My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 202

Chapter 202: 3. Go Straight To The Flame Space

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Chapter 202: Go directly to the flame space!

At the VIP banquet, everyone felt terrified about the methods exposed by Lin Chen, beyond their imagination!

If he only singled out the two, everyone would marvel at his strength and potential.

But what he showed was the most thorough crush!

Moreover, it is still a force suppression that everyone dare not think about, and even many sectarian giants have not seen the trace of his shot.

This has already proved that if Lin Chen wants to kill the two, it is as simple as finding something in his pocket!

Want to completely suppress these two people, so that they do not even have the power to fight back, even the strong four-layer Tiangang Realm is difficult to do!

At this moment, Lin Chen's identity and heritage have completely covered a layer of mysterious veil.

Behind this veil, no one knows what he really looks like!

Lin Chen glanced at his rune energy points, there are still 5.85 million points!

"I didn't expect that the three light spheres of rune energy just now had 2 million rune energy. The heritage of this genre is really deep enough!"

Concealed in his heart, Lin Chen still seemed to be calm on the surface.

In the wave of suppression just now, Lin Chen consumed nearly a million runic energy and suppressed Hong Ying and Yue Jun in life and death. There was no resistance at all!

Through everyone's reaction, Lin Chen's heart was a big stone.

After this battle, I believe that the Sun Temple will no longer bully or make Yun Manqing more troublesome, and his rune energy is also worth the money.

"Lin Chen, I'm so happy."

When Yun Manqing picked up Lin Chen, he pressed it against his cheek and smiled lightly, Fanghua was peerless.

"Look at it, you should smile more and look better."

Lin Chen laughed shamelessly, Yun Manqing Fang held his five fingers very tightly, ten fingers clasped.

The remaining five battles have been boring for the distinguished guests, and no matter how splendid it is, the impact brought by Yun Manqing and Lin Chen is comparable.

"Partners who win in this session can directly participate in the four top places in the baptism of the flame. In view of the excellent performance of the first session, there are two pairs of partners..."

Lin Chen and Yun Manqing entered the third link, and Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying were defeated on the spot, which is intriguing.

Although Yue Junsheng was suppressed by Lin Chen, the performance of the first link was second only to Lin Chen.

Although the second round was not a match between Lin Chen and Yun Manqing at all, with his strength, it should be reasonable to get the middle quota in the third round.

Now it seems that this is already a statement of the Sun Temple to this German handsome!

They would rather give up Yue Junsheng and Hong Ying rather than offend Lin Chen.

"How is it possible that we didn't even have a middle-class quota..."

The red Yinghua was disappointed, and she was stunned in the same place. She felt very sorry in her heart. Why did she offend Yun Manqing because her excellence attracted the attention of the master?

If you can be a little more generous, maybe its another scene now.

"Ben Shao actually didn't even have a medium quota?"

Yue Jun was so angry that his blue muscles were exposed, but he dared not to speak!

He was completely frightened of Lin Chen's strength; he didn't dare to regenerate a hint of resistance, even if it was anger, it was just incompetent anger.

"Now, please join the partner who is selected in the third link to enter the torch space. Remember that not everyone is suitable for the qualification of the torch refining. You must pass the torch space. If you cannot pass, use this space to send it back. ."

The beautiful woman in red is one of the best, and several flames flare out, and a fiery red jade appears in the hands of all partners.

The jade is held in the hand, and you can feel the space energy injected into it. This kind of energy stone that opens up the space is only eligible to be made if it has more than five levels of heaven.

The lady in red waved her palms gently, opening five vortices of space from the top of the attic.

Inside the vortex of space; is a world of flames, with countless flame steps extending all the way to the heights.

Suddenly, someone in Lin's eyes suddenly shine!

In the fifth space vortex, he saw the colorful attribute light sphere light, and all the attribute light spheres were scattered on the flame steps!

Especially at the top of the steps, a beam of attribute light rises into the sky, and inside it rolls a coil of purple-gold treasure chest full of fire!

"Manqing, let's go!"

Lin Chen took Yun Manqing's catkins and took the lead into the fifth space vortex!

A flash of strange color flashed in the eyes of the beautiful woman in red and Qian mother-in-law!

Although Lin Chen obtained the highest quota of holy flame refining, the fifth space vortex is the strongest and most difficult place for the holy flame!

This kid recognized it at a glance and entered the first time. Is this a coincidence, or...?

After all partners enter the flame space, the space vortex is twisted into a scene, showing the scene of all partners in the flame space.

"The torch in this torch space is completely different from the altar."

The elder Taiyuan elders of Bahuang Temple felt their beards and frowned.

"I remembered that the torch of the Sun Temple would move the whole body in one stroke. It is famous for burning negative emotions in the heart. Before burning and refining all negative emotions, it will stimulate the whole person very violently, so it is necessary to maintain emotions 'S partners support each other next to each other so as not to become mad."

Another sectarian thought: "It seems that in the past, the Sun Temple had placed an outstanding single Tianjiao disciple alone in the flame space. As a result, the disciple was arrogant and did not want to withdraw in time. Gray."

"At the beginning, these little guys have become unstable under the test of the torch."

A sectarian giant looks at the first and second torch space. The two couples in it have already started to be turbulent, their eyes red, and their desire to run away.

The situation in the third and fourth torch space is slightly better, but they are also very slow towards the steps, their expressions are struggling with pain, and there is a sense of sight that will collapse at any time.

"Hey, this time the disciple was not as determined as before. I wonder if there can be more than two complete baptisms of the torch."

In the void, an obscure old lady's voice sighed faintly.

However, the voice just fell and someone at the VIP banquet exclaimed!

"What? What's the situation?"

Everyone looked at it smoothly; they saw that in the fifth torch space, they saw an almost abnormal scene and suddenly felt their scalp numb!

In the fifth torch space;

Lin Chen took Yun Manqing to walk vigorously, rushed up several steps in one breath, and then bent over and groped, not knowing what he was catching.

The only thing that can be seen is that the two of them are completely unaffected by the flame space!

Lin Chen ran all the way and disappeared in the sight of everyone with Yun Manqing.


The image showing the flame space suddenly disappeared, which means that the two of them have already reached the flame space and successfully qualified for the baptism of the flame!

The disciples of the Sun Temple were stunned in place!