My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 210

Chapter 210: College Shocked

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Chapter 210

The sky of gray silk wandered around the entire castle, this scene made Lin Chen creepy!

The realm of Zijin Tong's "out of nothing" can help Lin Chen to spy on the most mysterious "luck" between heaven and earth, which is related to Lin Chen's own direction.

If Lin Chen's strength is strong enough, there are no creatures in the castle that can threaten him, so naturally there will not be so many'killing' collections.

But the scene in front of it is enough to explain; the entire castle has a fatal crisis on Lin Chen, and it is not too much to say that nine deaths!

"Are you going to retreat? The current position is already close to the center of the island. The island is covered with black mist. It will take some time to explore the path with the purple golden pupil. Once the strong men of the whole island are alerted, I will be sieged!"

Lin Chen calmed down quickly, and never made troubles.

At this moment, the charming and cold women giggled.

"The goods this time are much better than last time~"

"Cough, these are all selected by the gatekeeper before we get our sisters. Don't worry about it."

"I don't know who moved first~"

The women's laughter turned their heads from time to time, and when they looked at the teenagers, their eyes were drawn with fascination and greed.

Especially, "Sect Master" was swept back and forth several times by several women. Lin Chen felt a little uncomfortable, like being stared at by several hungry she-wolves.

"Okay~ Sisters, don't watch it. How could the handsome young master be let go, let's pay attention to other things."

"what a pity!"

"Hush! It's almost at the gate, don't talk."

The girls led the teenagers to open the gate of the castle, walked through the courtyard inside the castle, and entered the second floor.

After arriving at the second floor, the wicked atmosphere rushed across, exuding a suffocating sense of oppression!

This is a sense of killing and oppression that has been slaughtered by millions and talents! Almost comparable to high-level beasts!

The teenager next to Lin Chen was terrified, and some even scared his urine pants on the spot and passed out.

"Useless waste, Xiaoyan, drag out the waste to use, remember, clean up with your hands and feet."

A Lengyan woman with a heavy weight in the Tiangang realm said indifferently, that Xiaoyan show her eyes brightly and immediately took orders to drag the stunned teenager away.

"On Heiwu Island. If you want to survive, you will obediently be the hearth of our master!"

The cold woman's words shocked the teenagers and nodded again and again.

Walking into the pavilion on the third floor, Lin Chen and a group of teenagers were arranged in a spacious room.

In the guest room, not only Lin Chen and many other teenagers, but also nearly a hundred others who were taken prisoner were imprisoned here.

They were both chained in their hands and feet, and blindfolded, trembling in place with fear and trembling.

All of them are talented young talents from all over Lingzhou. Each of them is only 22 years old, and they are all cultivated above the ground. They have considerable potential and qualifications.

"I'm optimistic about them. I and the gatekeeper go to see customers."

Leng Yan, who was heavy in Tiangang, told her to leave afterwards, and the rest of the women put on blindfolds for Lin Chen and other young boys.

After that day when the woman from Gangjing left, Lin Chen raised her head slightly and faced the direction of the fourth floor!

From the moment he entered the castle, he felt a lot of strong breath converging on the fourth floor of the castle!

Through the blindfold, Lin Chen urged Zijin pupil!

"Grass! Yuan Lao's **** thing is to kill Laozi?"

This time using Zijin pupil, I almost scared Lin Chen!

Under the investigation of Zijintong, in a guest room on the fourth floor, there are fourteen powerful individuals with more than four levels in Tiangang Realm!

Among them, there are three strong men with more than five levels in Tiangang Realm!

"Damn, Brother Chen, I'm in the wolf den this time!"


An hour ago; Tiange Academy, in the mission hall.

Brush ~~!

A ray of light suddenly rose on the constantly changing mission light screen!

The students in the mission hall of each Sky Island cast their gazes in surprise. Such changes generally only appear when the advanced missions are changed!

"Qingxun senior mission; sneak into Heiwu Island to eliminate the black widow. It has been officially changed to the Lanxun mission. Eliminate all evil martial warriors on Heiwu Island. According to the latest information, the black widow has broken through the five realms of Tiangang Realm, and Summoned his sister, the old evil sect strong "black soul" and three evil sect forces gathered in Heiwu Island, suspected of a secret conspiracy."

"Task reward, changed to: 4 million points. Task performer: Qing Chen Lin Chen. (Recommended candidates)."

Seeing that suddenly changed task, most of the college old students were shocked!

The Qingxun mission is upgraded to the Lanxun mission. Generally, this change only occurs if the mission changes greatly.

Lan Xun-level missions are almost impossible to perform.

Even the old Lan Xun class may not be able to complete the shot, and may even be buried in it. Normally,

Basically, only two blue rank teams can ensure safety, but it may not guarantee that the mission will be successful.

And the Qingxun class students to perform the Lanxun class mission? Basically equivalent to finding death! There is not even one percent possibility!

"Huh? Lin Chen, isn't that the freshman who defeated the two Qingxun ranks upon admission?"

"Actually, he is going to perform this task? Finished, he can't be the opponent of Tiangang Realm no matter how strong he is!"

"Go and inform the elders! If he hasn't set off yet, he will have time to give up the task!"

"Hahaha, this kid is afraid to be over, but there is a place where the ancient formation method exists on the Black Mist Island. As long as you go in and want to attack, it is impossible to have no more than six levels of strength in Tiangang Realm!"

"It's a pity that when I was just admitted to hospital, I became a young woman. I didn't expect it to fall into a meteor. It was a pity."

"Oh, this is the way of martial arts, no one knows what will happen in the next moment, practice with peace of mind."

Many old students who saw the task for the first time immediately set off hot discussions.

Even Yuan Lao, who has always been light and breezy, jumped suddenly at the moment when he received the news in the mission hall!

"Lanxun mission? How could there be such a big change!"

Yuan Lao's expression revealed a trace of disbelief and regret!

The black widows sister and Black Soul are both in the Lingzhou area, and they are famous for their ruthless characters.

Counting the newly promoted Black Widow, Black Kirishima has already gathered 3 Tiangang Realms and 3 Evil Sect Forces!

Let Lin Chen infiltrate alone, there is no possibility of being alive!

"Lao Yuan, shall we rush to Heiwu Island at full speed? Or call the college to send elders for reinforcement?"

An elder who had chosen Lin Chen to perform his mission at the time was also anxious and regretted.

"It's too late, even if the old man has unleashed the seal regardless of the loss of life, it will take more than two days to rush to Heiwu Island, otherwise the new information will not be transmitted so slowly. As for reinforcements, it is even more impossible. , The college expressly stipulates that any elder cannot interfere with the students in the task, no matter how talented they are!

"As long as he comes into contact with the black widow, the possibility of exposure is extremely high. Two days later, when we arrive, the kid may be long gone."

Yuan Lao shook his head in regret, as if he was ten years old, and tremblingly sat back on the seat.

"The old man hurt him!"