My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 208

Chapter 208: 1. The Task Is To Be Handsome First

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Chapter 208: The task is to be handsome first!

"Youngest, run separately!"

Knowing that it was impossible to be Lin Chen's opponent, the old man in black robe suddenly sneered, and the two separated and evacuated, flying away in the opposite direction!

"Want to run? Try the big bombardment of my full-energy bloodline! Light anger, thunder burst, dark bite, wind crack, flame extinction!"

Light energy energy **** flew across the sky, an electric dragon crushed the void, sweeping the mountains and rivers!

The dark roulette twirled the void and turned, hundreds of thousands of wind-scraping blades shredding the air flow, dancing all over the sky, the red sea of fire ignited from all around, burning all over the wild!

"how is this possible!"

Before they died, the two men had never looked away, and they didn't understand why from the beginning to the end, why Lin Chen could have such a terrible attack with a heavy weight!

After Lin Chen determined that the four killers were out of breath, he put the ancient green dragon into his body. Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings suddenly spread across the sky.

Under the Lingxu Mountain, the high sky of the Lingxu Sect gate.

The Sect Sovereign of the Spiritual Void Sovereign stood in the air, and the trembling old hand grasped his goatee, his mouth twitching wildly, muttering to himself.

"It seems that the illusion that the old man has seen recently is really too much. Even if the Tiangang Realm kills four Tiangang Realms, it is impossible. How is this possible..."

178 thousand miles away; a very fast streamer traversed the sky.

Boom~~! !

Void concussion, streamer afterimage was bombarded and fell!

"Who! Dare to attack the old man!"

The old man's roar rushing to the crown resounded on the horizon.

"The elders of the Eight Waste Palace, are you in a hurry? If you want to get reborn, the coach will send you a ride."

The purple phoenix flapped, Lin Chen slowly descended from high altitude, and the corner of his mouth outlined a playful and cold smile.

In terms of speed, he is now under five levels in the sky and the sky! Even the strongest in the fivefold realm may not be comparable to him Lin!

"Zhang Deshuai? You killed those four people? How is it possible!"

The elders of the Eight Famine Halls lost their souls, it was unbelievable.

"Don't worry, you know it's impossible after you go down and see them!"

Lin Chen's figure suddenly swept away, releasing the ancient green dragon, one person and one dragon surrounded the elders of the Eight Abandoned Halls!


One day later; Tiange Academy.

Lin Chen returned to Tiange Academy safely and had just arrived in his dormitory area. The space fluctuated slightly. Old Lao took two elders and appeared ghostly next to Lin Chen.

"Lying trough! Yuan Lao, you scared me to death. At this age, I still play hide-and-seek, I can't bear this little heart."

Lin Chen touched his chest, he was almost scared just now.

Yuan Lao's strength is unfathomable. When he was close to Lin Chen, the latter had almost no time to react.

"Hey, Mr. Lin Chen, I have been waiting for you here for a long time."

Yuan Lao's smiling face made Lin Chen vigilant instantly. Grandma, look at this old Yinyin smile, there must be no good!

"Huh? I can't see your cultivation behavior? Good boy, you went to the Sun Temple again and had a chance!"

Suddenly, Yuan Lao's eyes sparkled with light and looked at Lin Chen in surprise.

"Hey, what a chance, just a little bit."

Lin Chen smiled modestly.

"Okay, to say the right thing, I took a task for you on the ground. This task is very difficult. I have seen the entire Tiange Academy. Quack, no one is more suitable for this task than you!"

Lao Yuan laughed very coquettishly and laughed, Lin Chen's mouth twitched, grandma's, definitely not a good task, and he would refuse to say anything later! Otherwise, you wont know whats going on!

"Cough, then please ask Yuan Lao to talk about what the task is."

Lin Chen pretended to be a serious man, and his heart was already thinking about the reasons for rejection.

"To complete this task, the first condition is that you must be handsome!"

Yuan Lao squeezed his eyebrows, Lin Chen was shocked on the spot, his eyes shining!

He slapped Yuan Lao's shoulder heavily and gave a thumbs up!

"Vision! Old Yuan, no, senior Yuan! Let's talk in the house!"


The lounge area of the college is in the attic of Lin Chen's dormitory.

"What? You want me to be a duck? Selling your body? Impossible; I can't do this task! My Lin is a man with a bottom line, a temperament, and a face. I'm even dead, Jumping from this sky island will not do such things that corrupt the secular atmosphere and affect the young people's three views!"

Someone Lin shot the desktop angrily, patting the chest with a righteous expression.

Yuan Lao took a sip of tea calmly, and then said casually.

"This task is worth 1.5 million points."

"1.5 million points? Hey, the world is always ruthless and ruthless. Since I already have this handsome face of solitary defeat, I should support the responsibility of this handsome face. I can feel that the world needs me and needs it more. Me! Say, what is the task, and I am willing to give up my own meaning!"

"It's really your grandmother's Qu's ability to stop singing!"

"Where, where people live a face, just shameless, just a little handsome, sulking a little bit." Lin Chen said shyly.

"Okay, this is the end, Elder Xia, you come and tell him details."

Elder Yuan nodded to an elder who was with him. The latter looked through the information in his hand, and then said solemnly.

"Last month ago, the elder of our college rescued a teenager who was a young patriarch from the Mingyue Sect. It is said that he was abducted by a mysterious woman named Black Widow. Because of the special circumstances, Mingyue Zong paid a lot of money. Offer a reward, arrest the black widow."

"After investigation by our academy, the black widow wandered around a strong gangster in Lingzhou Evil Sect. She likes to collect a large number of talented juvenile teenagers to drain their cultivation and blood."

"The young patriarch who was rescued is one of the many talented teenagers who have been tributed to the black widow. Our college needs a talented young man of the same age as the young patriarch Ming Yuezong, pretending to enter the territory of the black widow and waiting to destroy her! "

"Because there are some attack formations left by the ancients in her territory. If it is turned on, even the fifth and even sixth levels of the sky can't immediately attack and destroy the formation. So we must need someone who can break her from the inside! "

After listening, Lin Chen suddenly fell into contemplation. Once this task is mixed in to expose his identity, he will either defeat the other party, or he will be trapped inside and besieged to death!

"I ask, what is the realm of the black widow's strength, is there anyone else beside her."

Lin Chen looked slightly serious.

"According to our investigation, the black widow's cultivation base is the four peaks of the Tiangang Realm. There are also two evil characters with dual Tiangang Realm beside her.

The elder said seriously.

"Little guy, as long as you cooperate with the ancient Qinglong, let it out at the most relaxing and most critical moment of the black widow. Maybe you can still kiss Fangze before killing her. I heard that this black widow is not simple. Those girls who are all over the country and all over the city are not inferior. As the saying goes, widows and widows, Tengyun rides the fog."

Yuan Lao laughed for the old and disrespectful: "Then get your two green dragons out at the last moment and destroy her directly!"

"Null talk, I'm the black dragon!"

"Whether you are dark and green, give Lao Tzu a happy talk, or not!"