My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 2

Chapter 2: 3. Attributes Hurricane

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Chapter 2, Attribute Hurricane!

The disciples did not understand what this operation was?

Never mind the shocking and stunned eyes around, because Lin Chen offended Liao Jianhua, no one dared to approach him.

Lin Chen has been constantly picking up light **** of various attributes throughout the Waizong martial arts field!

[Host: Lin Chen.

Cultivated as: quenching the realm eightfold.

Ultimate Strength: 22 Tiger Power.

Qi blood energy: 782 points.

The essence of exercises: 491 points.

Mental Strength: 0 points.

Mindset: None.

Learn the combat skills: split the wind legs, breeze tread dust.

Possession of combat skills: Starfire gun method.

Fire energy: 185 points.

Water, gold, wood and soil energy: none.

Seeing the series of rich values, Lin Chen couldn't help but laugh in the sky!

Cool! It's not too cool!

"It's still so arrogant to kill people, kind of. But offended Brother Jianhua, there is no good ending, the villain has something to do, you have to die here today!"

Under the setting sun, two men in Tsing Yi walked from the martial arts field to the red martial arts field on the mountainside of Wuzong Mountain.

The two men showed Lin Chen's retreat on both sides, and their true identity surprised many disciples.

"Yu Leng and Xia Fei, who were the top 100 disciples of Waizong!"

The hardened body repairs of these two men reached the eighth level, with 18 and 19 tiger powers. They captured the leopard and tear tigers with empty hands.

"This kid is a bit ghostly, and even I can't detect his depth. No wonder some people say Xue Hu died in this kid's hand, it seems not fake. Come on together, don't make Su Qing'er sister angry."

The knife-browed man Yu Leng gloomy said, that Xia Fei bent over and fell to the ground, like the elite cheetah about to feed!

The realm of Lin Chen's flesh shell is already the eighth level of quenched body, and the warriors of the same level may not be able to see through his true background!

"Oh, think two people can win."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, when the step gently stepped out, the afterimage passed by!

"It's fast! Can this kid still practice physical skills in Quenching Realm?"

Yu Leng exclaimed in his heart and was about to defend, but Lin Chen rushed to Xia Fei!

"A Fei, be careful, this kid is going to you!"

Yu Lengshen drank, Xia Fei's violent face scratched a trace of disdain and ridicule, "Do not think about it, think a little bit of speed can be ignored."

Xia Fei's palm bends like an eagle's claw, exuding blood, and protruding out like lightning!

"Blood Eagle Claw!"


Fist claws intersect, Lin Chen's fist was scratched with several blood marks, but the strong energy still shocked Xia Fei for a few steps, and two red light **** fell out, and he quietly caught him. The two sides seemed to be equally divided.

[The host gains 83 qi and blood energy.

Lin Chen was excited, but Xia Fei showed a shock. This kid's strength has reached 22 tiger power, and he can confront him without any combat skills!


When Lin Chen's backward figure stabilized, his body turned again, and his figure was destroyed by wind, twice as fast as before!

"What can be faster..."

Before finishing the speech, Lin Chen swept back with a split wind leg, kicked his neck off and twisted it, and died on the spot!

Two tricks! Just two strokes, the elite disciples of Shenwu Zongwai Zongwei Top 100 died in Lin Chen's hands!

This scene shocked the disciples of the external sect who were stranded in the martial arts field!

If Lin Chen's defeat to Xue Hu is nothing but hiding power, then two moves to destroy Xia Fei is really abnormal!

Lin Chen was only 16 years old, but Xia Fei was only 20 years old when he climbed to the ranks of the top 100 disciples of the outer sect. This is no longer a matter of the fact that the resources of the bottom sect disciples can be successfully cultivated, and the root talent is also essential!

In addition to the four attributed light **** of different colors, the dead Xia Fei's body also suspended a purple light cluster. Inside the light cluster was a lilac wooden box. Lin Chen grabbed it without hesitation.

[The host obtains a Zimu treasure chest.

Unable to take care of the things in the treasure chest, Lin Chen's figure was destroyed by a hurricane, and his steps were like walking on the dust breeze, light and fast, and swept in the cold direction!

Killing one is also killing, killing two is also killing!

If the enemy will not let me go, then why should I have mercy on others!

An aggressive and aggressive domineering momentum rolled out, Lin Chen turned sharply, unstoppable, if Panlong was born!

"Damn, this kid hides so deep! Laozi is not his opponent!"

Seeing the speed of Lin Chen, Yu Leng was frightened, but he was cold and sweaty. In the end, he was a foreign sect disciple of the top 100 strengths.


19 Tiger's strength is extremely strong, and the fist is turned into a meteor falling, and it collides with Lin Chen's split wind leg!


The air waves collided by the two sides opened up like an explosion, and a hundred-meter wind was rolled up, the ground was cracked with a slight crack, and one arm flew out of blood and fell!

Lin Chen stepped back several times. When standing still, Na Leng already had a broken arm and fled by Lin Chen's inertia!

"Have you run, but it doesn't matter, today I have gained enough. I will be long in Japan, and within a month, Lao Tzu must personally fight back to Shen Wuzong! Kill the dog thief of Liao Jianhua!"

Looking around the scene, Lin Chen picked up two red egg-sized light **** under the broken arm and another Aoki treasure chest that fell out.

Immediately, he ran all the way, no one dared to stop Lin Chen, he left the training ground on the mountainside alone!

The fact that he beheaded the disciples of the two great ancestors will inevitably be exposed. If Liao Jianhua knew that killing himself was just a matter of words.

It is an unwise choice to stay in Shenwu Sect right now, Lin Chen wants to choose another faster and more extreme route to become stronger!

Shen Wuzong is located in the range of Qingxia Mountains. As long as he enters the mountains, no one can find him!


At night, Qingxia Mountains; Hongfeng Forest.

Lin Chenpan sat on an ancient pine trunk. He communicated with the system and opened the purple wood treasure chest he had previously obtained.

[Open the Zimu treasure chest, congratulations to the host for obtaining the first-order low-level weapon: Silver Line Dragon Gun.

A silver-white spear with a gleaming silver light fell in front of Lin Chen. It was more than half a meter long. The silver-and-white thread on the whole body was carved like a dragon sculpture.

"Silver Line Dragon Gun? Exactly! System, I want to learn "Starfire Gun Law."

[The host learns the top-level combat skills of the "Huanghuo" "Starfire Gun Method", which consumes 230 points of merit and 70 ignition energy.

Before ten breaths, Lin Chen succeeded in inheriting the sparkling gun method, playing with the silver-lined dragon gun with a one-handed car.

Lin Chen absorbed more than a thousand qi and blood energy, and quenched the body into the ninth realm, with a maximum strength of 40 tiger power!

1 tiger power is equivalent to 4500 kilograms of power, approximately equal to 4.5 tons of power.

If this is placed on the earth, 40 tiger power is equivalent to 180 tons of power!

Lin Chen punched out several times and was able to sink the small ship, which was totally monster-level power!

But on the mainland of Kyushu, everything seems to be exceptionally tough, and even a piece of blue and white stone requires a tonnage of strength to break, so the 40 tiger power is not worthy of Lin Chens pride.

"40 tiger power, in theory, should be quenched by the nine-level body, but I still stay in the eight-level realm. Is this the stronger the foundation in the ancient books?"

Lin Chen looked at him for a lap, and then switched on the system to open another Aoki treasure chest.

[Open the Aoki Treasure Chest, and the related host obtains the semi-finished treasure Fengxing Shoes, the body growth rate increases by 30%, and is only applicable to the gas refining environment under five.

A pair of exquisite blue soft leather shoes appeared in front of Lin Chen. When he saw the effect, he immediately shined his eyes!

With popular shoes in hand, he also has a little extra protection in this dangerous mountain range! In the quenching body, almost no one can capture his movements!

"There are so many evil beasts in the Qingxia Mountains, and danger and opportunity coexist.

Wearing the popular shoes, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and a dark red attribute light ball flashed on a **** 100 meters away.

Carrying a silver-line swim dragon gun, Lin Chen jumped from the tree trunk to the ground. Leaping forward, carefully bending down to pick up the dark red light ball.

[The host gains 80 venomous blood energy.

This dark red light sphere was dropped by a fierce beast!

Lin Chen looked forward and found that there are still a lot of these dark red light balls! In addition, there are many attribute light spheres scattered around. He was overjoyed and picked it all the way up, which is much more than the attribute light spheres of Shenwuzong than the martial arts field.

[Qi blood energy 65 points, skill essence 15 points, wood energy 50 points, fire energy 30 points...]

Lin Chen walked along the direction of the dark red light ball and picked it up.

As soon as he arrived at the Red Peak Forest, Lin Chen picked up 17 dark red light **** and gained 970 points of Qi and Blood energy.

He found a mysterious cave standing under the cliff along the final direction of those dark red balls!

Weeds grow in this cave, and it exudes some carrion and stench. Ordinary people will not find it here.

If it were not for Lin Chen to see the light of the attribute light sphere, he would have difficulty seeing this strange cave entrance.

Inside the cave exudes an ancient and fierce atmosphere, like an ancient beast lurking!

The most important thing is that Lin Chen saw the strong and bright blue light inside! This light is exactly the same as the attribute light ball he had previously picked up! But the brightness is more than ten times stronger!

"There are treasures inside!"

Almost an unconscious response, Lin Chen rubbed his hands excitedly.