My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Faster Than You Than You Show More Handsome Than You

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Chapter 199: Faster than you! Than you show! More handsome than you!

This Zhang Deshuai actually used three flame elves to depict a heart scene and Yun Manqing's name! And without a mistake, it is perfectly displayed!

Is this something people can do!

"Man Qing, come and see this surprise, do you like it or not."

Lin Chen took Yun Manqing and walked through the air, pointing at the fiery heart and asking with a smile.

Yunman's sapphire hand concealed her red lips, her beautiful eyes sparkled with splendid splendor, and infinite love came to her heart! Suddenly looked dumbfounded for a while!

Not to mention Yun Manqing, even the prestigious women and elders presided over the girl's heart, looking at the beautiful scenery and forgetting to announce the result of Lin Chen.

The older strong are okay, but all those young women are stupefied!

If they can have such an extraordinary man standing in front of themselves one day, sheltering themselves from the wind and rain, and presenting such unique and creative surprises to this scene, they are willing to die!

"It seems that we still underestimated him, this kid was just right, hahaha!"

"It's weird, this child's actions are shocking to the heavens, how can I not affect the Zhongtiange General Academy has this number of people?"

"Is it a newly recruited freshman? Haven't Tiange College been taking students in various regions recently?"

"Isn't it possible for a freshman to have the Qingxun grade? In the history of Tiange General College, no one has been able to become a Qingxun class student when he was admitted to the hospital!"

Several sectarian giants have become more and more curious about Lin Chens true identity. In these thousand years, they have never been so curious and looking forward to such a young warrior!

"Thank you, thank you, Lin Chen..."

Yun Manqing turned to hug Lin Chen and wept with joy.

Seeing this scene, the presiding woman elders relieved themselves and announced the first time.

"The twelfth couple, Zhang Deshuai and Yun Manqing. Through the first link, it took less than a quarter of an hour!"

Yue Junsheng was thundered and froze in place!

Less than a quarter of an hour? Isn't this faster than him?

"It's so beautiful, so envious of Sister Manqing, that he could find such a strange man!"

"I'm looking forward to his true face more and more now, what kind of face will his mask look like?"

"Hehe, will he look very, very handsome as he said!"

"You are one by one, what are you doing, Fachun! There are men and young sisters in the family, and you can't wait in line."

"Maybe they are a passionate species. Sister, why do you care so much, the strong are not all three wives and four concubines."

The female disciples of the Sun Sanctuary were screaming, making most of the male disciples of the Sun Sanctuary angry!

This is also a fart! This kid made their sisters in the Sun Temple obsessed all over, and they were afraid they would not even be able to drink soup in the future!

Lin Chen took Yun Manqing's catkins and slowly landed from high altitude.

The red glow of the peach heart gradually spreading with the fiery red light sprinkled on them, and the two seemed to be fairy couples from the horizon, envious of others.

After landing in the Hui Pavilion, Yue Junsheng was not far from Lin Chen.


Someone Lin glanced at him, and at this moment, nothing was worth a thousand words.

Many people secretly laughed, but did not dare to laugh out loud.

This Yue Junsheng just said that he was the fastest person to pass the first link, but I did not expect to be beaten hard by others now!

Do you agree? If you don't, you have to!

People are faster than you, even better than you, more handsome than you!

If you are not convinced, you will go up to the whole heart!

"Damn, wait for the next link, don't let Ben Shao encounter you, otherwise you will personally slaughter you bastard!"

Yue Junsheng gritted his teeth and incisors, as if he had never been so insulted by nature!

"The next step is the second link; the dragon and the phoenix play against each other, Shengyuan is the first!"

"Invite 12 pairs of partners to participate in the lottery. The winner will get a third round."

The elder beauty smiled, her jade hand flicked, and after the light of the Naling ring flashed, a delicate jade box appeared.

Twelve pairs of partners got up and went out. Some men who were powerful and self-confident in their strength finally felt a sense of brow and exhalation, as if they were about to foresee a scene of victory.

"Don't let me draw you, Zhang Deshuai, otherwise I will let you know Ben Shaoheng's strength in the top three!"

Yue Junsheng no longer had the pretentious calmness of the beginning, and some sneered sneer. A strong killing intention flashed in the eyes!

"You don't look handsome, but you're not bad at it. You think you will be brave? Lao Tzu's Qinglong will too!"

Lin Chen blew a whistle with a smile, the ancient green dragon lying on the side of the mountain suddenly burst into a long roar, and the five-colored longicorn flying to the other side of the mountain violently flew into the sky!

"Qinglong, let him know what is bragging!"

Lin Chen laughed, the ancient Qinglong stared fiercely at the five-colored longicorn.

And it happened that the five-colored longicorn was also a mother, who was run over by the ancient green dragon and screamed in horror. The VIPs were stunned!

"Enough! Zhang Deshuai, don't you dare to rely on external force to be arrogant! Dare to fight me!"

Yue Junsheng failed to get a bargain in Lin Chen's hands in any field. He finally became angry and angry.

"It's no problem, if you can choose the name of the surname to fight against, then I will definitely choose the two of you. At first glance, you two are the weakest in the game."

Lin Chens cynical voice made Yue Junsheng scream every time, and he was wandering frantically on the verge of a shot!

He suppressed the anger and gave a fist to the lady in red.

"This elder, in the next Yue Junsheng, implore this draw to change our opponents to Zhang Deshuai and Yun Manqing!"

Yue Jun spoke angrily, sending out a gentleman-like duel invitation.

"No, according to the regulations of the General Assembly, the result of the lottery cannot have any private fights, everything is based on God's will, this idea, I hope Yue Gongzi will not have it!"

The beautiful woman in red shouted, Lin Chen shook her head and smiled immediately, Yue Junsheng ate a deflated, and stood back with her teeth clenched.

"Now, start drawing lots in sequence. Two pairs of partners who have drawn the same number are opponents."

The beautiful woman in red opened the jade box in front of each pair of partners. There were 12 star jade in it, and everyone took one.

Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying drew a star jade engraved with the word '4', and the ninth pair of partners, Lin Chen and Yun Manqing, followed.

"Since you Yue Junsheng wants to fight so much, then we can't be stage fright."

Lin Chen smiled a little strangely, and chose a piece of Xingyu for his wish. When he turned his palm, it was actually No. 4!

At this moment, the audience was shocked!

Lin Chen's words and actions seemed to see through the star jade in the jade box!

However, there is a seal of warfare that even several sectarian giants haven't seen through. How is this done?