My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Do You Prefer Front Or Back.

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Chapter 212

The whole castle suddenly seemed like a group of demons.

Some evil sect warriors use the blood of young warriors for cultivation, and some even eat flesh and blood, completely losing their human form.

A dense room with a large round bed and black and red curtains spread all over the room, which seems to have a hazy and mysterious beauty.

The black widow enjoyed the massage of the two youngsters behind him, tilting Erlang's legs to examine the other eight youngsters who were unstuck at the spot.

The black widow pointed to a medium-sized model, facing the feminine teenager.

She said seductively and coldly, although the tone was charming, but with a cold killing intention!

"You, come out and talk about where you come from and what your specialties are. The answer dissatisfied me, and I will kill you now."

She seemed to like the play of torture the teenager before she died.

"Me, I come from Xukun Gate, which has been open for two and a half years. My specialty is...sing, dance..."

"Jump you up!"

The black widow waved it out, and the thick black mist swept over the wind like a demon wind, and the man was wiped out on the spot, even leaving no hair!

"It's a terrible war, the name of the black widow is indeed well-deserved, and even if it is ridden with desire, it will still kill people without saying a word!"

Lin Chen secretly talked, before waiting for him to think too much, and the black widow's charming and narrow eyes stared at him.

The black widow was a little surprised by the handsome young man, and there was a flush of excitement on her cheeks.

This son came to his own site and didn't seem to be afraid at all, and his temperament was refined, and his appearance was excellent. It should be after the bulk.

Such a teenager has full potential, and looks like a wait-and-see. If you eat it, I am afraid that you will enjoy it!

"Boy, come here. You don't seem to be afraid at all. What is your name, where do you come from, and what are your specialties."

The black widow asked with a smile, and the charming eyes looked at Lin Chen up and down.

Such confusion is unpredictable. With her five-fold cultivation practice in the new Tiangang Realm, she couldn't fully detect the truth and reality of a teenager!

"I have seen my wife, and the villains name is Song Mingyue. The Mingyue Sect from the northwestern region of Lingzhou is the suzerain. The villain has been in captivity for a month. Maybe you can exchange a lot of cultivation resources with the villains life."

Lin Chen was neither humble nor humble, and he was calm and relaxed, and he was handsome and elegant.

After it turned out to be a large sect, it is no wonder that he could not find out his truth and reality. It is estimated that there are some treasures covering his cultivation.

The only thing the black widow could possibly raise her alertness was to let go. Although she had a little doubt about Lin Chens cultivation, Lin Chens true age could not be covered up!

The black widow can feel that her life fluctuates very young, but this is a beautiful young man no more than 18 years old.

Let him start practicing from his mother's womb. At this age, how can he threaten himself.

After letting go completely, the black widow looked slowly at Lin Chen.

"Little boy, based on your appearance and temperament, it can be compared with thousands of ways~ sister, I don't want to change it~"

A drunken red appeared on his cheeks, a very charming smile chanted.

"You haven't said that you have any special skills~"

The beautiful woman's eyes looked and she smiled.

Immediately, he pretended to be shy and bent slightly.

"Mrs. Hui, the villain's specialty is his specialty."

The black widow stunned and smiled on the spot,

"Ahahahaha! Interesting, little boy, you are very interesting. I have to say that these little guys are so dull and vulgar compared to you, you all go out!"

The black widow waved all the remaining teenagers out of the secret room.

Xiangbu moved slightly, and the black widow gently approached Lin Chen.

"Little boy, tonight, your sister will let you experience what is called Elysium~"

The beautiful woman vomited Fang Lan lightly, but Lin Chen smiled gracefully.

"My experience is not important, what is important is to make my sister happy."

Driver Lin's name changed in a blink of an eye, and this familiar conversion and skillful operation. A strange light flashed in the black widow's beautiful eyes.

Lin Chen really felt her killing intent diminished in her eyes; then, the beautiful woman leaned back in his arms and smiled glamorously.

"Little boy, do you like the front or the back~"

Someone Lin said seriously: "Sister, since my specialty is specialty, why not try the middle?"

intermediate? Is there such an operation?

The beautiful women were a little startled, Lin Chen hugged the beautiful woman, and at the same time, a touch of purple-golden isomangal flashed out!

Almost instantly, Lin Chen determined the position of the other two Tiangang Realms in the fourth floor!

The victory or defeat is only instantaneous! Lin Chen's heartbeat quietly speeded up, calming down like him, and he couldn't be completely calm at the moment!

If one step is wrong, the consequences will be lost here!

With the siege of three heavens and five folds, Lin Chen might not even have the possibility to rush out alive in 10,000!

Lin Chen and the black widow came to the round bed, and the beautiful woman smiled softly.

"Little boy, you are just pretending to be a veteran, right? Sister just heard that your heartbeat was fast."

"I can share the joy of fish and water with a beauty like my sister. I'm afraid no man in this world can be calm."

Lin Chen Ruya smiled, and the black widow's slim and delicate fingers pressed against the teenager's lips, smirking: "I don't know if your lips are eating honey or sugar, how could it be so sweet."

"Sister, I didn't use my fingers to cover my lips~"

Lin Chen smiled again; flatly hugged the black widow!

Just when the black widow's emotions and desires were turned to the extreme, the moment Lin Chen embraced her! Abnormal changes!

"Slow rune!"

[The host launches a slow rune, consuming 1.5 million rune energy.

As soon as the thunder came, Lin Chen put his opponent's alertness to the lowest, and the moment his desires were to the highest, he took out his strongest card!

Level 2 slow runes can only consume up to 1.5 million rune energy!

This slow rune is the most perfect sneak attack by Lin Chen in the past!

Because it can be launched without running combat, use it at the closest distance, and use it when the opponent's mind is at its most relaxed!

Before the black widow, the black widow had no sign of being able to detect Lin Chen's hand! A boy who thought it was just a little sheep, did not expect it to be a tiger that eats people!

"Taishi Spirit Sword!"

The four spirit sword spirits almost punctured the black widow's eyebrows like a sharp sword at the same time as the slow rune was launched, and burst into the shortest distance, so that she could not give even a trace of time to resist the slow rune!