My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The Invincible Hand Under Tiangang Realm Under Five Levels

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Chapter 207: The Invincible Hand Below Heaven's Fifth Level!

Seeing Lin Chen's reaction so calm, it was not pretending to be calm and disguised. The sickle man who had been a killer for thousands of years suddenly felt a little abnormal!

"Shoot! Don't get entangled with this kid, quick fight!"

"Brake Soul Lock!"

The four are divided into southeast and northwest, read the formula, and find a beam of gray war spirit in the void, which instantly becomes a thick chain like a python!

"Dark bloodline transformation!"

Lin Chen suddenly became dark and spooky, like a bottomless black hole, astonishing dark lines of fighting infect the surrounding spirits, and the dark waves of the sky rolled over Lin Chen's head!

This is the dark point attribute energy point exceeded 4 million points, the first use is converted into dark energy bloodline!

Every meridian of Lin Chen is full of dark shadows, singing demon songs and magic sounds from hell!

"Nine tactics of God's wasteland-dark bite!"

The dark lines of fighting turned in the palm of your hand, forming a dark roulette. Lin Chen shot it with a palm, and the void suddenly expanded into a huge dark roulette hundreds of feet!

The chains of lightning struck by the lightning were swallowed up by the roulette. The joint offensive formed by the four people was broken by Lin Chen. They were dragged by the dark roulette!

"Put your way! Break your skills!"

The old man in black robe changed his face slightly, and suddenly drank coldly; the scythe of purple and black behind him started with spin, if there was spirituality!

"Cut him all the way, he would be unable to get close!"

The voice of the old man in black robe just fell, and the dragon roaring the night sky suddenly surrounded the sky!

Roar ~~!

The ancient Qinglong, who was all covered with dragons, was fighting from across the air. The dragon was thousands of miles away, like a lightning in the sky, and rushed towards a killer in the early stage of Tiangang Realm Quadruple!

"Sure enough, there is a green dragon hidden!"

The man shouted awe-inspiringly, pulled out a ghost-headed big knife with one hand, cut it vertically, and cut it like a **** knife like Tianhe cut the sea!

The ancient green dragon's mouth sprayed infinite dragon breath, and the dragon's body twisted, and the dragon's tail beat, smashing the **** sword gas!

"Tianyin finger!"


An energy finger with spiritual sounds rolled away the space distortion on both sides and quickly rolled towards Lin Chen! But found that it was just a residual image?

"No! Brother, he's going to you!"

When the sneak attacked middle-aged man was shocked, a black gun was held in the shadow of the whirlwind of the blue light, and the purple flame wings behind slightly flapped. The distance of thousands of feet, only passed between breathing!

"Thunder burst!"

The black-light war rifle with electric light and lightning shadow abruptly stabbed, and the electric dragon that penetrated the void flashed out from the tip of the gun!

The light of the sickle blade flashed, cutting through the electric dragon, causing a shocking explosion!

"Dare to fight the old man in close combat, I think you are looking for death...uh..."

Without finishing the speech, the old man in black robe barely reacted, and the fist of the burning red flame suddenly hit his face!


This punch blows up the monstrous flame tornado and rages!


The few teeth of the old man in black robe were all smashed. If it were not for the protection of treasure, Lin Chens fist was enough to kill!

In the void, the black air was rolling, Lin Chen's body exuded the atmosphere from the dark and hell, and the murderous intention of the whole body was like the advent of the devil, gazing at the sky!

Lin Chen was about to chase after the victory. Suddenly, the black abyss gun turned like a dragon, swept the void angrily, and the dark line of fighting gas swept out from the point of the gun, tearing the space in front of him, forming a crack.


The gun burst, and a few meters away in front of Lin Chen, a thin, monkey-like man with sharp eyes like an eagle.

"Even my hidden method can be found, very difficult young man."

The thin man's eyes narrowed, his figure suddenly shuddered, and he started his approach at close range!

Ghosts like afterimages continuously jumped into space, even Lin Chen couldn't detect his direction of attack for the first time!

"Tiangang fighting spirit!"

The indestructible light of Geng Jin turned Lin Chen's whole body, and the dark gold dagger was constantly drawing on Tiangang's fighting spirit, bursting with dazzling sparks!

"Break me!"

Lin Chen's two-handed round dance of the black abyss gun, the sword and the gun shadow, and the flurry of dances collide together!

The aftermath of the collision shook the clouds under the entire night sky, just a dozen rounds, Lin Chen's speed of wielding the Black Abyssal Gun kept up with the speed of the thin man's dagger!

"What a joke, what brute force is he?"

A shot was shot by Lin Chen, and the eyes of the thin man were full of shock. Lin Chen's body was the same as the ordinary person, but his pure strength was so strong as a beast!


Before the thin man could react, the light system became a vast ball of energy like a sunset, exploding above his head!

boom! boom! boom!

The horrible aftermath of the explosion exploded the entire summit of Lingxu Mountain into pieces, and the endless aurora was released under the night sky, as if it were a new-born sun, clearly visible for thousands of miles!

Lin Chen's "light" and "dark" two qi energy are the most powerful of the nine attributes.

When the Disha Realm is ninefold, it can explode with a power comparable to the second peak of the Tiangang Realm, and with Lin Chen's pure power, it can directly match the triple or more!

Now stepping into the heavens, this rage smashed the top of a high mountain thousands of feet into pieces on the spot!

That thin man in the mid-fourth stage of Tiangang Realm was blown into crippling place on the spot! Both the left leg and right arm were lost in the explosion!

Eighty thousand miles away; high above a valley.

"What a terrifying power, this kid has such strength?"

The elder of the Eight Wastelands Hall, who was scolded by Lin Chen before, was shocked and filled with fear!

He was accustomed to calling wind and rain in the Palace of Eight Wastes. After Lin Chen yelled at the conference banquet, he left the scene angrily, and he was even more resentful in his heart, and finally coveted Lin Chen's details.

I thought that I hired four Tiangang Realm fourfold, and even the Tiangang Realm fivefold can be entangled. I didn't expect that one person was injured or killed in a hundred rounds!

If he did not leave the scene early and saw Lin Chen helping Yun Manqing beat Yue Junsheng without suspense, perhaps he would not dare to ambush Lin Chen with ten more courage!

"Oops, it's a mistake. If you go down like this, the strength of the four ghosts in Montenegro may not be able to eat him. I can only retreat first!"


"Oldest four!"

The blood-stained old man in black robe and another Tiangang Realm roared with quarrels and screams, surging into a majestic battle like a river!

"Four are you! If you have the courage to kill the young man, you have to be prepared to be killed!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and his body suddenly appeared in a colorful battlefield of light, soaring into the sky, reflecting the entire sky and becoming gorgeous and colorful!

"Full Attribute Energy Bloodline Transformation!"

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Before waiting for Lin Chen to show his power, the ancient green dragon madly waved the blue dragon claws, and the dragon's breath of light flying across the sky danced the sky!

The Blue Dragon Soul Claw can only be used once, and it is powerful enough to match the full blow of the quadruple peak of the Tiangang Realm, instantly overwhelming the ghost knife killer!

The purple phoenix wings suddenly showed, Lin Chen's speed has once again increased by one grade!

The remnants of the sky and dances are like a shooting star, so fast that they can't catch their perception!

"too frightening,"

With Lin Chen's current strength, he can fully display the full speed of True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings!

No one knows how fast his extreme speed can be!

Now, he is a living ancient real purple phoenix!

The pupil shrinks, and the old man in black robe jumps and angers and yells!

"My grandma and his grandpa! The single-wheel speed of this kid is already an invincible player under Tiangang Realm's fivefold! Old man Xiao has mistreated our brothers a few times!"