass this assessment. If I lose, I will automatically quit. If you lose, let this woman apologize to my Manqing baby, and attitude Sincerely, how?"

Lin Chen was at ease and laughed casually. With the white jade mask on him, no one could see through his expression and thoughts.

"Bet, bet, who is afraid of who!"

Before Yue Junsheng responded, Hong Ying sneered again and again.

"I hope you don't regret it."

Lin Chen shrugged, and a look signaled Yun Manqing around him not to worry.

"This kid is really at ease."

The thousand mother-in-law who had seen Lin Chen's various methods exclaimed in her heart.

Time passed slightly, two quarters of an hour passed, and the sight was about to come. Xu Qiaoqiao and Ling Yunyi only caught a flame elf, and there was almost no possibility of customs clearance.

While everyone was waiting to watch Lin Chen's appearance, the situation of the Altar of Flame was suddenly changed!

The two who had been acting together just now suddenly split into two!

And their speed is extremely fast, the trajectory of flying in the air is like a spiral, and a few turns will be close to the remaining two flame elves!


Everyone was surprised, how could this be so fast suddenly?

Brush ~~!

Almost at the same time, the two grabbed two other fire elves in the void, and the time was just over!

"The time limit is over, Xu Qiaoqiao and Ling Yunyi pass the first link!"

The beautiful woman in red glanced at the two with appreciation. They slowly flew up and returned to the top of the attic. Many people beside them applauded and applauded.

The VIPs all around looked at Lin Chen in surprise, how did he predict this result!

When the upheaval happened just now, the change was less than five breaths and it was decided, did he anticipate this? This is too evil!

"It's over, how is it possible?"

Hong Ying is unbelievable, she has stepped back a few steps, her pretty face is white!

Even Yue Junsheng's face became gloomy for a short time, no matter how graceful he was, and the brutal and murderous eyes in the corner of his eyes locked Lin Chen!

"Okay, apologize. Remember, you must be sincere, otherwise I won't let the baby Manqing I discussed easily forgive you."

Lin Chen shrugged, not caring about the eyes of those around him.

He and Yun Manqing stared at him with more tenderness and joy.

In the void; an obscure, hoarse voice muttered to himself.

"It's still Qianyan who has a sharp eye, this kid is not easy!"