My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Quickly Bring Oranges

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Chapter 198 !

"This son has extraordinary experience, strong mental strength, and a body of meat that is as strong as a wild beast. Even the old man can't fully see through his bottom. This kid seals his flesh shell tightly."

"Hey, Xiang Lao Gui, this kid seems to have a unique secret technique. If you look at people like this, I'm afraid people will discover it already."

"The old man has been paying attention to Tiange General Academy for the past 100 years, but it seems that he has never seen such a student of the Qingxun class, but he has only a terrible cultivation practice."

"Hey, Ning Lao Gui, if you look at the elders of your Eighth Palace, you are scolded, don't you say anything?"

"Hahaha, just scold it. These elders have been flying in the hall recently and letting them eat deflated outside. After saving, they will establish a strong enemy for the Eight Waste Palace."

Several old men sitting in a corner talked about the wine and laughed, and from time to time cast curious eyes on Lin Chen's direction.

A few meters near the seats of several old people, no one dared to sit next to them, they are all top powerhouses from the top denominations of all parties!

The elders of the Eight Great Palaces, the deputy palace master of the Sanqing Palace, the sole swordsman of the sword gate of Tianjue, the black and white protector of the heavenly soul sacred church

All are first-class characters in Lingzhou! Even them, Lin Chen's evaluation is extremely high, and even failed to fully see through his identity and details.

the other side;

At the end, Lin Chen smiled mysteriously at Yun Manqing.

"I will surprise you later."

Yun Manqing was full of joy, and the tenderness like water shouted.

After the first couple, it was not until the sixth couple that the second couple succeeded in capturing three flame elves within the time limit.

Immediately afterwards, the eighth couple passed.

And Hong Ying and Yue Junsheng are the eleventh pair of partners. When it was their turn, Yue Junsheng also showed a trick to everyone in the audience.

What's even more amazing is that Yue Junsheng asked Hong Ying to wait beside the torch of the torch, and even caught all three flame elves in a quarter of an hour, stunning four!

The same is the practice of Tiangang Realm, but Yue Junsheng has the absolute strength to override the other male Tiangang Realm!

Finally; it is Lin Chen and Yun Manqing's turn to look forward to!

Everyone wants to pass the first round of this overbearing Tianjiao from Tiange General Academy, and no one wants to miss it.

"Ben Shao didn't believe that he would be faster than my Xuantian nine flashes!"

Yue Junsheng sneered disdainfully, and he was disdainful to Lin Chen in his heart. At least the boy was more mentally powerful, and he could turn the sky upside down?

"Twelfth couple, are you ready."

The beautiful woman in red said to the two with a polite smile.

"No problem, you can start at any time."

Lin Chen and Yun Manqing were empty in the void outside the attic.

Suddenly, someone Lin grinned badly.

"Man Qing, you will have to hold my hand later, oh no, hold me tight~ don't let go~"

Yun Manqing's face was slightly reddish, like Ruoxia burning, a happy um sentence.

"The twelfth couple, Lin Chen and Yun Manqing, began to participate in the first session."


The words of the elder woman had just fallen, the energy barrier was unfolding, the torch of the torch burst into hot heat, and suddenly enveloped the nearby space, it became extremely hot.

The temperature of this enthusiasm seems as if even the fighting spirit can burn.

Yun Manqing's subconscious operation was resisted, but in a blink of an eye, she was sweaty and sweaty. She was different from other sisters who had entered the Tiangang realm.

Except for the sister Ji, she is several decades younger than the sisters. Everyone has entered the Tiangang realm, but she is still a half-step Tiangang practice.

"Manqing, hold me tight. Give you a big gift~"

Yun Manqing was very embarrassed and gently hugged Lin Chen's waist in the eyes of everyone. This is very rare for her always restrained to take the initiative to do such a bold thing.

"Huh? So cool!"

Suddenly, Yun Manqing found that his whole body was surrounded by cool and refreshing water energy, as if he were in the sea, and the cool sea breeze and refreshing came!

I saw that Lin Chen's body was transparent and bright, flashing azure blue fighting spirit, this is his power to transform the energy veins of the water system!

After absorbing the blue and blue sea dew, Lin Chen's energy value of the water system has exceeded 10 million points!

Although the residual temperature of this torch altar is high, it is still a bit worse than the water system fighting spirit that Lin Chen transformed into the special blood line of the water system.

This made Yun Manqing not only not feel the heat, but also had a cool feeling.

"Special bloodline? Good fellow, hiding deep! What a pure water fighting spirit!"

The elder Taiyuan elder of the Eight Wastelands looked down at his eyes, and he was suddenly called strange.

"No! Even if he is a special bloodline person in the water system, he can't stop the ninth level of cultivation, and it is impossible to resist the excessive temperature of the torch."

"Look again, this child's fighting spirit is far more powerful than Jiuzhong! It's no worse than Tiangang Realm!"

"What a subtle and domineering exercise!"

A group of elder monster-level powerhouses looked at each other and saw shock and consternation in each other's eyes!

"Manqing, hold on."

Lin Chen smiled, and his legs turned into pale blue wind fighting spirit, purple phoenix wings suddenly showed!


The tremendous wind and turbulence rose up, and a violent flame storm rolled up. The purple phoenix wings cooperated with the special blood of the wind system. Lin Chen's speed was faster than the conventional Tiangang Realm. I don't know how many times!

The three flame elves that just appeared were frightened by this momentum and quickly fled away!

"how can that be?"

Yue Junsheng almost glared out his eyes!

Throughout the banquet there were ups and downs sounds!

The other couples who just participated in the first session also took a cold breath!

In the Sacred Fire Altar, high temperature is hard to endure, and the fighting strength is limited. The true body speed can play one-fifth of the speed.

But Lin Chen's speed is ridiculously fast! Not to mention the limited one-fifth, it is impossible for everyone to burst this speed under normal conditions!

Where is this monster!

"Wind system of war, is he two special bloodlines?"

"No, look again, look again!"

Several sectarian giants have a rare expression of excitement and curiosity, and they have locked the figure of Lin Chen intently!

I saw a weird scene appeared!

At the height of the Altar of Holy Fire, the waves of fire rolled over, the Hurricane Wrath, and the three flame elves were chased in a hurry and fled.

But with Lin Chen's speed, he only needs to blink to catch these three flame elves.

But he seemed to do it intentionally, deliberately reducing the speed when he was about to catch the fire elf, and then the three elves would quickly change direction.

This is like playing around with them! Play between applause!

but! It's not over yet!

The trajectory and space of the three flame elves will leave a gorgeous red light. Therefore, the flight trajectory of the three flame elves slowly outlines a heart!

Then, a more magical scene appeared!

The trajectory of the three little elves is to outline two big characters'Manqing'!

When the last stroke of the word "green" was completed, Lin Chen hurriedly accelerated and grabbed the three flame elves!

So; above the vast sky, everyone can clearly see this wonderful scene.

A fiery red peach heart levitates high in the sky, and in the middle of the peach heart is Yun Manqing's'Manqing' word!

The flaming red heart tightly surrounds the'Manqing'. Under the fire, it looks dazzling, beautiful and gorgeous.

Everyone was stunned, and the brain fell into a blank!

I dont know who was shouting suddenly at the banquet!

"Quick! Get oranges!"

"And my Xiuyu jade seal and walnuts!"