My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Are You Here On Vacation?

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Chapter 200

"This... how is this possible?"

The beautiful woman in red looked dumbfounded and saw through the seal of war set by the elder Taishang himself. Is this possible?

"Good fellow, this kid has seen through the seal of war on Xingyu!"

"This is the seal set by the mad woman in the Sun Temple, and we can't even see through it."

"Hidden deep, this child hides very deep!"

"There are so many secrets in this child, every time we discover only the tip of his iceberg!"

Several sectarians have once again entered a state of re-cognition of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen stunned the four seats, even though the woman in red said just now that she could not fight privately, but this was the draw of the battle sign, and the Sun Temple could not regret it.

"It's really a narrow road, so you can get it."

The beautiful woman in red looked oddly at the two couples, and then continued to hand the jade box to everyone in the back.

"Whether you see through it or not, I will make you regret this decision!"

Yue Junsheng showed his nature, grinning brutally.

"Repent? Who will regret?"

Lin Chen smiled mysteriously, with a frivolous tone.

"Just the two of you? Sorry, IMHO, neither of you can look down on me. Don't say I'm shot, either of us can single you two."

Lin Chen shrugged, and the audience was in an uproar!

One against two? Hong Ying is the top five disciples in the Sun Temple, and he is already a cultivator of Tiangang realm at a young age.

Yue Junsheng is even more terrifying. The top three of Hengyu Palace are extremely proud, and his master is still the strongest elder of Hengyu Palace. On cultivation, it is already the double of Tiangang Realm!

In terms of combat power, Yue Junsheng chased the triple gang of heaven!

Based on this line-up, Di Sha Ning Jizhong one pick two?

"It's too arrogant, right? A bit of strength is a villain?"

"That's right, it's contempt to pick two!"

"I think he is just a young disciple, so he can pick one out of two with his terrible cultivation ground?"

"It's not that you have a stronger spirit, you pull a fart!"

Some male disciples of the Sun Temple who have been complaining for a long time are angry. Although Hongying's character is really not very good, she is still a part of the Sun Temple!

Is contempt for her equivalent to contempt for the Sun Temple?

Some old strong men who had some good feelings for Lin Chen suddenly felt a little disappointed with this young man at this moment. Isn't this a typical villain?

"Little guy, no! The two of them can't deal with you alone, let Man Qing help you."

Even the thousand mother-in-law said bitterly, Lin Chen laughed!

"Hahaha! Did you all make a mistake? Who said I was singled out with them, and my Manqing singled out with them!"

Lin Chen's smile surprised everyone!

what? Yun Manqing singled out Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying?

Yun Manqing's strength and potential are recognized by the Sun Temple! If it is just a fight between women, she can fight Hongying for 600 rounds without falling.

However, if you insist on a victory or defeat, Hong Ying alone is enough to beat Yun Manqing. After all, her age is too much smaller than that of Hong Ying, let alone another Yue Jun was born!

Isn't this pushing your woman out to die!

"Zhang Deshuai, I don't know what medicine you sell in this gourd. Since you want to let your woman die, I will do it for you!"

Yue Junsheng smiled angrily, would he be defeated by a woman in a half-step sky? joke! It's a big joke!

Even if Yue Junsheng dreamed, he couldn't imagine how this kind of thing would happen.

"How about, Manqing, do you have confidence?"

Lin Chen, who ignored Yue Junsheng, smiled at Yun Manqing in a wink, and no one could see what he was thinking through the mask.

"Well! What you say is what!"

Yun Manqing whispered softly, her beautiful eyes were firmly fixed in Lin Chen's eyes, and her tenderness was like water.

At this time, Yun Manqing was infinitely tender to Lin Chen and trusted him unconditionally.

Even if Lin Chen said that he could take Yuelong to heaven, she believed it!

"Crazy, crazy, crazy! It must be crazy!"

"Isn't this a disaster for Sister Yun Manqing!"

"Elder Fire, do you want to stop them? How can this be done?"

Some male disciples anxiously questioned the beautiful woman in red.

"Shut up for me! It was the two of them who participated in the battle. If this German coach refuses to shoot, can I still force him to fail?"

The woman in red scolded; in fact, even she was very curious, what exactly did Lin Chen want to do?

"Huh, maybe I just wanted to show that I wouldn't take the shot at first, and then secretly attack with my mental strength. I will not let you succeed in this kind of behavior."

Yue Junsheng sneered and sneered; Lin Chen glanced at him, shook his head and laughed.

"You can rest assured that I definitely don't have to attack with mental strength, nor with fighting spirit, let alone physical training."

This makes everyone more curious! Does he really plan to let his partner die?

"All the draws have been completed! Now please invite your partners to enter the battlefield."

The moment the red woman announced, the ground shook violently, and many attic buildings began to move.

Then, a ring of hard gold hills rising from the ground suddenly appeared in front of the VIP.

The ring is arranged in all directions on top of the attic, and at a glance, it is as vast as a plain.

Each sturdy ring has a strong space boundary, which can make the battle space more stable.

"The rules of battle are very simple. Both sides fight until they can't fight or surrender and admit defeat."

The voice of the beautiful woman in red just fell, and all the partners jumped into the air, flying down the ring of their respective draws.

Yue Junsheng took Hong Ying to jump to the No. 4 ring and turned to face Lin Chen's direction to make a gesture of wiping his neck.

Lin Chen laughed a little in his heart, when you would cry.

"Let's go too."

Holding the beautiful white catkins, Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings spread, and the figure flashed before appearing on the ring.

At the speed of the Purple Phoenix Wing, many people still feel terrified.

They still couldn't understand if Lin Chen and Yun Manqing would join forces to fight Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying, it must be a very wonderful battle, why he had to do such a single stupid act.

Almost 80% of the audience's eyes are concerned about the battle between Lin Chen and Yue Junsheng.

However, a more incredible scene appeared...

After someone arrived on the ring, Lin took a soft chair from the ring and placed it on the side of the ring.

Then, he sat freely and relaxed, took out a pair of black sunglasses and put it in front of his eyes, holding a glass of wine with crushed ice with one hand and two fingers, even lazily, watching everyone mouth whizzing wildly.

by! So calm? Did your **** come to the convention or come on vacation?