My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 203

Chapter 203: And This One? ?

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Chapter 203 ?

[The host has 4.47 million points of essence of war, 6.8 million points of essence of war, 8 million points of energy of blood,]

[The host gains 120,000 rune energy and 200,000 rune energy.]

[The host gains 210,000 points and 280,000 points of merit,]

[The host gains 20,000 mental power, 40,000 mental power, 1.2 million ignition energy,]

Lin Chen was like a fish in the torch space. A large number of attribute light **** were constantly taken away by him. The system madly popped up the light screen, which was continuous and never stopped!


On the other side; at the VIP banquet in the Sun Palace, everyone has a feeling of scalp tingling!

This is less than a quarter of an hour! While the other partners are still struggling at this time, his Zhang Deshuai has already reached the torch space!

"The torch will ignite all the negative emotions in the human family's seven emotions and six desires. This kind of burning is disregarding the limitation of cultivation, unless it is so powerful that it is far above the torch!"

"Is this kid not a human? How can he run so fast?"

The elders and disciples of the Sun Temple were so open that they were about to lay an egg!

Lin Chen's actions completely subvert their knowledge of the baptism of the flame! In addition to thinking that this German handsome is not a human, they simply cannot think of a second possibility!

Inside the flame space;

"I didn't expect this fantasy dream to be really good!"

Lin Chen stood at the peak of countless steps, stroking a silky pale pink satin between her neck and neck, very satisfied.

Even when he first entered this torch space, even Lin Chen felt a little tricky.

But he didn't expect that the Fantasy Mengro that had been dropped by the killing of the phantom dream demon dish could actually absorb the negative emotions that he and Yun Manqing overflowed, so that he could stay on the ground in this flame space!

Lin Chen was very satisfied to return the fantasy dream Sen Luo into the ring of Na Ling, and looked around.

"Lin Chen, look, that's the Holy Flame Ancestral Altar. The place where the Holy Flame is baptized."

Yun Manqing pointed away, and the space in front stood a magnificent building.

The ancestral altar is shaped like a jade on both sides, and in the middle are two large seats. A group of flames like the sun shines from the endless sky.

Even Lin Chen was urging the realm of Zijin Tong's "out of nothing", and he could not find out from which spatial position the firelight emanated.

The light of the holy fire seemed to be shining from time and space, Lin Chen also felt a surprise!

Reminiscent of what will happen next, Yun Manqing's face is ruoxia, her delicate ear tips are red through her ears, and her full eyes seem to drip.

Lin Chen didn't notice Yun Manqing's changes. His attention was all in the purple-golden chest that lingered in front of the ancestral altar.

He walked up and uncovered the purple and gold treasure chest, and there was a red scroll in the void, which turned into a stream of light and shot into Lin Chen's eyebrows.

The optical screen of the system pops up suddenly;

[The host opens the Zijin treasure chest and obtains special combat skills: Ten Thousand Fires.

"Ten Thousand Fire Strategy? What kind of stuff is this?"

Lin Chen released his spiritual power with curiosity, and explored the secret volume. This method had no grade, no explanation, and no idea what it was.

"Ten thousand fire net tricks, condensing its own fire system energy, interwoven and woven into a heavy envelope of fire nets arranged inside the body, can achieve the effect of intercepting the outside world to explore its own breath."

Just a simple and rough understanding, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly shine!

"Good guy, this 10,000-fire strategy can completely shield the outside world from investigating my details. Good thing, this is it! This is the standard for pretending to be a perpetrator, earning money, hahaha!"

Lin Chen was in a good mood. After putting away the Ten Thousand Fire Strategies, he looked up at the torchlight above his head.

Suddenly, Lin Chen asked curiously.

"Man Qing, I ask a question. It is said that the ancient family has the eternal flame that existed when the world was opened. Is the flame of your sun temple compared with it?"

The red haze of Yun Manqing's cheeks disappeared a little, and she smiled with a smile; "It's the same kind and different."

"A true eternal flame is not qualified to be owned by any force in Lingzhou, and even if it is owned, it cannot be kept. The flame of our sun temple should be precisely a kind of split fire among many eternal flames. Can have one-hundredth or one-hundredth of the maternal power."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that feelings are a fire, not a source.

"A single fire can create a first-class Lingzhou power and support the foundation and development of a 10,000-year sect. If the ancient family holding the origin, I am afraid that only one hand will cover the sky!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he had too little information to contact the ancient aristocrats, and could only infer and judge through some information.

In this way, I want to help Ning Qingxuan, I am afraid there is still a long way to go.

"First accept the baptism of the torch, I have just received a wave of quintessence of fighting spirit, and now it is not far from the Tiangang Realm, as long as I break through the Tiangang Realm, the Tiangang Realm is under five levels, and Brother Chen will have no taboos!"

Cut off all miscellaneous thoughts, Lin Chen walked to the two seats. Yun Manqing followed, fear and nervousness in his heart, and a faint expectation.

Brush ~~!

The two walked up to the platform, and the fire in the void slowly shone, forming two beams of light on the platform.

He glanced at each other, and the two entered the beam of light and sat on the platform.

The beam of light suddenly burst into bright light, and a ray of holy light was drawn down from the void, pouring into the body of the two!

The sacred light is like a divine initiation, from the two people's spirits, they dive into the two's internal organs, limbs, and all the meridians!


Wisps of light were burned into smoke and emerged from the head, quietly disappearing.

The innate energies that are hidden in the two people's blood vessels and genes are completely washed away!

These complex and useless energies cannot be removed by any superb remedy!

They are deeply engraved in the life genes of a living creature. They are born with the same origin as life, and are destroyed with the same origin. Except for the eternal flame of chaos at the beginning can be purified, there is no way to remove it!


Lin Chen's consciousness has unprecedented evolution!

His mental perception has been improved by several steps, and Zijin Tong has soared a lot!

Flesh shell, fighting spirit, spirit, bloodline! Are jumping!

Lin Chen's entire human life gene seems to be undergoing a terrible secular transformation!

To give the most intuitive example, if you compare the human body to a water container.

This container was originally able to withstand 10,000 liters of water, but after being refined by the torch, it can now hold 30,000 liters of water!

And the most important thing is that the container that bears 30,000 liters of water does not appear to expand in size itself, it only transforms its own quality!

Putting the energy of 30,000 liters of water in a container that can only hold 10,000 liters of water, this kind of almost anti-sky thing can only be done by changing the original genes of the souls!

At the moment when Lin Chen felt the transformation of the genes of life, a wicked fire quietly emerged from his lower abdomen, unable to suppress it!

Someone Lin's face changed, and he took a breath!

"I am grass, isn't it, there is this one out?"