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Chapter 201: This Child Shocked To Heaven

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Chapter 201: This child is shocked!

"Man Qing, don't be too kind. It's enough to come up with a tenth of the strength to deal with them."

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled freely, as if he didn't care about them.

Many VIPs who watched the game talked about it!

by! A dozen or two is already very nonsense, what are you doing with only one-tenth of the strength?

This is no longer a question of contempt, is it simply ignored?

Lin Chen's words seem to be light and windy, but they are crazy!

"After a while, I personally beat your woman into crippling in front of you. I don't think you can laugh so calmly!"

Yue Junsheng smiled indifferently and brutally, his murderous intentions revealed, and suddenly locked Yun Manqing!


Under the order of the elders, the battle of the six major ring battles started instantly!

However, most people are paying attention to Lin Chen's battle. Everyone wants to see what dog skin plaster this kid sells!

"Xuantian nine flashes!"

"Fire and rain!"

Hongying and Yue Junsheng shot together, and the entire battlefield was full of battle.

A streamer remnant ghostly jumped in the space, moving between the next volley turn, moving in the blink of an eye, the naked eye couldn't catch it at all, as if jumping from the perception of space!

"A very good body style, at least it is the best quality body style among the top-level youths!"

"If this kid doesn't have any cards, his woman will lose to these two men in ten rounds."

As soon as the background of Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying came out, many veteran powerhouses immediately foreseen the result, and already had a rough idea in their hearts.

[The host turns on rune concealment mode.

[The host uses level 2 slow runes and turns it on to consume 20,000 rune energy, 10,000 rune energy, and 30,000 rune energy.

The moment the system light screen pops up.

Abnormal changes!

Brush ~~!

The second flash of Xuantian nine flashes was just launched, and Yue Junsheng's figure was only moved within 100 meters! Even the original tenth power of the one-piece method can't be played!

The scorching and scorching rainstorm was even a thunderstorm with little rain, and the fighting was just formed. It turned into a faint afterfire, as if it was extinguished by the tide, it could not set off too much destructive power at all!


Suddenly shocked in the hearts of the two, a strange energy penetrated into their bodies, the whole body's combat operation and even movements were extremely slow!

"Spark silver sky!"

Yun Man's sapphire waved his hand lightly, thousands of silver flames flashed a little starlight, beautiful, and shot like an arrow!


The silver starlight flame easily burned through the flaming rain of Hongying, and Yue Junsheng even forced this high temperature to display his body at full speed. He was still covered by many firelights and burned so that his close soft armor was scorched!

"Just kidding, I can't even hide the attack of the half-step sky?"

Yue Junsheng looked at his burned arm in disbelief, and it was very slow to run the war and stop the injury!


That weird energy has penetrated into the body of the two, becoming stronger and more terrible!

The jade hand was imprinted in the void, and the fierce fighting spirit swept towards the two like a sky gang, and Hongying and Yue Junsheng flew up with one palm!

Xianxianyu fingers flipped, surely one finger, Yunman Qingjiao twitched.

"Tiandu Hongyan Town!"

A vast sky fireprint engraved with mysterious lines, the whole body is reddish, exudes the momentum of calming the sky, and suddenly suppresses from the space above the two people's heads!

Bang~~! !

The violent and terrifying heat set off shocking heat waves on both sides, and overwhelmed the two on the ground on the ring!

"Oops, the fighting will not work!"

"what is happening!"

Tianhu Huoyin continued to suppress, the two vomited blood on the spot! It doesnt even take any medicine!

Everyone stood up in shock, what is the situation?

Yun Manqing's attack can be replaced by any one of Tiangang's realms. Obviously, he hasn't used his full strength, but the two can't withstand it!

"What kind of black magic is this?"

"Slowed down, everything slowed down! The two men's internal fighting and meridians seem to be unable to work!"

"Could it be that Lin Chen made a ghost?"

Some strong sectarians looked closely at Lin Chen and found that he didn't shoot at all!

Not to mention the mental strength, the fluctuating spirit, he didn't even move from the chair!

"how can that be?"

"Isn't this little Nizi in the Sun Temple possess such a magical method that can restrict the other party's fighting strength?"

"But this is too evil! It is impossible for these two young people to use some secret techniques to avoid our perception!"

"Does that Zhang Deshuai's boy have any means that we can't even detect?"

Those sectarian powers and giants were shocked in place!

Even they didn't figure out what was going on!

Is it possible to avoid the perception of so many people on the scene and suppress Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying in a half-step sky and a terrible situation?

"But if they didn't do anything, it wouldn't make sense!"

"Is it from this family?"

Several sectarian giants looked at each other in shock! Only those ancient families, there may be such a way beyond the common sense!

Human fear originates from the unknown, and the methods Lin Chen showed have completely deterred these older generations of powerful people!

"No, stop playing, we admit defeat, we admit defeat!"

Red Ying's mouth was bleeding, her face was frightened, and she was constantly begging for mercy!

Yue Junsheng is not much better, his heart quietly produced an unprecedented fear!

This feeling of being unable to run the war is really terrifying!

It's like throwing an eagle soaring into the sky and breaking its wings suddenly, throwing it into a vast abyss, falling continuously, falling constantly, I don't know what will happen to the bottom of the abyss!

This growing fear is sometimes more tormenting than killing someone!

"We confess!"

The moment when Yue Junsheng shouted in horror, Yun Manqing only withdrew his own fighting spirit.

"Ring No.4, Zhang Deshuai, Yun Manqing won the second session!"

The beautiful woman in red suddenly drank coldly and announced the result immediately. In her beautiful eyes, there was already a trace of awe and fear in Lin Chens eyes!

Until the end of the battle, all the younger generations are still in a state of dull face!

what happened? What are they doing? How did the battle end?

This time, the strong eyes of those old sectarians who looked at Lin Chen all changed!

In the situation just now, not to mention Yun Manqing, a slightly stronger Djiu Jiuzhong may defeat the two!

Lin Chen had a terrible situation in one place. He didn't even have the need to shoot, so he got two Tianjiao from the first-class forces!

What is this concept?

No effort at all!

Di Sha Ji Ninth Massacre Tian Gang Realm effortlessly?

In the void; the vicissitudes of hoarse voice could not conceal the shock, said with amazement.

"This child, shocked to heaven!"