My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Swearing

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Chapter 197

Seeing Yue Junsheng rushing to the crown in anger, about to attack, a veteran powerhouse with four layers of heaven and earth was smiling and came out to play the round.

"This, um, little friend Zhang Deshuai, why not give the old man a face, how about taking a step back? Today, after all, this is..."

"Who are you? Why should I give you a face? I bet you won and let them apologize and you have to make concessions. Why don't you **** eat shit! My Manqing can be wronged, she can't? Can apology still make her peel off?"

Lin Chen's head was a bad scold, and he scolded all the nearby VIPs alive!

This elder of the Eight Wastelands Hall, with high moral prestige, is also the number one figure in Lingzhou.

This kid is so crazy that he just scolded!

"If you do not apologize today, I will call you personally until you apologize!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, his murderousness revealed, and he didn't give the elder a trace of face.

Someone in Lin is afraid of a fart! He is going crazy today! And its crazy, its crazy!

When he was about to leave, Mr. Yuan had told him that the students of Tiange General College had an extremely distinguished identity wherever they went.

Not to mention Lin Chen of the Qingxun class, even if the sky collapses, there is Tiange General College on it!


The elders of the Bahuangdian were so angry that they blew their beards, but when they saw Lin Chens blue medal, they forcibly suppressed their anger.

Lin Chen didn't believe it. What kind of threat could the Eighth Palace make for the offense of this elder, and this elder put his face on it.

Seeing Lin Chen's protecting him so much, the love in Yun Manqing's heart appeared like a tide, and his heart was full of honey, and he became more and more unable to extricate himself.

"What are you staring at, if you don't accept it, you will shoot for your own woman."

Seeing that Yue Junsheng was glaring at himself, Lin Chen sneered.

"Don't think that you are so arrogant at Tiange Academy! Boy, people without strength go crazy to death!"

Yue Junsheng squeezed out of his teeth one by one, and someone Lin waved without buying it.

"I don't have the strength, you can try it out. I count three times and don't apologize. I will let you two kneel down and apologize!"

Lin Chenqiang's overbearing attitude once again made many people take a breath, which is too arrogant! Let others kneel if they don't agree?

But now he is taking care of himself. Lin Chen has heard from Aya Ziqi that Yun Manqing has not suffered from these people's blind eyes and oppression in the Sun Temple for more than a decade. It is simply beyond ordinary people's imagination!

Today, if he didn't come to kill a chicken and a monkey, the disciples of the Sun Temple thought Yun Manqing was a good bully.

"Me, I apologize... I'm sorry, Sister Yun Manqing..."

Hong Ying was frightened by Lin Chen's momentum and domineering. He squeezed out a few words in his teeth, and there was a deep grudge and fierceness deep in his eye sockets.

"Fuck, this is also an apology? Come back! Speak loudly, I'm sorry, Sister Man Qing! If I can't hear, I will continue to talk.

Lin Chen thundered and thundered, and the violent and violent mental power was released along with the mental power, violently shaking in Hongying's mind!

"Spiritual power to transform the spirit realm?"

"Good boy, this child is so high in spiritual attainment, which is not far from the middle of the spiritual realm."

The distinguished guests were shocked by themselves, and their evaluation and impression of Lin Chen improved by a few points!

Hong Ying was so shaken that she almost vomited foam on the spot, and Yue Junsheng beside him was all dizzy.

"Sorry! Sister Man Qing..."

"Can't hear, go on!"

Another mental shock, Hong Ying's body was soft, fell to the ground, his hands propped on the ground, and began to twitch.

Yue Junsheng had just relieved himself and was shocked and his eyes were dazed!

In her eyes, she finally showed fear and fear and yelled quickly.

"Sorry! Sister Man Qing!"

Yun Manqing couldn't bear it, the delicate little hand pulled Lin Chenchen's sleeve.

Lin Chen grasped and waved.

"Reluctantly pass."

"How? Unsatisfied? I will help you get them this time, and you won't be bullied here again. You are too kind."

Lin Chen secretly heard Yun Manqing secretly, hehe laughed.

"Lin Chen..."

Yun Manqing's heart was touched for a while, and this scene fell in the eyes of her mother-in-law.

"Unfortunately, this kid is very good, but he is a great character, and there are so many people around him, I wonder if Man Qing, this nizi, can keep her."

A thousand mother-in-law sighed in her heart.

"Hongying, are you okay!"

Yue Junsheng relieved himself from Lin Chens spiritual shock, immediately lifted Hong Ying and gave her the medicine to recover.

Hongying's face was pale. This time, when she looked at Yun Manqing and Lin Chen's eyes, she was a little more afraid and scared after all.

Yue Junsheng swept at Lin Chen murderously, completely ignoring him when he was air.

"A good Qingxun student in Tiange Academy, Ben Shao remembered it, I hope that in the third session of the conference, you will not be met by me."

Yue Junsheng sneered and helped Hong Ying to the side.

This time; everyone has a brand-new understanding of the means and impression of this'Zhang Deshuai' friend! This is a hard character!

This episode did not affect the opening of the conference, followed by the second and third couples.

The partners who played later did not have the same abrupt turn as before, and capturing the flame elves ended in failure.

Seeing the fifth couple, Yun Manqing asked suddenly.

"Oh, Lin... How did you know that the first pair of sisters Ji just passed?"

"This is actually due to a tacit understanding. In my opinion, the two are the most interconnected pair of all the partners in the audience. Since they first entered the altar, they have not relied on the fighting spirit to resist the torch of the Holy Fire Altar. Wen, is to keep his fighting spirit constantly in a state of being burnt."

Lin Chen laughed casually.

In response to this remark, many VIPs also raised their ears and wanted to hear Lin Chen's high opinions.

Judging from the partners who participated later, it was much more difficult to catch the fire elves than imagined. A stunning move like the first pair of partners to turn the tide behind has not yet appeared again!

Then, Lin Chen continued.

"It's not that using the war energy to resist the high temperature of the holy fire, although it will consume violently, but also to make your body and war spirit familiar with the fastest speed of the altar holy fire. And they have always retained a part of the war energy, and are observing the movement trajectory of the flame elf Harmony and habit, and finally, after the body has become accustomed to the temperature of the Altar of Holy Flame as much as possible, all the fighting is exploded in one fell swoop."

"Although the Holy Fire Elves are spiritual, they are still far from human beings, because they are in their initial form and do not have as much human thinking, so as long as they see through their mode of action, there will be enough fighting support Flying at high speed, its not too difficult to catch them."

After listening, many VIPs were suddenly bright and suddenly realized!

Some individual old monster-level strongmen cast their eyes on Lin Chen to appreciate. This is not only a strong foundation, an overbearing power, and even experience, they are at least one level with them!