My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Only One Heart.

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Chapter 205

[Consuming 1.8 million points of merits, began to practice memory for the host to inherit the "Ten Thousand Fires".

Even Lin Chen was shocked by this breath-consuming skill and spirit, which was more than the nine tactics he used to practice God's Wasteland!

"A secret method actually requires so many exercises and spirits, how many cultivation steps are there?"

Lin Chen hadn't finished sighing yet, a large amount of memory of practice came; Lin Chen recruited all.

Many of the mysteries of the Wanzhonghuo recipe, covering the essence of energy, all poured into Lin Chen's mind!

The more integrated the more inherited memories, the more peculiar Lin Chen lamented the subtlety of this mystery!

After another day and night, Lin Chen opened his eyes again, and a dense network of fire intertwined in the pupils!

Lin Chen's Dantian, the whole body of the meridians, are all covered by the fire net composed of endless flames of war.

If you do not engage in combative inner vision, even Lin Chen himself can't see through her own reality.

"The tens of thousands of fire net tricks can actually set up a tens of thousands of fire nets to cover their own breath. Even some extremely powerful people may not be able to see through my bottom line. It is no wonder that so many exercises are consumed."

With a marvel in his heart, Lin Chen's mind was connected to the system; the second command was issued.

"System, enter the update."

[The system receives it and begins to enter the update state, suspending all system functions. Update progress: 0.01%

Lin Chen withdrew her consciousness; there was a beautiful woman's murmur around her.

"Lin Chen, you..."

"You wake up."

Lin Chen turned to look at Yun Manqing and said with a smile.

Suddenly; Yun Manqing seemed to remember something, his cheeks suddenly flushed, holding the wide robe that Lin Chen had put on himself, and the delicate and delicate figure was faintly white.

But in a blink of an eye, Yun Manqing was crying again, and asked with a crying tone.

"Lin Chen, don't you like Man Qing..."

"No, no!"

"Then why..."

"That's just because I like you! Right, the girl I like must be from the heart and want to give the complete self to another person, whether it is physical or sincere, so I can't be there This unconscious situation is cheaper for you."

Someone Lin sweated forehead and said quickly.


Xiubi rippled, Yun Manqing stared at him.

"Why, very real, very real!"

Lin Chen patted his chest and promised; the beautiful lady don't look away, the crystal tears slowly slipped off.

"Man Qing, what's wrong with you!"

Lin, who has always faced her sister for the first time, panicked for the first time. What is the situation!

"You will be leaving in a while, right?"

Wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes, Yun Manqing stared at Lin Chen.

"Uh, yes..."

Lin Chen scratched his head, said helplessly.

Suddenly, the lady kissed Lin Chen's forehead like a dragon. His face was red, and he looked serious.

"I know you still have a lot of things to do. You are not a man who stops in Lingzhou. Man Qing just hopes that you will remember that there is still someone waiting for you after you are here."

Yun Manqing stroked his long hair, and his slim jade hand flicked a bit of fighting spirit, and cut a strand of long hair in front of Lin Chen.

The woman's broken hair represents a cut of love on the mainland of Kyushu, and only one heart is allowed.

"In this life and this world, I am your young man and your life is your ghost. Death is your ghost. Everlasting, this life is the same."

Yun Manqing smiled, Lin Chen's heart was moved and warm, and he embraced Yun Manqing.

"You can rest assured that my Lin Chen may not be the one who bears the heart."

"Lin Lang, thank you... By the way, what is the relationship between the two women who walked with you in the secret realm of the evil king last time?"

Yun Manqing, who was affectionate in the previous moment, raised his head in his arms and asked the next moment, staring at someone with a smile, making him twitch slightly.

"It scares you, I'm kidding."

Yun Manqing chuckled, this was the first time he had seen him embarrassed since he knew him.

"A man like you will be the focus no matter where you go. Man Qing doesn't mind a few more sisters, just hopes that you don't want to be cruel and live up to the girls of other people's lives, uh..."

Before the beauty had finished speaking, the teenager's lips were overbearingly printed on her red lips.


Sun Palace, Ziyang Tower.

The distinguished guests had not left, and only three pairs of partners successfully received the baptism of the torch. Now the other two pairs have completed the baptism of the torch, leaving only Lin Chen and Yun Manqing.

"Good guy, this ancient Qinglong now exudes a breath enough to match the quadruple of Tiangang Realm!"

Several sectarian giants were suspended in the void and looked at the ancient green dragon lying behind the mountain.

At this time; the ancient green dragon is nearly four hundred feet long, covered with dragons and scales, radiating a radiant dragon's breath, the dragon's claws are sharp and sharp, like a giant weapon artifact in ancient times!

The ancient green dragon, like Lin Chen, experienced the baptism of the torch and discussed pure power. At this time, the ancient green dragon has 30 dragon powers, and it can compete with the strong mid-fourth of the Tiangang Realm!

"It's really an enviable aptitude. It has outstanding spiritual strength, physical training genius, and such an ancient green dragon with the same life.

"Don't forget the weird means that the kid can seal Yue Junsheng, but the old man thinks that is the most terrible strength of this kid!"

"This little guy must be the character of this Lingzhou in the future. I really look forward to it!"

At the time when several sectarian giants were discussing the ancient Qinglong, the space was twisted and the space vortex whirled out of two figures, such as Ruo Shenxian.

"Manqing, they came out!"

The elders of the Sun Temple exclaimed for the first time. The two walked in the air and slowly landed on the top of Ziyang Tower.

"Tiangang Realm is the most important? Sure enough it broke through!"

Qian mother-in-law returned to Yun Manqing for the first time and smiled comfortably.

Yun Manqing's background is already accumulated enough. After half a step of Tiangang Realm, after being baptized with the Holy Fire, he will advance into Tiangang Realm perfectly!

When everyone focused their eyes on Lin Chen wearing a mask, he was startled!


A horror, one after another!

Even the Sun Temple Patriarch who has been lurking in the void is no exception!

"The breath in this kid's body is entwined with a fire net of infinite fire energy, intertwined with it, and it is impossible to detect his truth and reality! What happened to him?"

The veteran strong players were shocked in their hearts. From the signs that he just walked into the air just now, he should have broken through the Tiangang realm.

"What a young junior, I haven't seen you for two days, and have a chance encounter again. I hope he can take care of Man Qing as a little girl in the future."

The ancestors of the temple in the void sighed with amazement, and their consciousness completely disappeared.

The conference was completely over, and she didn't need to stay here anymore. The rest was left to other elders.

"Jiangshan came out on behalf of talented people, ha ha ha! I hope that one day, the old man will be able to see the true identity of Zhang Deshuai."

A sectarian giant laughed with pride and shook hands with Lin Chen enthusiastically.

"Hey, seniors will have a chance."

Lin Chen is very generous, shaking hands with the old strong one by one.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, and the light of Zijin Pu flashed past.

A faint wield of murder was captured by Lin Chen's Zijin pupil, quietly born and died, a flash of death!

"Oh, it seems that someone pushed the killing intention of the coach. Or, it just broke through the Tiangang realm. Someone can send me a door to practice. That can't be better!"

Lin Chen sneered in his heart;