My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 21

Chapter 21: In The Linshen Lin Chen The Taoist Is Called Shi Lezhi

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Chapter 21, Lin Chen, the God Operator, is called Shi Lezhi!

"The boat is naturally straight to Qiaotou. See step by step. First set a foot in Wanling City and take a good rest."

Lin Chen put away the system and spread out the map. Wanling City enjoys a high status in the wasteland, because it is a huge city with a population of more than 100 million people. There are countless martial civilizations and ancient families.

When we arrived outside the city of Wanling, we were greeted by a terrifying worldly giant, with dozens of gates standing side by side, and the walls of hundreds of meters high rising like a giant dragon lying on the ground, magnificent and magnificent !

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhzsharyshup said that there is still a strong man above the earth's ground, it really is not a lie."

Lin Chen rode into the city on horseback. After entering the city, he had to go through three levels of inspection and information registration to enter the city. Lin Chen spent a while to enter the city.

"First find a good place to settle down."

A roaring growl came from his stomach. When Lin Chen saw the sky was late, he was riding on the street and was about to look for the restaurant first, but he suddenly found that on the west side of the city, there was a column of purple gold light rushing to the sky, Condensed but not scattered!

There is no warrior noticed in this purple golden beam in the city, as if there is no such thing at all.

"This is the light radiated by the attribute light sphere! My dear, what attribute light sphere must have such a strong light!"

Lin Chen's mouth opened wide, and he couldn't care that he was already hungry. He turned his horse and ran towards the purple-golden pillar. The vastness of the city of spirits made Lin Chen stunned secretly. Hurry up to the area where the Zijin light column is located.

Following the pillar of light, Lin Chen arrived in front of a distinguished and vast mansion. The pillar of light rose from the mansion for a long time.

However, the entire mansion is heavily guarded, let alone Lin Chen go in, even the masters of the psychic realm are guarding the gate near the mansion!

"Grandma, I must get this baby's attribute light ball!"

Lin Chen's heart was cruel, his eyes narrowed, as long as he could be mixed into the mansion, it was not difficult to get that attribute of light ball.

He put the Jiaoma in a nearby restaurant, and put on a brand-new green robe. There were several roulettes hanging around his waist. With one hand holding a banner, he was like a magic stick.

He had just finished dressing up his front foot, and there was a distinguished white horse-drawn carriage passing by the door of the mansion at the back foot, and Lin Chen's eyes lit up immediately! The opportunity is coming!

On the white carriage, walked down a gorgeous and feminine woman in a long yellow dress, her skin was as thick as fat, her eyes as bright as a star and jade, she had the temperament of every girl, and there was a kind of elegance in her bones.

The most amazing thing is that she has a pair of beautiful eyes, bright eyes, and a purple gold spin on the edge of the pupil, which is very magical.

"Oh, this girl, you have dark mist in your hall. The fortune teller shows you and your family that different numbers of misfortune and robbery have appeared."

Lin Chen leaned on his banner, and the **** walked toward the woman.

"Boy, don't move! Who are you, dare to approach Miss Shangguan Bihan without permission!"

Two tall psychic realm nine guards immediately stood in front of Lin Chen and shouted loudly.

Upon seeing this, Lin Chen sighed a little, the powerful city of Wanling City is like a cloud, and the powerful people of this level connected to the spirit realm are all guarding others. One can imagine how powerful the martial arts here is!

"Don't move too much, but it's the mathematician and the magician Lin Chen. The friends on the Tao give a face, and the Tao is called Shi Lezhi. Part-time job: female arsonist."

Lin Chen smiled and pointed to his banner.

The mathematician is an extremely special occupation on the mainland of Kyushu, and its rarity is even rarer than that of the pharmacist.

The operator can calculate the fate of the future or possibility of a character based on his own mind and some means, deducing the reincarnation of fate, prying into the heaven and earth, the more powerful the operator, the deeper the things that can be deduced!

Miss Qianqian, Shangguan Bihandai frowned slightly.

She looked at Lin Chens banner, which had words such as "Shen Suanzi" Fang Xin Arsonist "Single King King Ding Ding" on it, and she couldnt help but smile. This may be where the Jianghu liar heard of their Shangguan familys experience. Come here specially.

"Two, send him away, remember not to hurt anyone. This friend, I hope you don't pretend to be an arithmetician anymore. Bihan has never seen an arithmetician as young as you."

After speaking, Shangguan Bihan didn't look back, and walked towards the mansion with graceful steps.

"Ms. Shangguan Bihan's mindset has reached a state of great maturity, but have you recently felt that she has been unable to move forward."

At this moment, Lin Chen suddenly spoke, and the pace of Shangguan Bihan suddenly broke out!

The bottleneck of her practice of mind has only recently happened, and it has never been mentioned to anyone. The elders in the family have never known it. How did he know?

"How do you know? Are you really a mathematician?"

The eyes of Shangguan Bihanqian shone strangely in purple and gold, as if to see Lin Chen through.

Lin Chen let the other party investigate, smiled slightly, looked unpredictable, and continued.

"If the master doesn't take action, you will burn away the jade after half a month. If you don't believe it, run the war on your own and try to use your fingers against your pulse points."

Shangguan Bihan was suspicious, and his fingertips gleamed with a light blue war spirit, reaching the pulse point on the back of his shoulder.


Shangguan Bi Handun felt a violent sense of blood and heart attack, and immediately released his finger, and he felt palpitations!

If you press it again just now, the mad blood may even threaten your life!

"How could this be the case, even the chief fourth-level refining master in Wanling City mentioned that my root bones are of good qualifications and good constitution, so how could there be hidden dangers that threaten life in the body?"

Shock and consternation appeared in the eyes of Shangguan Bihan, and she looked at Lin Chen again.

I saw this time that someone Lin shook his head and shook his head, sometimes sighing, sometimes looking up at the sky forty-five degrees, like a master.

"Hey, it seems that Master Ben is going. I wanted to do something good, but I didn't expect to be regarded as a liar."

After talking, someone Lin pretended to turn around and leave.

"Master Shi Lezhi, please stay!"

Shangguan Bihan kept people in a hurry, someone Lin immediately turned around, the small collar mentioned a cough.

"Why, the girl is willing to believe me a liar?"

"The master laughed, because Bihan didn't know Taishan."

Shangguan Bihan Yingying was in awkward position, and even used a respectful tone of voice. Not many people in the entire Wanling City have this treatment!


Lin Chen was about to say a few more unpredictable words to improve his composure, but there was an invincible hungry wolf growl in his stomach.

Shangguan Bihan covered his mouth and chuckled, and his eyes flickered and filled with autumn water, and said with a smile, "It seems that the master hasn't escaped vulgarity yet, do you want to sit in the house?"

"Um~ Then Miss Shangguan will show me the way~"

Lin Chen coughed slightly and said that it was a way to lead others. Actually, he lifted his feet and walked in...