My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 206

Chapter 206: It Looks Really Annoying.

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Chapter 206

Many VIPs became extremely enthusiastic, not only for Lin Chen, but also for the Sun Temple.

There is Lin Chen's extremely powerful potential stock, but now is the time when the forces of all parties and the Sun Temple stand in good company.


The Sun Palace and the West Hall are at high altitude.

Lin Chen and Yun Manqing, a thousand mother-in-law, three people are floating in the air.

"Boy Lin Chen, remember to visit the Sun Temple in the future, but the old man is waiting to drink the wedding wine of your two little guys."

Thousand mother-in-law, who had always been severe in the temple, smiled at Lin Chen with incomparably kindness. In her heart, Yun Manqing was treated as a granddaughter.

"Thousand-in-laws are assured that the kid doesn't do the kind of thing that crosses the river to demolish bridges."

Lin Chen naturally knew the meaning of her mother-in-law and took off her mask, looking serious and sincere.

"By the way, the thousand mother-in-law, the kid has another question, what is the realm above the Tiangang realm."

In this regard, Lin Chen also took the opportunity to ask the thousand mother-in-law.

"Oh? Your little fellow has extraordinary means, but I didn't expect to know such things."

The thousand mother-in-law smiled, and said seriously.

"The heavens and earth are fivefold, the fighting spirit is transformed, and they can control the space while integrating into the world, causing a certain space distortion and change, or tearing the space forward for a short distance."

"After the ninth level of Tiangang Realm, the battlefield of Tiangang in the body expanded and changed from within. Forming a Yuan Mansion, when the Yuan Mansion is self-contained, it is a small form of Heaven and Earth, which is equivalent to putting a small part of Heaven and Earth into the body and serving as Yuan. Respect!"

"Every condensed Yuan Yuan is a realm, above the Yuanzun realm, for the war emperor realm, the emperor came out, and heaven and earth bowed. The old body has never seen the legendary war emperor realm, but only in ancient books. I have found some secret materials. If I want to break through the Imperial Realm, I will smash my Yuan Mansion and integrate myself into my body with the original fighting spirit in the Yuan Mansion."

"If it succeeds, it is for the emperor who is proud of the world. If it fails, the Yuan Mansion will be broken and die on the spot! Yuanzun Realm and War Emperor Realm are the boundary between life and death! Only those who have the perseverance and determination to break the wreckage are eligible to spy on that. Legendary realm!"

The words of the thousand mother-in-law are deeply engraved into Lin Chen's heart. Above the heavens are the Yuanzun Realm, and above the Yuanzun, the Warlord!

"Either die or emperor. This is the war emperor above Yuanzun."

Lin Chen gave birth to admiration and marvel, and those who can step into the realm can only be qualified with the determination to die!

"Thank you thousand mother-in-law for pointing, junior remember!"

Lin Chen gave a grateful grateful and Qian mother-in-law waved her hand indifferently.

"Lin Lang..."

Yun Manqing is reluctant to love, and Bi Yan is full of nostalgia.

She is a contemporary disciple of the Sun Temple. In addition to the disciples of the previous generation such as Hong Ying, Yun Manqing is to lead the younger generation of this generation, and there are many things to wait for her.

Lin Chen didn't speak, hugged Yun Manqing, and separated after a long time, then, Lin Chen flew up in the air, turned back and smiled, swept away from the direction of the Sun Palace!

Words will only increase sorrow. Everyone knows this truth. Yun Manqing did not speak anymore, but stared blankly at the direction of Lin Chens departure.


Tiange Academy; entrusted in the mission hall.

Various tasks were quickly moved on the light screen, which was picked up by the students again and again, and the speed was extremely fast.

The activity of recruiting freshmen had just ended. Yuan Lao was very relaxed and lying in the mission hall.

Yuan Lao Xiaojiu was drinking, little peanuts were nibbling, and he had a copy of "The Secret of Becoming a Handsome King" in his hand.


It doesn't matter this sight. When I look at it in the second glance, Yuan Lao's spirit wine is suddenly sprayed from the nasal cavity! Several students of the Green Order looked at him in amazement.

Lao Yuan ignored the eyes around him and stared at the task content of a blue bar on the task light screen, and said excitedly.

"His grandmother's, this task was born for that kid! Lao Qin, help me carry this task down, in the name of that Lin Chen kid!"


The Sun Fire Mountain in the Sun Palace is not far away from the Tiange Academy. At Lin Chens speed today, it takes two days and two nights to return to the Academy.

Lingxu Mountain, Sanliu Sect's jurisdiction.

Lin Chen, who was flying fast in the air, suddenly fell on the top of Lingxu Mountain.

Lin Chen shook his head slightly and sighed in the sky.

"Cang Tian! Why! Why should I be so handsome, and want me to bear the pressure and handsomeness that this age should not bear!"

Lin Chen shouted into the sky inexplicably.

"It's handsome, it's really annoying. Even when I'm flying, I can attract attention. It's still the kind of pervert that followed me day and night and hundreds of thousands of miles. If handsome, it's a sin, then I Lin Man, is it the one with the worst sin in the world? It is the so-called who will go to **** if I dont go to hell. Hey, its really like to experience the taste of not being handsome, maybe just like those who dont subscribe ."

"Enough! I can't listen anymore!"

There was a thunderous shout to break Lin Chen's cry, the world was suddenly changed, and the space beyond Lin Chen's surroundings appeared four twisted figures like shadows.

"I have long heard that your kid is so shameless, but I didn't expect to reach this level. The old man has lived for so many years, and it is the first time he has seen you such a wonderful flower."

The dark shadow in front of Lin Chen gradually manifested. The old man was wearing a bone armor, and he was very angry, with a cane on his palm, and a deep black sickle on his palm.

"Hey, guys, following me hundreds of thousands of miles, are you very interested in the true appearance of this handsome man."

Lin Chen smiled, didn't panic, and urged Zijin pupil to look around.

One after another, like a mountain torrent, the fighting spirit flows on the four people, and all of them are powerful people with a level of more than four in Tiangang Realm!

The sickle old man who started to scold Lin Chen was the late stage of the Tiangang Realm!

"Good boy, you found us stalking you so far."

The sickle old man's spooky yellow teeth exposed, quite permeable.

"Brother, beware of fraud!"

Others watched around, and the old man with a sickle waved his hand, it didn't matter.

"Here is the Spiritual Fiction, there will not be a strong man with more than four layers of heaven and earth in a radius of 100,000 miles. This kid is our turtle in the urn!"

"You shouldn't be the ones invited by the Sun Temple to attend the conference? I guess, did the Elder Heng Yu Gong from 80,000 miles away call you."

Someone Lin held his chest with both hands, and did not panic. He laughed jokingly.

The four Tiangang realms are fourfold, and they are still encountered during the system update. Lin Chen cannot use the characteristic rune. If it is encountered when the ground is nineth heavy, I am afraid that it will really be a nine-death life.

But now, even if he can't beat him, if someone Lin wants to escape, the other party may not be able to stop him!