My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Dive Into The Black Mist Island

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Chapter 209: Dive into the Black Mist Island!

"Yeah, yes, I'm worthy of being the optimistic student of Lao Tzu, so it is domineering enough, the enemy is dark and you are dark, and you still have an ancient dragon. This advantage is much greater than when I was young and enemies!"

The light of these memories glowed in Yuan Lao's eyes, as if he thought of his frivolous self.

"The departure will be two days later. In these two days, our college will send the special camouflage supplies to your dormitory. You will prepare it yourself, and the evil sect staff who escorts the teenager. We will control him with high poison and ensure him. Will not reveal any of your news."

Another elder took the conversation and said to Lin Chen, he nodded, took out his blood jade token, and officially took over the task.

For this task, Lin Chen did not have much pressure. Even if the **** escort who escorted the teenager exposed his situation, as long as he could mix into the territory of the black widow, he would not be afraid of the other even if he fought head-on!

The ancient Qinglong cooperated with his Lin Chen's strength, as long as he is not shot by a strongman with more than five levels in Tiangang Realm, there will be no suspense in battle!

At night; in a closed room.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged, his hands swiftly printed, and he exhibited the Bahuang Xuanhuo Seal.

In the Abyss Furnace, infinite energy is refined. When refining to a certain stage, Lin Chen's fingertips, the energy in the Dan Furnace is sucked into the body.

Lin Chendantians Nine-Colored Warrior rotates at a rapid speed. The current Nine-Colored Warrior is nearly ten times larger than before. Every time it runs, it can drive the energy of the world and cooperate with the spirit of the world to launch attacks.

"The attribute light ball obtained by killing the four celestial bodies in the four tiers can't even make me go from the initial stage of the celestial sphere to the middle stage. The higher the foundation, the higher the difficulty is."

After absorbing the energy in the Dan furnace, Lin Chen sighed and shook his head. He took out the last batch of fifth-order heavenly materials and earth treasures he kept in the mysterious realm of the evil king and concentrated on refining.

It is much more difficult to refine the medicine elixirs and has a certain chance of failure. However, Lin Chen stores all the medicinal materials and directly absorbs the form of the energy body, and the efficiency is much faster.

The only shortcoming is that the effect cannot be perfect, but it can improve itself at the fastest and most stable speed.

The next day; Lin Chen depleted all the storage of heaven, earth, and treasure before reaching the mid-term of Tiangang Realm.

He left the closed room and went to see everyone in Class 66 and found that everyone except Liu Lin'er was out to perform the task.

Liu Lin'er is because of her special physique and exercises. Lin Chen's "Xuan You Du Dian", which was looted in the mysterious realm of the evil king, made her use of poison soar.

It happens that Tiange College has the most sound teachers here. Liu Lin'er is currently the only 66 class student who stays in the college for intensive training.

In the secret hall of the mission hall; Lin Chen received the camouflage materials needed for this mission.

After a while, Lin Chen turned into an extremely beautiful boy!

He was dressed in white, his eyebrows were light, his eyes shone like a star, his teeth were like jade, and his face was like jade, like a jade in the clear water.

A bunch of long hair was tied up, and there was a faint smile of a pure teenager hanging in the corner of the mouth, pure and single. Jun Ji, Ya Ji. Like the teenager in the dream, the years are amazing.

Compared with the original appearance, Lin Chen now has a little more elegance and handsomeness, and a little less evil charm and madness.

"Well, it's good to change styles occasionally. Sure enough, he looks handsome and looks good in any way."

Someone Lin was shamelessly satisfied with the narcissism in the mirror. The elders on the side handed him a piece of bright moon jade and let him hang it around his waist.

"I can't think of your kid as a disguise. You are about the same age as the young patriarch of the Mingyue Sect. This look has been eight points like that of the young patriarch. He has been under the protection of a decent deity since he was a child. The opportunity to see his true face, there should be no problems."

Yuan Laoyi said seriously: "From today, you are the young patriarch of the Mingyue Sect!"

"Student Lin Chen, please come here. Next, we will take you to the place where the person meets, and he will take you to Heiwu Island."

The elder pushed the door open, Lin Chen followed, and Yuan Lao took a sip of liquor, his eyes showing faint expectation.



A charming female freshman of Huang Xun class walked anxiously through the mission hall and accidentally bumped into Lin Chen and was knocked down on the floor.

"What's wrong, school girl, are you okay?"

"Young Master" Lin held out his hand to the young girl and smiled slightly. The charming and charming, simple and sunny smile smiled the girl for a while.

Yuan Lao kicked on the **** of'Sect Sect Master', scolding.

"Your uncle, when are you still picking up girls?


Six days later; Lingzhou Heavenly Demon Sea.

Celestial Demon Sea is located in the extreme south of Lingzhou, where cruel sea beasts are hidden in the sea, and there are almost no ships around the sea.

Within the sea of celestial demon, the mist is heavy, and it is an excellent hiding place.

In the position of the West Sea, a group of crane spirit birds flew by, and the islands that surrounded the black mist slowly revealed.

The crane bird descended on the shore of the dark misty island; several people shouted at once.

"Hurry up! One by one, agile hands and feet! Walk so slow to find death!"

Several people with a terrible situation shouted, and a dozen young and beautiful teenagers were full of panic and were put into the island.

Among the many teenagers full of panic, only one has spiritual eyes in his eyes.

"The little guy went in. Now the old ghosts at Tiange Academy should let go of the old guy. Damn, I won't do this job again!"

As the first middle-aged man in purple clothes watched the'Young Sect Master' being brought into Heiwu Island, his eye muscles twitched a few times.


"This Black Mist Island is a bit weird. Even my spiritual energy of the spiritual realm can't spy too far away, unless I use Zijin pupil, otherwise it will be black in the eyes! No wonder few people will come in this ghost place !"

The iron chain bound by the fighting spirit was locked, and Lin Chen walked down silently, followed the team and couldn't help shivering.

Even in this ghost place, he felt gloomy, not to mention the other captive teenagers. It was already outstanding to not faint on the spot.

"It is definitely the goods brought by Mr. Zhou, let's lift the formation!"

Suddenly; several women's charming voices sounded, and the void was dotted with ripples; five tall and charming women walked out of the forest.

They were dressed in uniforms, and the charming, narrow eyes looked at the dozen teenagers with a trace of coldness and greed.

"Sisters, we will **** here..."

The few terrible places swallowed saliva nine times, dared not to stay longer, and turned into the jungle.

"A group of cowards."

The charming women sneered and took the chains that bound Lin Chen and a dozen teenagers, pulling them into the forest like pulling goods.

Through the dark misty forest, what is in sight is a huge splendid castle, the size of a palace!

In order to be safe, Lin Chen closed one eye, and the single pupil used Zijin pupil.

The light flashed in his eyes, Lin Chen's face changed slightly!

He actually saw endless doom and murder in the castle! If you enter it, you will be fatally threatened!

"What's the situation, doesn't it mean that there is only one peak of Tiangang Realm?"