My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Mysterious Girl.

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Chapter 20, Mysterious Girl.

Its okay if the opponent is an ordinary warrior, but these are the warriors of the evil sect, and their cultivation methods are extremely cruel and weird. Killing one person can be equivalent to saving 100 people or thousands. Lin Chen has no psychological burden at all, and he will kill him!

A large number of attribute light **** fell on the ground, Lin Chen took all the wind and thunder, and the rest of the evil sect martial arts saw this seemingly harmless young man and animals so quickly, quickly surrendered his net worth.

I saw the many female disciples who were handed over by many evil sect practitioners, talents, treasures, weapons, and Yanxiamen. With this batch of resources, they will develop faster at Yanxiamen!

Even the Dark Soul Sect heard Lin Chen entering the Blood Yang City and thought he was going to cut the grass and root, and fled the Blood Yang City overnight, leaving only some basic gatekeepers.

Lin Chen gave most of the resources of the Blood Sect to Yanxiamen. After all, he had already obtained the most important things, that is, the rune energy in the pendant of Han Yan and the Taishi Bible.

Early in the morning, at the gate of Xueyang City.

"Brother Lin Chen, don't you really go with us."

The little girl in white hugged Lin Chen's thigh, and her bright eyes flickered with reluctance.

"Little Rouer, brother Lin Chen has another more important task to do. No one can do this except for his brother."

Lin Chen rubbed Rouer's long silk hair and chuckled lightly.

"What is the task? Can you tell Rouer?"

Xiao Nizi asked simply, someone Lin looked up at 45 degrees, pretending to be melancholy.

"There are tens of thousands of displaced girls in this world who need me to rescue. As the saying goes, whoever goes to **** if I don't go to hell, if handsome is a sin, then I have already been guilty of sin..."

Lin Chen hadn't finished talking; a series of bell-like laughter came beside him, and the women of Yanxiamen laughed with flowers shaking.

Rouer Xiaonizi knows a little, but also wields a little pink fist, crisply cheering up: "Brother Linchen must come on!"

Even Lin Chen couldn't help but smile, this little nizi is really cute.

"It is an honor for us to meet Lin Chen Shaoxia, and we hope that the mountains and rivers will meet each other and we can meet again."

Xia Ningyue clenched his fists and said solemnly.

Lin Chen stepped up to the jiao horse seized by Blood Sect, waved his hand without looking back, and laughed with pride.

"Born in the red dust, the rivers and lakes changed as soon as they entered. Fighting with the sky was endless, and I only sighed how many people are in the ages."

The young man galloped his horse, but the back left behind made the women stay for a long time without leaving.


Two days later, Blood Yang City.

After receiving the news of Lin Chens departure, the elders and masters of the Dark Demon Gate Master and the Dark Soul Sect dared to return to the Blood Sun City two days later.

The entrance to the blood-yang city; the high-level forces of the Dark Soul Sect and the Black Demon Gate have just returned.

"Grandma, this **** of plague finally left. Thankfully we ran fast!"

"In the future, you will give me cleverness one by one. If our Dark Demon Gate attracts that kind of young man, ten lives will not be enough!"

When the heads of the two evil sects were teaching and blaming their own men, their eyes suddenly looked at them with fear and horror!

"Sect, Sect Master, behind you!"


Jian Qi pierced through the bodies of the heads of the two great evil sects, and the two fell to their knees and fell to the ground, respectively. Not even a little resistance!

"You are the three cults of the Dark Soul Sect, Blood Sect, and Black Demon Gate who specialize in pumping people's internal organs, sucking blood and practicing, and cultivating blood slaves. It really takes no effort to come! A group of poisonous and scumbags all All gathered!"

One purple and one green, two beautiful shadows descended on the gate of the city of Blood Yangcheng, floating like a fairy.

"War, battlefield? 16-year-old battlefield?"

The heads of the two evil sects spoke in unison, horrifying, what is the sacredness of these two aunts, 16-year-old battlefield? What kind of talent is it?

"Two grandma, you, who are you?"

"You are not qualified to know our identity, die!"

Tsing Yi women's slim jade fingers turned sharp like swords, and a group of evil sect figures fell on the spot where the green onion jade fingers pointed!

Seeing this scene, the evil martial arts cultivators near the gate of the city couldn't help but feel daunted and quickly wiped the soles of their feet.

What about young people now? How can each one be as strong as a monster, letting people live!

After a quarter of an hour, many evil sects in the blood-yang city were completely cleaned, or abandoned, or killed, and all fell!

Blood Yang City Center; Ruins of Blood Sect Headquarters.

Two mysterious women looked up at a conspicuous banner in the ruined headquarters, and for the first time revealed the confusion.

"The most handsome man in the sky and underground; someone Lin is dedicated to all kinds of dissatisfaction, so he doesn't need to paddle in the sky, and drifts all his life by waves."

Suspicious of the banner, the second woman grabbed a martial arts fighter several miles away and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Two, don't kill me, it was the son of Lin Chen who was left two days ago!"

The captured martial arts repairer was so frightened that he quickly asked for mercy.

"Lin Chen?"

The mysterious woman wearing purple yarn frowned slightly, and she seemed to have heard the name.

"Why is this blood sect gone, tell the whole story, your aunt and grandma let you go~"

The girl in Tsing Yi pretends to be vicious, but she is cute, but in the eyes of the samurai warrior, it can be like a demon threat!

The man recalled the expression he was afraid of.

"That was two days ago..."

The martial arts warriors brought out Lin Chen's affairs, and the two women looked at each other, showing curiosity for the first time!

"Five times of refining Qi Realm is a trick to kill everyone in the Blood Sect, it's fun..."


Besides, Lin Chen, five days away from Xueyang City, accompanied by Jiao Ma, traveling thousands of miles a day, from Qingyang Mountain to Wanling City in the wilderness.

The residual sun is like blood. On an open avenue, Lin Chen gallops his horse and closes his eyes, letting Jiao Ma gallop. He is turning on the system and measuring his attributes.

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Eightfold Refining Realm

Ultimate strength: 4957 tiger power.

Qi blood energy: 264594 points.

The essence of the fighting spirit: 144593 points.

Spiritual strength: 11588 points.

Practical spirit: 0 points.

Mind Method: Chaos Five Spirits (14%)

Xihui exercises: Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Swords, Ten Thousand Spirits Pills, Real Water Guiyuan Thrones (13%), Soul Gathering Spectrum, Four Fighting Demon Seals, Taishi Bible (1%).

Items Owned (Secret Tip): Seven Star Soul Rifle

Possession of Bloodline: Blue Dragon Bloodline (45 points)

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 1 (Rune Energy 1175)

The energy of each element: 24481 points in the fire system, 25752 points in the soil system, 28215 points in the wood system, 27825 points in the gold system, and 35248 points in the water system.

"This Taishi Bible is really powerful. I only practiced for four days, and my spiritual attributes skyrocketed by thousands of points!"

Lin Chen was overjoyed that his spiritual attributes were the most difficult to grow, and now he has a mysterious method of practicing spiritual power!

But immediately, Lin Chen also felt a little bit distressed. The spirit of the primitive scriptures required by the Taishi Bible is too huge!

Before he exterminated the blood sect and other evil sect persons, he obtained more than 40,000 exercises and spirits, all of which were used to cultivate the Taishi Bible, and he could reach 1% proficiency!

But it also explains on the side that this Taishi Bible is of extremely high rank! It is Lin Chens highest-level existence among all the exercises today, and even the system cannot detect its grade!