My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 211

Chapter 211: The Crisis Is Imminent

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Chapter 211 The crisis is imminent!

Black Mist Island; inside the castle in the center of the island.

The fourth floor; a group of powerful gangsters sitting on the banquet.

"Sister, you invited your sister here, won't you just absorb the furnace?"

The seductive woman stretched lazily lazily, covered by a few strands of gauze, and outlined a delicate and exquisite hot figure.

"Naturally not, Luding is just to meet my sister and everyone."

The beautiful woman in the black dress sitting at the first stage of the banquet giggled, and her beautiful lips outlined a breathtaking smile.

This woman is the black widow; the initiator of the evil sect alliance!

She twirled Erlang's legs leisurely, and her slender jade legs overlapped, like two white snakes intertwined with each other, and she whispered Fang Lan's soft voice.

"What I want to discuss with you this time is that the background of the three families and the black mist island of my black widow are enough to form a solid line of defense. There are boundaries and advantages. Why dont we go outside to control or set up some Third-rate sects, let them regularly recruit enough furnaces and cultivation resources to contribute to us."

"Everyone is in the same vein, and their cultivation methods are called evil sect by the world. It is not convenient to act. If they can be together, it is a great force and a win-win situation."

With these words, many evil Sect warriors who were present suddenly moved!

The black widow did not hurry, her slender and white show fingers picked up a cup of scarlet wine, and did not know what was made of it. After drinking it, the show eyes turned the light of evil excitement.

"Sister's meaning is, join forces, repair the path, conceal Chen Cang?"

The charming woman's eyes lit up, and an evil laugh came.

"Exactly. I have such a good heritage in Heiwudao. You have such a good network of outsiders. Combining with each other will produce a stable cultivation resource chain, won't it."

The black widow giggled and drank the cup of bright red, and her beautiful eyes began to burn with desire, and the corners of her eyes looked at the third floor downstairs from time to time.

"We agree with Broken Soul Cliff! This cooperation is very good, as long as we are honest with each other, there will be no problems! It is impeccable!"

The head of the evil sect of the four peaks of Tiangang Realm expressed his attitude.

"Since that is the case, it is also ours."

The five-naked middle-aged man sitting in the three horns of Tiangang Realm also showed a bloodthirsty smile and clapped the table to agree.


At the same time, the third floor lobby;

"With my strength, I may be entangled in the last five levels of heaven and earth, even if I lose to the enemy, but if I face three at the same time, there is no chance of winning. Let's first see if there are any breakthrough functions in the new version of the system. "

Before Lin Chen was tired of refining medicine, he had not paid attention to the update of the system. In fact, the update was completed the day after he returned to the academy.

Lin Chen put away Zijin Tong and took advantage of the opportunity that the leader of the evil side of the party was still talking, and he was tied into the system space.

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Tiangang realm.

Ultimate Strength: 16 Dragon Power.

Qi and blood energy: 1.055757 million points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 882.55 million points.

Spiritual strength: 940,000 points.

Essence of skill: 2.1 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (30%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (50%), Nine Recipes (100%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (100%)

Possess blood energy (up to 3 kinds): Qinglong blood vein 21000 points, purple gold pupil blood vein 10000 points.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2 (Upgradable), Corrupt Rune Level 2 (Upgradable), Charged Rune Level 2 (Upgrade),

Rune energy: 8.59 million points.

The energy of each element: 12.95 million points in the fire system, 9.11 million points in the soil system, 8.72 million points in the wood system, 10.58 million points in the gold system, and 10.11 million points in the water system. There are 8.71 million points in the thunder system, 8.12 million points in the wind system, 8.91 million points in the light system, and 8.38 million points in the dark system.

[Contents of this system update: The blood energy can be increased to 3 types. Open the upper limit of level 3 feature runes. Open difficulty surprise mechanism: The system will increase the chance of dropping the attribute light ball and the high-level treasure chest according to the strength of the opponent killed by the host.

"Upgradable rune level 3?"

Lin Chen was shocked in his heart and immediately issued a command.

"System, I want to upgrade all level 2 runes."

[System prompts host: upgrade failed. The host has not acquired the characteristic Rune Evolution Stone.

"What the hell? Where do I get this evolutionary stone!"

Lin Chen looked stunned. Wasnt the last rune upgrade feature rune energy used?

[The system prompts the host that the level 3 feature rune has entered the ranks of the advanced rune. The host must get the rune evolution stone to upgrade.

The system's standard answer almost made Lin Chen scold her!

You are useless at such a critical moment? Your upgrade this time is almost lonely!

"There is no way. I can only use a little more rune energy. Level 2 is level 2, and I can use it first."

I dont know how much his 2nd-level rune has any effect on the five levels of Tiangang Realm. Lin Chen can only act by chance.

The next thing to happen, if one step is wrong, all will be lost, this black mist island must be the death place of his Lin!


At the meeting, not many breaths, the joint proposal was approved by everyone! All the evil sects present are all in one hit!

"Since today is such a good Yaxing, I also prepared a small gift for you, my sister, as the opening of our cooperation!"

The black widow smiled charmingly and slapped her hand.

I saw that the screens on all four sides opened, and from the third floor came a series of trembling figures.

Wait for everyone to enter the conference hall; all the powerful evil sect present at the scene!

More than 200 well-qualified teenagers and girls are divided into standing on the left and right sides, standing in front of these evil sect strongmen like goods!

"This is the top quality that I specially selected from overseas, Lingzhou and other regions. In the future, we will cooperate with each other. This kind of scenes and opportunities will be abundant. I believe that you are not ordinary people, so we have more for you. Multiple times."

The black widow smiled coquettishly, and her own eyes also burned with an irresistible desire!

"Hey~! This Zong is not welcome, ha ha ha! These ten, this Zong wants!"

The **** Tiangang Realm five-strong brave man grinned cruelly and hugged ten beautiful ladies!

Whether it is a teenager or a girl, they were once the famous martial arts arrogance, but at this time they were like sheep who were unable to resist, they could not even commit suicide, and they were selected as goods by the various sectarians and left!

"Since my sister is so sincere, let me choose first~"

Zi Yi beautiful woman covered her mouth and chuckled, she could naturally see that her sister was already desperate.

"The sister would like to thank her, you, you, and you, come here!"

The black widow flicked her sleeves, and the faint power of space took the ten teenagers to the secret room outside the hall!

Among them, Lin Mou, the'Young Sect Master'!